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Ivy Warrington was a half-blood or Muggle-born[2] witch, who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008.[1]


Early life (Before 2008)

Ivy Warrington: "I'll talk to the professors at school. Maybe if they speak to father he'll change his mind."
Winifred Warrington: "You know he won't. He dosen't care. No one does. Especially not you."
Ivy Warrington: "That's not true, Winnie. I care about you. I want us to be together."
Winifred Warrington: "Then why are you leaving me?"
Ivy Warrington: "Stop it, Winnie! You'll get us into trouble."
Winifred Warrington: "Good. Maybe father won't let you go, either. In that case, you won't be needing your trunk!"
— Ivy speaking with Winifred before she vanished herself[src]

Ivy was born to a Muggle father. She had a grandmother who was a witch. She also had a sister named Winifred Warrington, who was also a witch.[4]

Ivy first showed signs of magic when she was four or five years old.[6]

Ivy watching her sister accidentally vanish

She and her sister were accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, however, Winifred was not allowed to attend because their father feared her unpredictable magic could hurt someone. Ivy promised to speak to the professors so they could speak with her father to make him change his mind, but Winifred was resentful and stubborn about not being allowed to attend, and accused Ivy of not caring about her. Ivy tried to reason with her, but Winifred attempted to use Evanesco on Ivy's school trunk so she could not go to Hogwarts as well, which backfired and caused Winifred to vanish. Their grandmother tried to help her forget what happened by using a Memory Charm. However, it caused her to wholly forget about Winifred. Ivy had an ability to vanish, and would do so even when she didn't intend to.[4] It was unknown when she manifested this ability.

Hogwarts years (2008–)

At the age of eleven, Ivy began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During the Sorting Ceremony, Ivy was at first missing, having been distracted by bushes outside the castle, but was later found by Rubeus Hagrid.[4] She was sorted into whichever house the player character chooses.

Magical abilities and skills


Behind the scenes

  • It is possible that she was related to Cassius Warrington.
  • Ivy doesn't have a set House at Hogwarts. Her character will be put into the same House that the player chooses to be in.
  • There is a popular theory suggesting that the Ivy that appears in the stories of the first two years might actually be her sister Winifred using Ivy's identity. There's a sentence in the game said by the player's roommate that asks whether the Ivy they've found is really the true Ivy. If she is indeed Winifred instead of Ivy, then the switch may have happened before the Sorting Ceremony, which would explain "Ivy"'s tardiness, or before the player found "Ivy" in the Room of Requirement, which would mean the hand that appeared from the suitcase belonged to the real Ivy, while it was Winifred who walked out.[7]


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