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"Your efforts ensured that the Cursed Vaults will never again threaten Hogwarts, and for that, I thank you. You broke a considerable number of school rules, but you did so to break an ancient curse. All of Hogwarts owes you a debt of gratitude. I expect history will label you a hero."
Albus Dumbledore to Jacob's sibling[src]

This student (b. c. 1973) was a witch or wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between 1984 and 1991. Their older brother Jacob's expulsion from Hogwarts for endangering fellow students in his quest to find the Cursed Vaults had an impact on his younger sibling's first year at Hogwarts when many other students whispered about them for their elder sibling's breaking of school rules which had disgraced their shared House. The incident was well-covered in the Daily Prophet, as was Jacob running away from home, which had a profound effect on the younger sibling.

Throughout their first six years at Hogwarts, they successfully broke into every one of the five Cursed Vaults, showing immense creativity, bravery, intelligence, dedication and resourcefulness. They maintained friendships with lots of schoolmates and went through exciting adventures together, rescuing Jacob from the Buried Vault[37] and breaking the ancient statue curse in the Sunken Vault.[38] In their seventh year, they participated in internship programmes hosted by the Ministry of Magic[39] and St Mungo's Hospital[40] while continuing to fight against the dark organisation R with their friends, eventually defeating all its members and removing them as a threat to wizarding society.

After graduating from Hogwarts, they joined the secretive Rare, Obscure, and Confounding Case Division within the Ministry of Magic and continued to fight against Dark wizards from the shadows.

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How did Jacob's expulsion affect his sibling's first year at Hogwarts? toggle section
Jacob's expulsion from Hogwarts had a significant impact on his sibling's first year at the school. The younger sibling was often viewed with suspicion, distrust, and even hatred by some, including Snape and Merula. This negative publicity affected their ability to make a good first impression and influenced their early years at Hogwarts. Despite this, Jacob's sibling never felt bitter or resentful towards the negative attention they received due to their brother's actions, and continued to feel nothing but unconditional love for Jacob.
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What was the reaction of other students to Jacob's sibling due to Jacob's actions? toggle section
Jacob's sibling, a character from the Hogwarts Mystery game, faced a challenging time at Hogwarts due to the actions of their older brother, Jacob. Jacob's obsession with the Cursed Vaults and his subsequent expulsion from Hogwarts led to him being perceived as insane by the wizarding world. This infamous reputation extended to his younger sibling, who was viewed with suspicion, distrust, and even hatred by many, including notable characters like Snape and Merula. Despite this, Jacob's sibling remained resilient, harboring no resentment towards the negative publicity they received due to their brother's actions.
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What house did Jacob's sibling belong to at Hogwarts? toggle section
The house of Jacob's sibling at Hogwarts is chosen by the player in the game 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery'. It could be any of the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.
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Early life (1972/1973–1984)[]

They were born in 1972 or 1973 to Peregrine[16] and his wife. They had one[41] older brother, Jacob.

They apparently lived in close proximity to Muggle dwellings,[42] but they showed little knowledge of Muggle life as an adolescent and must have had limited interaction with their neighbours.[43]

When they were younger, they were close with their father and would beg him to take them on one of his adventures. At one point, their father set up a pretend expedition for them and Jacob, and gave them a torn piece of the map as their only clue. They found the treasure and beat Jacob to it, which made them smile. They used to love watching their father dance with their mother in the kitchen. At one point, they scraped their knee and made their father carry them a whole mile home. Before their father would leave for a trip, they would stay up late reading books. Whenever their father came home, they would run at him so fast, they would knock him over.[44]

When they were five or six years old, they and Jacob pretended to duel with Liquorice Wands. At one point, Jacob convinced his sibling to steal Sickles from their mother's coat pockets.[citation needed]

During their childhood, their parents worked together to teach Jacob and his sibling that they could not go around flaunting their magic. In particular, their mother was strict about the use of magic outside of school, refusing both of her children to ride a broomstick before they began attending school.[citation needed]

At some point, they came to Flourish and Blotts with Jacob who was buying spellbooks for his next year at Hogwarts. They wanted Jacob to read The Toadstool Tales to them, but he was too preoccupied shopping for spellbooks and they felt ignored. They wanted to get his attention and they cast their first spell; they either brought their book to life, caused a magical explosion, or transfigured Jacob's spellbooks.[8]

They performed wandless magic when they were young, shattering one of their mother's tea sets when they sneezed. Their mother thought Jacob had done it until they repeated the feat with a vase a few weeks later when Jacob was at school. On another occasion, they laughed a flower back to life which their mother was pretty pleased with.[41]

