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"A warning: If you rip, tear, shred, bend, fold, deface, disfigure, smear, smudge, throw, drop, or in any other manner damage, mistreat, or show lack of respect towards this book, the consequences will be as awful as it is within my power to make them."
— Pince's note in a library book[src]

Madam Irma Pince (fl. 19711997) was a witch and librarian at the library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was highly possessive and protective of the school's books and was deemed highly unpleasant by most of the student body.


Early life

Irma Pince was born a witch sometime in or prior to 1974 and presumably purchased her wand prior to attending school. She likely attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and proceeded with her studies into the magic arts likely until at least her sixth year, since she could perform intricate non-verbal magic,[10] was able to place powerful and unpleasant jinxes and hexes on objects[11] and could effectively remove a curse from a student by administering the correct counter-curse.[12]

Career at Hogwarts

Earlier career

"Quiet! I'll tell Madam Pince!"
— A student to a noisy classmate in the library[src]

Madam Pince standing in the library, overseeing studying students

At some point in or before 1974,[13] Pince took up the position of Librarian at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was greatly disliked by the students for being very strict and unhelpful in finding books for them.[4] An example of her strictness was the fact that she would not allow food in the library, for fear that the books would be damaged,[10] and also disallowed talking, laughing, whispering, sneezing, scurrying, or any other behaviour that might seem at all suspicious in any way.

She was also known to place odd jinxes and hexes on library books for their protection; for instance, one copy of Theories of Transubstantial Transfiguration, on top of the usual library book spells, was jinxed to hit the reader around the head, should he ever doodle on it.[11] Pince cleaned the dust on the shelves of the library manually, with a feather duster she brandished at students whenever they looked suspicious.[4]

At some point, the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, visited the library with the goal of publishing Quidditch Through the Ages for Muggles to raise money. However, Madam Pince was extremely reluctant to let the book leave the confines of the library, as well as the wizarding world, and Dumbledore had to pry each of her fingers from the spine to take it.[11] Once he had taken the book, she wrote a warning, threatening the readers that the consequences of mistreating the book would be as horrible as it was in her power to make them.[14]

1985–1986 school year

Madam Pince being interviewed in the Clock Tower Courtyard

During the Teacher Appreciation Celebration, Madam Pince showed little patience while being interviewed by the Slytherin student Ismelda Murk.[15]

1986–1987 school year

During this school year, Rowan Khanna, whom she considered a less reprehensible student, distracted Pince in the library past closing hours by claiming they had left their Self-Inking Quill near some books, so they and their friends could find and enter the Vault of Fear.[16]

Also during this school year, Jacob's sibling and Penny Haywood asked Madam Pince to show them where books on Circe were located in the library, to which she informed them all the books on Circe had been checked out. She offered to show them other books on famous witches, which they politely declined, and told them one day, they would realise that knowledge was more important than sweets (referring to their Chocolate Frog Card hunt).[17]

1988–1989 school year

"I'm more than pleased. It has surpassed my expectations. I do believe Mr Filch's ideas really brought my vision for this ball to life."
— Madam Pince regarding the preparation for the Valentine's Day Ball[src]

Madam Pince and Mr Filch attending the Valentine's Day Ball

During this school year, Madam Pince was entrusted by Albus Dumbledore to organise the Valentine's Day Ball. She initially intended the ball to be as simple as possible due to her loneliness, which made the students worried. She was talking to Argus Filch about arrangements for the ball when Jacob's sibling passed by.[6]

Knowing that Pince and Filch might have romantic interests in one another, Jacob's sibling told Filch she loved gorgeous settings such as flowers, music and refreshments, and Filch in turn convinced Pince to plan the ball in this way. Pince and Filch later attended and enjoyed the ball together.[6]

During this school, whilst Mr Leucrotta was brought into the library by Barnaby Lee, the Leucrotta parroted the student Kelly's acerbic insults about Pince aloud, which Pince overheard. She gave Jacob's sibling detention for having insulted her, not believing their claims of a creature in the library, which was not allowed. Later, Pince came to visit the beast with Professor Kettleburn, Barnaby and Jacob's sibling in the Care of Magical Creatures paddock, where Jacob's sibling proved to her that they did not insult Pince, but the Leucrotta did. She apologised after seeing the beast repeat words and welcomed them back into the library, cancelling their detention.[18]

Madam Pince also caught Rowan Khanna in the library after closing hours that year, after they claimed they left their Self-Inking Quill in the library, so they and Jacob's sibling could enter the Restricted Section while Pince was distracted.[19]

