"Just interdepartmental memos. We used to use owls, but the mess was unbelievable... droppings all over the desks..."
—Arthur Weasley explains the memos[src]

Interdepartmental memos were a method of communication between departments at the British Ministry of Magic.[1]


An interdepartmental memo

During the 1990s they usually took the form of purple paper aeroplanes, with "Ministry of Magic" stamped along the side, magically enchanted to fly independently to their destination.[1]

As late as 1927,[2] the Ministry employed owls for this purpose, but discontinued use because they left droppings everywhere, which was somewhat disconcerting for Ministry workers.[1]

These memos travelled in the lifts, and left when their levels came. One of these memos informed Arthur Weasley of the regurgitating toilet discovered in Bethnal Green.[1]

During the 2010s, when the Calamity occurred and the British Ministry of Magic took the lead in the global effort to combat it, memo aeroplane use went up by 411%, instigating an unprecedented parchment shortage at the Ministry offices.[3]

Also some memos were captured by the Calamity and began to appear around the world as Foundables.[3]

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