At one point, they set the family Puffskein loose in the family kitchen. They blamed Jacob for a couple accidental magic mishaps growing up.[45]

Jacob began attending Hogwarts during their childhood. Tragedy struck the family when they received an owl from Professor Albus Dumbledore, informing them that Jacob had been expelled for endangering his fellow students in his attempt to prove that the fabled Cursed Vaults really existed.[citation needed]

Shortly after being sent home, Jacob ran away and went missing; many believed that he went on to serve Lord Voldemort, whereas other rumours said he had returned to Hogwarts after his expulsion to resume his search. His younger sibling would, years later, reject the former possibility. When his sibling and mother heard he went missing, they were upset over the news and cried.[citation needed]

Meeting Rowan Khanna[]

Rowan Khanna: "Hi, I'm Rowan Khanna! Are you getting ready to start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry too?"
Jacob's sibling: "Yes, but Diagon Alley is a bit confusing. I'm not sure where to start..."
Rowan Khanna: "I can help! I've been reading Hogwarts: A History in anticipation of my first year, so I'm something of an expert on Hogwarts. You should start by finding all of the books you need at Flourish and Blotts!"
— Jacob's sibling meeting Rowan Khanna[src]
Jacob's sibling receiving Hogwarts acceptance letter HM trailer

Jacob's sibling receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter

One day before the 1984–1985 school year, while sitting on a bench reading a book, Jacob's sibling received their Hogwarts acceptance letter from an owl.[46]

Sometime after, they travelled to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies, and met and befriended future fellow student and Housemate Rowan Khanna. Rowan suggested to start at Flourish and Blotts, so Jacob's sibling went to the store to purchase their books. While picking up The Standard Book of Spells, they excitedly remarked how they looked forward to learning all the Charms; upon picking up Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, they said they were familiar with it and thought it to be brilliant.[15]

They went back to Rowan's side with the intention of asking what to do next. Rowan said they wanted to look smarter as a student who anticipated becoming the Head Boy or Girl, and Jacob's sibling gave them suggestion for an item of clothing they could wear. Rowan accepted the suggestion and went off to buy it, while Jacob's sibling travelled to Ollivanders Wand Shop to purchase their first wand.[15]

Upon entering, they were greeted by Garrick Ollivander and immediately offered a wand to try out, but failed to gain its allegiance. Ollivander recalled their brother Jacob going through the same thing. Jacob's sibling was surprised that he was acquainted with their brother, and they talked about what they knew of him. Ollivander expressed both concern and curiosity about what sort of effect Jacob's choices must have had on his sibling, but still looked forward to seeing what kind of life they would lead. He offered them another wand, which chose Jacob's sibling as its master.[15]

Returning to meet Rowan, Jacob's sibling saw that they already had their new piece of clothes on. Rowan also recognised the wood of Jacob's sibling's wand, and revealed they came from a family that ran a tree farm, which, together with the fact that they didn't have friends, made them indoorsy. Jacob's sibling offered to be their friend, which surprised Rowan since they were often considered as weird, but Jacob's sibling said they would be too because of the news of their brother having been expelled from Hogwarts. When they finished talking, Jacob's sibling and Rowan promised to see each other again on the Hogwarts Express.[15]

Hogwarts years (19841991)[]

First year[]

Sorting Ceremony[]
"Hmm... very interesting. I haven't seen one like this in a long time."
— The Sorting Hat whilst sorting this individual[src]
1984 sorting

First-years being sorted in 1984

On 1 September 1984, Jacob's sibling boarded the Hogwarts Express and travelled to Hogwarts Castle. Upon arrival, they were greeted at the Great Hall by the rest of the students and the staff. Professor Minerva McGonagall proceeded to provide them with a short explanation of the four Hogwarts Houses, voicing her hope that all of the newcomers would make fine additions to the ranks of great witches and wizards that each House had produced in the past. When Jacob's sibling was called to be sorted, the Sorting Hat remarked that "[it hadn't] seen one like this in a long time", and took their choice of House into account — which was the same as their brother Jacob's. Later, they found that Rowan had been sorted into the same House as them.[47]

When the sorting was done and all first-years had found places to sit among their new Housemates, Jacob's sibling listened to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore giving a brief speech of welcomes and educating the new arrivals on the rules of the House Cup and on what a great honour it would be to win it. At the end of the Start-of-Term Feast, Jacob's sibling's Head of House moved to stand beside the Headmaster, announcing to the students of their House that it was time for them to move to their common room.[47]