1989–1990 school year

Jacob's sibling spying on Madam Pince and Professor Binns under an invisibility cloak

At the start of the school year, Fred and George Weasley, both first-year Gryffindor students, introduced themselves to Madam Pince by re-organising the library shelves, much to her anger.[20]

During this school year, Jacob's sibling spied on Professor Binns being spoken to by Madam Pince in the History of Magic classroom under their invisibility cloak. Pince had to wake Binns up from his sleep at his desk to talk to him.[21]

During this year, she attended the memorial ceremony for Rowan Khanna held in the Great Hall, in honour of the deceased student.[22]

Pince speaking to Filch and Snape in the Potions Classroom

During this year, she was having a conversation with both Filch and Snape in the Potions Classroom, informing them of how several library books on advanced potions had been unaccounted for, when they were interrupted with Jacob's sibling, who introduced them to Alanza Alves, a Brazilian exchange student. When Alves mentioned how her potions tended to explode, Pince remarked that said mistakes would be avoided if she paid closer attention to her studies. Alanza pondered if all the Hogwarts faculty were as grouchy as the three of them, and Pince was perturbed with her brazenness.[23]

Durinr this year, she overheard Jacob's sibling talking with Ben Copper and Merula Snyde in the library, and reminded them to be quiet in the library. Jacob's sibling distracted and flattered her by praising her work as the school librarian, and Pince was befuddled by a student actually appreciating her work, and she felt nobody did. After talking over Pince's love of rules and discipline, they distracted by saying they had been students breaking rules in the library, which she immediately went to investigate, so they could sneak into the Restricted Section.[24]

Later during this school year, Jacob's sibling distracted Pince in the library with Blue Sparks, so Penny Haywood could enter the Restricted Section without her noticing.[25]

1990–1991 school year

Madam Pince catching Jacob's sibling breaking rules in the library

At the start of this school year, Jacob's sibling asked Madam Pince for information on books about wandless magic in the library. She bluntly refused, as she informed that such magic was not routinely taught at Hogwarts, and therefore books on it where in the Restricted Section. After overhearing them and Corey Hayden discussing wandless magic, she angrily confronted the pair and gave them both detention in the kitchens as punishment.[26]

1991–1992 school year

Madam Pince: "What are you looking for, boy?"
Harry Potter: "Nothing."
Madam Pince: "You'd better get out, then. Go on — out!"
— Madam Pince catches Harry Potter edging towards the Restricted Section[src]

Severus Snape and Madam Pince at the End-of-Term Feast

Madam Pince was still librarian by the time Harry Potter had arrived at the school. As Harry, along with his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, searched the library for a book on Nicolas Flamel, Pince was deemed an obstacle, as she could warn Snape of their activities.[4] Once, in December 1991, she saw Harry edging towards the Restricted Section of the Library and asked him what he was looking for. When he answered "nothing" for fear of her suspicion, she sent him out.[4]

1992–1993 school year

"Madam Pince held the note up to the light, as though determined to detect a forgery, but it passed the test."
— Madam Pince examining Hermione Granger's note[src]

Madam Pince among the crowd of students observing the the Heir of Slytherin's message

On the next school year, Madam Pince was among the crowd who, on 31 October, 1992, read the Heir of Slytherin's message on the second-floor corridor of the Castle.[27]

A while later, Madam Pince overlooked the students at Study Hall and was seen talking to a female student.[28] It is unknown if this was a regular event that she chaperoned, or if it was a one-time event.

Later, Hermione Granger arrived at the library with a note written by the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher allowing her to attain Moste Potente Potions from the Restricted Section. She gave it to Madam Pince, albeit reluctantly, wanting to keep Lockhart's autograph, and Pince did a very long observation of the note, checking for forgery. She then went into the Restricted Section and handed over the book, despite still being very suspicious.[29]

Pince attended the Gryffindor vs Slytherin match. She was shocked to see that Draco Malfoy was hurt.[30]

Madam Pince attended the End-of-Term Feast at the end of the school year, in which she sat by the Potions Master, Severus Snape. She celebrated the downfall of Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk and the departure of the less-than-liked Gilderoy Lockhart.[9]

1995–1996 school year

"Chocolate in the library! Out — out — OUT!"
— Madam Pince catches Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley eating an Easter egg in the library[src]

