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Isko Rabe was a wizard who lived in the late 19th century.[1]


In 1890, Isko worked for Gringotts Wizarding Bank, a job for which he travelled the world, and was married to Daisy Rabe. Hoping to use Daisy's job as a security guard at Gringotts to break into the bank, Theophilus Harlow continuously asked her to help him break into Gringotts vaults in exchange for a few valuables. However, Daisy refused Harlow's demands until she returned home one day and found Isko gone and a note affixed to her door saying that she had a few days to help the Rookwood Gang so that her husband would be returned safely. After confirming that Isko had been kidnapped by noticing that his prized flowers had been trampled, which he would have never normally allowed, Daisy informed a fifth-year Hogwarts student about her situation, who offered to help her out.[1]

After the student's friend, Natsai Onai, had also been kidnapped by the Ashwinders, the student found her wand and realised that she was in trouble. After following her trail into an Ashwinder hideout beneath the Hog's Head Inn, the student located both her and Isko Rabe, who were both trapped in cells with cursed locks and an Anti-Disapparition Jinx strong enough to prevent Natsai's wandless magic from working. Isko revealed to the student that his wand had been taken from him and hidden, with Natsai unable to summon his wand for him. The student offered him the use of their wand, but Isko feared that a wand he hadn't connected with wouldn't work as well and could prove dangerous, asking the student to find his wand for him.[1]

The student eventually managed to locate Isko's wand in a locked chest and returned it to him, enabling him to remove the enchantments on both his and Natsai's cells and allowing them to escape. Although he was still weak, Isko offered to Disapparate out of the hideout with both the student and Natsai. However, Natsai told him to go ahead of them and inform Officer Ruth Singer about what had happened in the hideout, as she and the student could fight their way out on their own. Isko agreed, but warned them to be careful before Disapparating away. Isko contacted Officer Singer and let her know about the events that had transpired before returning safely home to his wife.[1]

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