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"There! They'll repel water!"
Hermione Granger after casting the charm on Harry Potter's glasses during a thunderstorm[src]

The Impervius Charm[4] (Impervius)[4][1] was a charm that made an object repel water[1] and mist.[3] This could be used to allow someone better sight in bad weather conditions by preventing the rain from hitting their faces.[4]

This charm did not have any effect on solid objects, as seen when Hermione Granger attempted to defend herself and her comrades against the cascading and burning treasures in the Lestrange Vault.[5]


During the 1990–1991 school year at Hogwarts, Professor Flitwick taught seventh-year Charms students how to perform this spell.[6]

On 2 September 1997, this charm was recommended by Hermione Granger to Ron Weasley as a way of protecting Corban Yaxley's belongings from the rain in his Ministry office until it could be stopped.[7]

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Hermione Granger 6 November, 1993 Hermione used this spell to make Harry Potter's glasses repel water during a rainy Quidditch match.[1]
1 May, 1998 Hermione used this in an attempt to protect herself, Ron Weasley, Bogrod, and Griphook from the burning, multiplying treasure in the Lestrange Vault at Gringott's Bank during break-in.[5]
Gryffindor Quidditch team 1995-1996 school year The entire Gryffindor team used it on their faces to try to practise in a driving rain, but they still gave up after an hour.[4]

Know practitioners


The incantation is derived from the English word "impervious", which means "not allowing something to pass through" or "not penetrable".

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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