Once there, Jacob's sibling reunited with Rowan, and the two briefly discussed their shared excitement over finally attending school and their new House. However, they were confronted by a third-year student, who believed Jacob ruined the reputation of their House. After the student left, Jacob's sibling and Rowan talked about their timetables, and saw that they would be attending Charms class first thing next morning.[47]

Charms class[]
Jacob's sibling: "Pleased to meet you, Professor Flitwick. I'm really looking forward to Charms."
Filius Flitwick: "You're Mr/Miss [surname]! If you're anything like your brother, you will do just fine. He was one of my most skilled students. That being said, he was also one of my most rebellious students…"
— Jacob's sibling meeting Professor Flitwick[src]

As Charms was one of the subjects Jacob's sibling had most looked forward to, when arriving at the Charms Classroom, they courteously greeted the Charms Master, Filius Flitwick. Recognising the individual as Jacob's sibling, Filius Flitwick answered in kind words, claiming that he was certain the student would do just fine, as their older brother had been one of his most skilled students at Hogwarts prior to his expulsion. Even so, he subtly warned them against trouble-making, adding that Jacob had been one of his most rebellious students as well.[48]

For the student's first class, they studied the Wand-Lighting Charm. When they successfully cast the charm at the end of the class, Flitwick recognised that it was the best execution of the charm he had seen from a first-year in quite some time, and offered ten House points to Jacob's sibling's House.[48]

Meeting Merula Snyde[]
"Merula Snyde. First-year Slytherin. The best witch at Hogwarts. I overheard the professors whispering about you at the Feast. I suppose you think you're better than me. I should put you out of your misery before you ruin Hogwarts like your brother tried to."
Merula Snyde taunting Jacob's sibling[src]

Later on, Jacob's sibling encountered Merula Snyde, an imperious and cruel Slytherin student, who tried to bully Rowan into admitting her as the most powerful witch at Hogwarts. Jacob's sibling intervened on Rowan's behalf, and Merula recognised them from their first name and introduced herself, instigating an argument between the students. Before it went too far, however, Professor Severus Snape ordered them to get into the Potions Classroom for the subsequent class.[49]

The animosity formed between Merula and Jacob's sibling grew in that lesson. After Jacob's sibling seemed to have brewed the Cure for Boils potion correctly, Snape began to realise they might not be totally incompetent, but it soon appeared that Merula had put Bulbadox powder in the cauldron, causing it to explode and resulting in them losing ten points for their House due to their presumed clumsiness.[49]

Merula's prank[]
Jacob's sibling: "What is that thing?!"
Merula Snyde: "A deadly plant called Devil's Snare. Some fourth-year Slytherins showed it to me when I first arrived. It's sensitive to light. If you're really better at the Wand-Lighting Charm than me, escaping should be no problem."
Jacob's sibling: "Merula?! You locked us in here?!"
Merula Snyde: "Along with sending you a fake letter from Snape. I told you things would only get worse for you, [surname]."
— Jacob's sibling (in the room with the Devil's Snare) talking to Merula (outside the room)[src]

Not long after the incident, Jacob's sibling was introduced to Ben Copper and the House prefect. The prefect gave Jacob's sibling a note from Professor Snape stating he would consider restoring the points if they fetched some Pickled Slugs from a storage room. Jacob's sibling found the room following instructions on the note, but the room turned out to be filled with Devil's Snare, which quickly tied Jacob's sibling up. Merula appeared outside the room and revealed she had forged the note. Fortunately, Rubeus Hagrid arrived in time and saved them.[50]

Learning to duel[]
Prefect: "I'm going to teach you two how to duel."
Jacob's sibling: "But we don't know any duelling spells…"
Prefect: "[House] keeps a secret duelling book hidden in the Artefact Room. It will teach you various spells, potions, and techniques. Meet me again after you've learned a duelling spell, and I'll teach you everything else you need to know."
— Jacob's sibling's prefect deciding to teach them how to duel[src]

Jacob's sibling then attended their first Flying class. They talked briefly with Ben, who said he had been dreading the class all summer, and learnt to summon their broom. After the lesson, they played Gobstones with Rowan. Merula approached them and said mean things about their brother and the possibility of them working for the Dark Lord. They responded in the way they preferred, and soon Merula challenged them to a duel. They hadn't learnt any useful spells for duelling yet, but Merula hit them with a Knockback Jinx nonetheless, making them fall to the ground.[50]