Pince watching a Quidditch match with another spectator

During the next school year, Madam Pince kept her usual routine of prowling around the library, breathing down the necks of those touching the books.[31] Early in 1995, Dolores Umbridge was made High Inquisitor of Hogwarts.[32]

During the Easter holidays, she was seen stamping out a pile of books for a frantic-looking Hannah Abbott, who was presumably revising for her O.W.L.s. That day, she found Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter with chocolate in the library and bewitched their belongings to chase them out, also whacking them over the head for good measure.[10]

1996–1997 school year

Madam Pince: "The library is now closed. Mind that you return anything you have borrowed to the correct — what have you been doing to that book, you depraved boy?'"
Harry Potter: "It isn't the library's, it's mine!"
Madam Pince: "Despoiled! Desecrated! Befouled!"
Harry Potter: "It's just a book that's been written on!"
— Madam Pince's horrified reaction upon seeing Severus Snape's copy of Advanced Potion-Making[src]

Madam Pince remained at the library for the next school year, prowling around the bookshelves and protecting her tomes.[33]

Irma Pince, Severus Snape, and Filius Flitwick in the Great Hall

At eight o'clock in the evening one day, Pince closed the library and told all of the students in there to return the books back to their shelves and to leave. When she told Harry and Hermione to leave, she noticed the Half-Blood Prince's highly graffitied copy of Advanced Potion-Making. Enraged, she screamed about how the book was "despoiled" and "befouled", and looked as if she may have a seizure.[33]

After the death of Albus Dumbledore, Madam Pince was seen prior to the funeral in the Entrance Hall, standing by Argus Filch and wearing a thick black veil that fell to her knees. It is likely she attended the funeral, as she was one of Dumbledore's colleagues.[34]

1997–1998 school year

Harry Potter's final defeat of Lord Voldemort and the end of the Second Wizarding War

The following year, Severus Snape was appointed Headmaster along with fellow Death Eaters Amycus and Alecto Carrow as professors of Dark Arts and Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. The Carrows imposed a reign of terror in Hogwarts as they enforced cruel punishments on students. Madam Pince, like the other members of the staff, protected the students from the Carrows.

On 2 May, 1998, Hogwarts was attacked by the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort's forces and the faculty rose to defend it, Madam Pince most likely included.[35] She survived the battle and continued to work for the school.

Later life

Having diligently carried out the duties of her office for more than twenty years following the battle, Madam Pince was still working at Hogwarts during the 2010s. During the 2019–2020 school year, a member from the then recently established Statute of Secrecy Task Force pursuing a career as a Professor eventually joined their faculty. When said staff member later sought to improve their ability to fend off the Dark Forces, Madam Pince would repeatably grant them access to the Restricted Section of the library so they could peruse its shelves for books on the subject.[36]

She was later handed a hand-written manuscript by the famous Catullus Spangle by the newcomer, which presumably found its allotted place in the library thereafter, and she would sometimes recommend them certain reading material.[37]

Physical description

Madam Irma Pince

"They waited, and not a moment later the vulturelike countenance of Madam Pince appeared around the corner, her sunken cheeks, her skin like parchment, and her long hooked nose... "
— Description[src]

One of Madam Pince's most striking physical attributes was looking like an underfed vulture.[29] Her skin was parchment-like,[33] her cheeks were sunken,[33] her face was shrivelled[10] and she had an unflattering hooked-nose.[33] She was also very thin and irritable-looking.[29]

Personality and traits

— Pince catches students eating in the library[src]

Madam Pince was a short-tempered woman who was overly protective of the Library's books[29] and, as such, quite unpopular among students. She was mainly seen by students as an obstacle to research,[4] but she was professional nonetheless, helping students to check out books and by finding information for them.[10] While she did not appear to be overtly fond of the students, she did not, unlike Argus Filch, appear to outright dislike them either, being strict but by no means demeaning or unpleasant, and only got genuinely angry when they failed to respect the sanctity of the school library by eating there, or by mistreating the books. Her protective nature of books did not just apply to the library's, as she looked deranged when she saw Harry's own textbook covered with self-written notes.[33] Likewise, she would not permit students eating in the library, and chased out anyone who violated this rule.[10]

Madam Pince telling students to be quiet while in the library

While stern bordering on the extreme, she was fully capable of appreciating students who did respect the rules, behaved prudently and showed an interest in learning and reading. When she overheard Jacob's sibling confide in his friends while visiting the library that the attack on James and Lily Potter was one of the reasons that Boggarts turned into Lord Voldemort, Madam Pince walked over and explained that she remembered them fondly, and told how they often used to sit on a specific spot in the library and study together, before awarding 20 points for helping to keep the memory of the Potters alive by talking about them. She later informed said student that she had also quite liked Jacob himself when he was a student, as he had always been well-behaved in the library and treated the books with respect.[13]

