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Jacob's family were a wizarding family to which Jacob, his sibling, as well as their father and mother, belonged.


Jacob's family were a wizarding family from Great Britain or Ireland. By the early 1970s, there were four known members, a couple and their two children. The older child, Jacob, began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by the late 1970s to the early 1980s, and was eventually expelled because of his violation of rules while searching for the legendary Cursed Vaults. The younger one started at Hogwarts in 1984, being sorted to the same House as him, and was met by whispers of their brother's expulsion and the reasons that he received such a severe punishment, alongside suspicions from several peers and staff members that they too would be a troublemaker. Their mother was very strict in not allowing her children to perform magic outside school, whereas neither her or their father believed that the Cursed Vaults truly existed.[2]

Upon reading about the events taking place at Hogwarts in Daily Prophet, she was, while very proud of her second child's contributions to breaking the curse and removing the Cursed ice, not happy to learn that the Cursed Vaults was indeed real, as it only served to make her concerned that, since there apparently was more to Jacob's disappearance than what she might first have thought, her youngest might end up going missing as well. This only served to strengthen her resolve about putting restrictions on her youngest's access to potentially dangerous activities, refusing to buy them a broomstick even they were old enough to bring their own to school. Even so, she did admit to her second child that she hoped that they would find Jacob safe and sound, showing that she eventually came to, at least indirectly, approve of their search for him.[3]

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  1. Since Jacob's sibling mentioned growing up in the magic world, they probably had wizarding heritage, meaning they were either pure or half-blood.
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