The Investigative Team was the name by which the special response team staffing the Major Investigation Department of the Magical Congress of the United States of America was collectively known. Comprised by the Director of Magical Security and some of the best, brightest and highest-level Aurors they have in their employ, the Investigative Team was called upon to put to rest national security issues and contain magical emergencies of such a magnitude that unless properly resolved, they could have catastrophic ramifications for not only the wizarding community of America, but all of wizardkind.[1][2]


In December 1926, an Obscurus ran on a rampage in the city of New York, prompting President Seraphina Picquery to call for the involvement of the Major Investigation Department to contain the situation, fearing that if they failed, it would mean exposure and subsequently provoke war between the wizarding and No-Maj worlds.[3]


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