Also, despite her forceful insistence for the library to be silent, she was a huge fan of the Frog Choir.[38]

Magical abilities and skills

"And whipping out her wand, she caused Harry’s books, bag, and ink bottle to chase him and Ginny from the library, whacking them repeatedly over the head as they ran."
— Madam Pince nonverbally jinxing Harry Potter's belongings[src]
  • Dark Arts: Madam Pince was skilled with jinxing and hexing books with nasty spells to make sure they were not mistreated, at least not without punishment for doing so.[11] She also jinxed Harry's belongings to chase him and Ginny out of the library.[10]
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Madam Pince was able to lift the Curse of the Bogies with ease, showing her to have been skilled with the casting of counter-curses.[12] It is also highly likely that, as a member of Hogwarts staff, that she participated and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts on 2 May, 1998, meaning she was likely a reasonably fierce and competent duellist.
  • Nonverbal magic: Madam Pince was also adept in casting intricate nonverbal magic with her wand. One example was when she saw Harry and Ginny with chocolate in the library, she jinxed their possessions to chase them out without any mention of a spoken incantation.[10] This implies she was a highly skilled and powerful witch, as casting nonverbal spells is extremely difficult and advanced.
  • Charms: Madam Pince could also produce a non-corporeal Patronus,[7] a mark of superior magical ability, given the immense difficulty of casting the charm.
  • Study of Ancient Runes: Madam Pince was very well versed and knowledgeable in the study of Runology, being able to understand and translate complex runic scriptures, alphabets, and symbols correctly with the help of a highly useful and practical Rune Dictionary.[7][39]
  • Librarian skills: As a librarian, Madam Pince was able to easily locate various pieces of information and books for students, as Harry was sure that she would be able to find information about Nicolas Flamel in a second, but thought it might be too suspicious to ask her about it.[4]
  • Loquaciousness: Pince was very loquacious and voluble in her speech.[40] She was also fluent in Latin, showing her to have been multilingual, a very impressive and intellectual talent.[40]


  • Wand: Madam Pince's wand was of an unknown length, wood and core material.[8]
  • Desk: Madam Pince owned a desk reserved for herself in the Hogwarts Library, where she did her administrative work.[13]
  • Rune Dictionary: Madam Pince owned a highly practical and useful rune dictionary, which she used to help her read and understand complex ancient runes.[39]


Argus Filch

"You look lovely tonight, Irma. Not that you don't always look lovely."
— Argus Filch talking to Madam Pince at the Valentine's Day Ball[src]

Argus Filch and Madam Pince at the Valentine's Day Ball

It was commonly believed by Hogwarts students — including Ginny Weasley — that Madam Pince had a romantic attraction or even relationship with the caretaker of Hogwarts Castle, Argus Filch, probably due to her ill-tempered and severe personality.[33] Indeed, during the 1988–1989 school year, Madam Pince and Mr Filch expressed feelings for each other and attended the Valentine's Day Ball together with the help of Jacob's sibling and their friends.[6]

Before Professor Dumbledore's funeral by the Great Lake, Pince was seen in a long veil standing by Filch. This did not go unnoticed by Harry Potter.[34]

Author's notes

"I would like to apologise for you and any other librarians present here today and my get-out clause is always if they'd had a pleasant, helpful librarian, half my plots would be gone. 'Cause the answer invariably is in a book, but Hermione has to go and find it. If they'd had a good librarian, that would have been that problem solved. So ... sorry."

"She sprang directly from my childhood fear of scary librarians. The kind who hate kids."[41]


  • Irma could be a play on firma, which can mean both solid and frail. This makes her name mean something along the lines of "a frail woman with a pinched nose", or one who has a "firm pinch". Irma could also mean "the strong" or "she who is protected by Irm" (Irm is a Germanic god). Irma is from German irmen for "whole" or "complete". "Firma" also means "signature" in Spanish, which may or may not be a play of words about signed library cards.
  • The last name Pince seems to be in reference to the French word, which means "to pinch". The style of folding eyeglass, pince-nez, literally means "to pinch the nose".

Behind the scenes

Sally Mortemore as Madam Pince

Madam Pince as seen in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4


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