Because of this incident, Jacob's sibling asked their prefect to teach them how to duel, to which their prefect agreed. They told them there was a secret duelling book in the Artefact Room, so they went there to retrieve it with Rowan, but saw some visions in their head and heard a mysterious voice saying a kind of ice was here and a vault would open. Nevertheless, they acquired the book. They learned the Disarming Charm from Professor Flitwick and another spell with Rowan.[51]

Duelling Merula[]
Merula Snyde: "You can't be better than me! No one can be better than me!"
Jacob's sibling: "I beat you, Merula. Now apologise to Ben Copper, and promise to stop bullying everyone."
Merula Snyde: "I'll never apologise to you losers and Mudbloods! I'm Merula Snyde! Fourth generation Slytherin! The greatest witch at Hogwarts! I do what I want when I want! I run this school! I—"
Severus Snape: "Ahem."
Professor Snape discovering Jacob's sibling and Merula finishing their duel[src]

Jacob's sibling arrived at the courtyard and saw Merula scolding Ben in front of the public, so they started a duel with her. When the duel reached an end, Professors Snape and Flitwick arrived. Snape instructed both Merula and Jacob's sibling to arrive in the West Tower to receive their punishment.[52]

Discovering the locked door[]
Severus Snape: "Who else knows about this?"
Argus Filch: "Only me and Mrs Norris saw the ice, sir. Was going to report the incident to the Headmaster, I was."
Severus Snape: "I will inform Professor Dumbledore. This may have to do with the [surname] situation."
Argus Filch: "Is it true that the vaults are filled with gold and powerful prophecies and artefacts from before Hogwarts existed? And that's why the [surname] boy lost his mind trying to find them?"
Severus Snape: "Don't worry about what's inside the vaults. Worry about keeping everyone out. Lock this door, and keep it guarded."
Professor Snape and Mr Filch regarding the Cursed Vaults[src]

On their way, they encountered Penny Haywood, the most popular girl in their year. She thanked them for having the courage to stand up to Merula, the school bully, and offered them her help in whatever they needed, which Jacob's sibling appreciated. Once they met Snape, Jacob's sibling lost House points for their House, while Merula did not. Before Snape could dispense punishment, however, he was interrupted by the school caretaker, Argus Filch, who required him and so Snape was forced to depart from the two students although he unknowingly was followed by Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde who subsequently overheard Snape and Filch talking about the mysterious Cursed Vaults, resulting in Jacob's sibling deciding to try to find them. They told Rowan Khanna about it and they went back to the corridor where the conversation had taken place, only to find a door which was locked. Mrs Norris showed up and ran away after seeing the two. Afraid that Mrs Norris might alert Filch, they left the corridor.[53]

Encountering Fenrir Greyback[]
Fenrir Greyback: "Nothing to be afraid of, love. We're here to free you from your little lives. To show your what true power tastes like."
Jacob's sibling: "Who are you?"
Fenrir Greyback: "Fenrir Greyback. I'll be takin' care of you from now on. After I get a bite or two…"
Fenrir Greyback breaking into Hogwarts[src]

Fenrir Greyback and his fellow werewolves at Hogwarts, much to the horror of Jacob's sibling

On Hallowe'en, Fenrir Greyback and his army attacked Hogwarts. Chiara Lobosca, a werewolf student (in human form at the time), spotted Greyback and two werewolves emerging from the Forbidden Forest and tried to attack them, but was easily defeated. Shortly afterwards, Greyback and his two werewolf companions encountered Jacob's sibling, who defiantly stood up to them and briefly held off one of the two werewolves with their spells. Before Greyback could better coordinate the assault on and hence overwhelm the young pupil, however, he caught the scent of Albus Dumbledore and made a hasty retreat, who arrived just too late to capture him. The headmaster briefly examined the injured student on the ground and instructed the other one to return to their dormitory while he attended to Chiara, explaining that he would contact the Ministry of Magic and ask them to send an expert from the Werewolf Capture Unit to help to stop Greyback.[33]

