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The Incarceration Carriage was a black, hearse-like, high-security carriage drawn by six Thestrals used by the International Confederation of Wizards for the extradition of internationally wanted criminals. In 1927, it was used as a means of transport to take MACUSA prisoner Gellert Grindelwald to Europe.[1]


The outer of the carriage was black in colour, hearse-like in resemblance. It had four brass lamps, a driver's seat for two, a rear seat for two, a footplate, and a single door with the gold coloured insignia of the International Confederation of Wizards below its window. The door also had an elaborate sequence of brass mechanical magical locks on both sides.[2]


In 1927, the Carriage was flown by six thestrals on a stormy night to an expansive platform high atop the MACUSA Headquarters in New York City as part of the International Confederation of Wizards and MACUSA's attempt to extradite the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald to Europe. Two cloaked and goggled MACUSA Auror-drivers sat at the driver's seat and two at the back seat of the carriage. Gellert Grindelwald was to be restrained inside guarded by an additional two MACUSA Aurors and the ICW Head of Incarceration Rudolph Spielman. Four more cloaked and goggled MACUSA Aurors were to escort the carriage from behind via broomstick.[1]

Unbeknownst to Picquery, Spielman and several others, Abernathy, a MACUSA employee, was influenced by Grindelwald's ideals to the point of wishing to become a part of his inner circle. A few moments before escorting the dark wizard, Abernathy went to Grindelwald's cell and they both assumed each other's identity. When the carriage with false Grindelwald set off, Grindelwald (as Abernathy) disapparated from the MACUSA platform and apparated underneath the carriage. When the two wizards disguises wore off, revealing their true identities, Grindelwald apparated onto the carriage and killed the Aurors escorting the carriage. After briefly plunging the carriage into the Hudson River, Grindelwald blasted off the door and entered the carriage and threw the two remaining Aurors, his Chupacabra, and Spielman himself into the waters of the New York Bay. Grindelwald then driving the carriage, escaped into the night with Abernathy, bound once more for Europe.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Stuart Craig states, "Different versions of the carriage were made in Poland by a team of specialists, in the classical, eighteenth-century coach design that give a touch of European antiquity to the gleaming metropolis [New York]." He adds, "Inside the carriage, Pierre Bohanna's special props department provided a set of decorative lamps, as well as an elaborate set of mechanical locks."[2]
  • It is unknown if the carriage was ever recovered and if Grindelwald and/or his Acolytes took further possession of the carriage or merely disposed of it.


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