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The Ilvermorny sorting quiz is an interactive featured added to Pottermore on 28 June 2016. Based on answers to a series of multiple-choice questions users are sorted into one of the four houses of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Thunderbird, Wampus, Horned Serpent, or Pukwudgie.[1]

Questions & choices

What's your preference?
  • Plot
  • Explore
Ilvermorny sorting-preference.png
Would you rather?
  • Hunt
  • Heal
Ilvermorny sorting-rather.png
My magic is…
  • inborn
  • in need of work
  • unique
  • powerful
Ilvermorny sorting-magic.png
I challenge…
  • authority
  • other people's patience
  • convention
  • myself
Ilvermorny sorting-challenge.png
My beliefs are…
  • hard won
  • who I am
  • constantly evolving
  • few but strong
Ilvermorny sorting-beliefs.png
I am strongest when...
  • I know I'm right
  • with my comrades
  • enthusiastic
  • awake
  • alone
Ilvermorny sorting-strongest.png
A soulmate is…
  • out there somewhere
  • an illusion
  • a psychic twin
  • strong where I'm weak, weak where I'm strong
Ilvermorny sorting-soulmate.png
What would you least like to lose?
  • Reputation
  • Health
  • Luck
  • Dreams
  • Love
  • Hope
Ilvermorny sorting-lose.png
Where would you least like to find yourself?
  • Imprisoned alone in a silent dungeon
  • Locked in a crowded cage, standing room only
  • In the dock in court, accused of a crime you did not commit
  • On the deck of a ship as the tidal wave comes over the horizon
  • Trapped in the attic as the house burns below you
  • On the rope bridge fraying over the canyon
  • Lost in the forest at night, eyes staring at you through the dark
Ilvermorny sorting-where.png
I wish I knew how to…
  • forget
  • win
  • escape
  • get through
Ilvermorny sorting-howto.png
  • freedom
  • individuality
  • service
  • ambition
Ilvermorny sorting-why.png
I most value…
  • freedom
  • individuality
  • service
  • ambition
Ilvermorny sorting-value.png
Which would you choose if you could only have one?
  • The power to change one day in your future
  • The power to change one day in your past
  • The power to make one person impervious to harm
  • The power to bring one person back from the dead
  • The power to cure one illness worldwide
  • The power to eradicate one quality from all humans
  • The power to know the answer to any single question
Ilvermorny sorting-chooseone.png
I would most like to discover…
  • a powerful magical creature loyal only to me
  • an all magical city hidden from the No-Maj world
  • a spell more powerful than any other
  • a magical plant that will cure any illness
Ilvermorny sorting-discover.png
What would you exchange for your heart's desire?
  • Anything
  • That which I can afford to lose
  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • What it is worth
Ilvermorny sorting-heartsdesire.png
All I need is…
  • an opportunity
  • a little more time
  • some help
  • already inside me
Ilvermorny sorting-need.png
Whose judgement do you most fear?
  • Nobody's
  • My own
  • My friends'
  • My family's
  • The world's
  • History's
Ilvermorny sorting-judgement.png
My greatest weakness is…
  • nobody's business but mine
  • what makes me, me
  • the source of my greatest strength
  • something I must change
Ilvermorny sorting-weakness.png
I often think…
  • why did I do that?
  • why can't I do that?
  • I wish I had done that
  • I wonder whether I should do that
Ilvermorny sorting-oftenthink.png
Think of the question you would most like answered, by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you'd like to hear?
  • Without a shadow of a doubt
  • Never
  • Very soon
  • It is impossible
  • Yes
  • I will show you everything
  • Only if you agree
  • If you come with me
  • No, I didn't
  • You are
  • Yes, you may
  • Only once
  • If you want to
  • Forever
  • Not for many years
Ilvermorny sorting-allknowing.png
When will I learn…
  • to keep my mouth shut
  • to say no
  • to do things on time
  • the secret
Ilvermorny sorting-learn.png
Do you prefer to…
  • remember
  • experience
Ilvermorny sorting-prefer.png
What jinx would you least like to experience?
  • A jinx that meant nothing was funny
  • A jinx that made all food taste like straw
  • A jinx that kept you constantly awake
  • A jinx that played music constantly in your head
  • A jinx that struck you dumb
  • A jinx that forced you to tell the truth
Ilvermorny sorting-jinx.png
If I could I would never feel…
  • pain
  • fear
  • regret
  • shame
Ilvermorny sorting-neverfeel.png
My best ideas…
  • get me in trouble
  • aren't appreciated enough
  • have changed my life
  • have gone to waste
Ilvermorny sorting-bestideas.png
Which is the better motto?
  • It is nobler to be deceived than to be mistrustful
  • Friends should not demand blind faith
Ilvermorny sorting-motto.png

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