The next full moon, Greyback and his army attacked Hogwarts again. This time, they encountered Jacob's sibling and Cecil Lee, whom the Ministry had sent on Dumbledore's behest. During the confrontation, Cecil tried to use the Homorphus Charm on Greyback's werewolf companions, but, as he was out of range, it failed. While Cecil was surrounded by the two other werewolves, Greyback transformed. He was attacked by Chiara in her werewolf form, but swiftly and brutally put her out of action by knocking her unconscious. After this, Jacob's sibling successfully held him at bay by some swift-spell-casting. Having fended off the two werewolves attacking him, who had retreated to Greyback's side, Cecil swiftly stepped forward and conjured ropes from the end of his wand to restrain the pack leader. Having captured the three werewolves, Cecil agreed not to capture Chiara due to her heroic actions and made Jacob's sibling an honourary member of the Werewolf Capture Unit, complete with their own uniform.[33]

Not long afterwards, Greyback had already managed to escape from the Werewolf Capture Unit, though Mr Lee was confident that enough members of his pack had been rounded up to force him to keep his head low for a while.[33]

Hagrid's birthday[]
"The least we can do is give Hagrid a fantastic party to show how much we appreciate him."
— Albus Dumbledore to Jacob's sibling[src]
Hagrid's birthday

Hagrid's birthday celebration

One of Hagrid's pets had recently died, so Dumbledore decided to organise a spectacular birthday party for him to celebrate Hagrid's fifty-sixth birthday. Dumbledore asked Jacob's sibling to help with the preparation, which they gladly agreed to. Their first task was to make sure that several members of the Hogwarts staff were going to attend. They managed to convince Madam Hooch to attend by helping her with maintenance on the Hogwarts School brooms, and in doing so also convinced Professor Flitwick to come. They then convinced Professor McGonagall to come, as well as Argus Filch and Professor Snape, though Snape only decided to attend reluctantly as he wanted to talk to Dumbledore but had been unable to due to Dumbledore's planning of the celebration. Lastly, Jacob's sibling had to choose between either a Fire Crab, Murtlap, and Porlock as a gift for him. After everything was organised, the celebration was held in the great hall. During the celebration, Hagrid gifted Jacob's sibling some of his old clothes from when he was six as thanks.[54]

The Christmas holidays[]

That year at Christmas, the majority of the students left and only Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde, Penny Haywood, Rowan Khanna, Nymphadora Tonks, Charlie Weasley, and Bill Weasley remained at Hogwarts, as well as a few other students and staff. Jacob's sibling missed their mother, who was visiting their American relatives over Christmas, so the remaining students decided to have some fun to cheer them up. Tonks taught them how to cast Bewitched Snowballs and Penny taught them their mother's recipe for non-alcoholic egg-nog. They later discovered that someone had been documenting yeti sightings at Hogwarts that happened over every Christmas holiday. Deciding it would be fun, they embarked on a yeti hunt, which involved talking to Rita Skeeter, who had written an article on the yeti sightings at Hogwarts, Hagrid, who was looking for Fang, and Professor Kettleburn, whom the yeti supposedly belonged to. Professor Kettleburn revealed that the yeti was, in fact, real, and had escaped from a Care of Magical Creatures class many years ago. He advised them not to go looking for the yeti, but asked if they did then to try to bring it back to the classroom. As they were searching the grounds for the yeti, they came across Fang and decided to bring him back to Hagrid's Hut, but before they could, the yeti appeared. Jacob's sibling managed to defeat it and they brought it back to Kettleburn.

After defeating the yeti, they met up with their friends again to discuss Christmas celebrations. They all decided they should do a gift exchange for Christmas, and Jacob's sibling chose to give a gift to either Merula, Penny, or Tonks. They went searching for a gift and talked to Peeves in the Artefact Room, then Rowan in the Potions Classroom. After they all met up again, they exchanged gifts and Jacob's sibling got given a photo of all their friends, taken just before most of them had left for the holidays. The two Weasley brothers said that their parents would be arriving for the holidays, as Fred and George Weasley had accidentally destroyed The Burrow. The two wanted help finding gifts for their parents, so Jacob's sibling helped search. They managed to find a toaster in the Artefact Room for Arthur Weasley, and some magenta wool for Molly Weasley. Wanting to get them something from themselves however, they decided to try to learn the Snowflake-Making Spell from Merula. During the gift exchange later, Molly and Arthur decided to gift Jacob's sibling some of Bill's winter clothes that no longer fit him.[55]

Dealing with the cursed ice[]
Merula Snyde: "The ice st-stuck m-me t-to the f-floor, and k-keeps sp-spreading over me!"
Jacob's sibling: "It's the same ice from my vision…"
Merula Snyde: "It's spreading over the door too! Get m-me out of this ice b-before I j-jinx the three of you!"
— Jacob's sibling and their friends discovering Merula trapped in the cursed ice[src]

