Harris, colloquially known as the Isle of Harris despite not being an actual island, is the lower potion of Lewis and Harris, the largest island in the Outer Hebrides.

During the 16th century, a certain Muggle lived on the Isle of Harris who considered himself rather humorous. He was aware of the existance of Zygmunt Budge, who lived on the nearby island of Hermetray, and would often sail over to his island to attempt to lure Budge from his Potion-making via various tactics, such as pretending to attack the island, sending forged messages from sick members of his family, or simply yelling from across the water that Budge was a madman. Budge, growing tired of this, invited this neighbour for a drink. Budge gave this Muggle a Laughing Potion so powerful that he laughed constantly for an entire week. This Muggle therefore grew so tired of laughing that he retired to a silent monastery, where he begged that no one would ever do anything funny in his presence again.[1]


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