Jacob's sibling learned to brew a Sleeping Draught with Penny Haywood.[56] They arrived at the locked door with Rowan and another friend (possibly Penny or Ben), and Rowan used the Sleeping Draught (mixed in milk) on Mrs Norris to get past the door. They unlocked the door, but Merula overpowered them and went in first. The door led to a room in which they discovered the cursed ice, with Merula trapped in it. The ice spread, blocked the door behind them, and trapped their friends too. Jacob's sibling saved them and their friend reopened the door. Before leaving, Rowan noticed some code written on the wall and remembered it. The code, later deciphered by Rowan, suggested there was an Ice Knight who stood guard past the Vanished Stairs.[57]

Albus Dumbledore summoned Jacob's sibling to come see him, making them fearful they would be expelled for their actions. On the contrary, Dumbledore awarded them one hundred points for their courage and compassion.[57] Jacob's sibling attended the End-of-Term Feast before departing from Hogwarts.[58]

Second year[]

During the second year, Jacob's sibling played Chaser in their House's Quidditch team.[6]

Searching for Ben Copper[]
"If this message was intended for Ben, we have to find that quill. We can use Reparifarge to undo the Transfiguration."
— Jacob's sibling after discovering the note[src]

During the 1985–1986 school year, Ben Copper went missing shortly after the start of their second year, and Jacob's sibling tried to search the castle for him. While doing so, they found a note in the Artefact Room. With help from Rowan, the note was deciphered, revealing that it was signed by someone using the initial "R" and contained instructions to locate a black quill hidden in a common room different from their own, which would turn into a note with additional information when Untransfigured. These instructions were allegedly meant for Ben to follow, and the note was speculated to have a connection to his disappearance. Jacob's sibling was puzzled, but decided to do as the note said in hopes of finding Ben.[59]

The treasure hunt[]

Hagrid wanted help training some Nifflers from the Ministry of Magic, Sebastian and Lorelei, and asked Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde and Ben Copper to help. Hagrid also brought the Niffler at the Magical Creatures Reserve. He talked to them about the two methods of training animals, a firm-hand approach and a soft-hand approach, then sent the students off to train the Nifflers up by finding the hidden caches of Leprechaun gold that were hidden around the castle. Jacob's sibling met with Penny Haywood, who let them use her grandmother's necklace to help train their Niffler. Later, Jacob's sibling looked in the Hogwarts gamekeeper's pumpkin patch, the Potions Classroom, and the Clock Tower Courtyard, before regrouping in the Training Grounds, where they found that Merula had enlarged Sebastian. After returning him to his normal size, Ben shrunk Lorelei out of anger, but this meant that Lorelei was able to run around the school stealing shiny objects without anyone able to find her, including Penny's necklace. The three worked on a plan to find her and eventually settled on setting a trap for her using all their leprechaun gold. Upon catching and returning her to normal, they all returned to Hagrid to tell him about what had happened. Although he criticised their recklessness, he admitted that the three had nonetheless trained their Nifflers well.[60]

Hallowe'en Deathday Party[]
"Sir Nicholas and Erling clashed at first sight, and even the Friar was worried the two would never get along, but now... Now they're hosting the most ambitious event for ghosts Hogwarts has ever seen!"
— Jacob's sibling at the Deathday Party[src]

Jacob's sibling welcomed Erling the Great to Hogwarts before this year's Hallowe'en. Sir Nicholas, who was planning to throw a Deathday Party, shared his deathday with Erling, but Erling decided to throw his own party instead of joining Sir Nicholas'. Jacob's sibling then helped Sir Nicholas prepare for his Deathday Party by making and sending invitation Howlers and sabotage Erling's party by preserving the food that was intended to be spoiled. However, this act was discovered by Professor Sprout, so Sir Nicholas gave his own food to Erling. On Hallowe'en, the two parties were eventually combined due to neither of them being satisfying, and Jacob's sibling danced with Myrtle Warren there.[61]

Planning a sneak-in[]
Rowan Khanna: "I had trouble coming up with a plan until I remembered the Shrinking and Engorgement Charms!"
Jacob's sibling: "Okay…"
Rowan Khanna: "And, the big Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match!"
Jacob's sibling: "I'm not sure I follow…"
Rowan Khanna: "Everyone will be at that match, everyone except us. When the students leave the [House][62] Common Room, you'll shrink, sneak inside while the door is open, and re-enlarge yourself! The Common Room will be empty. You'll be able to grab the Black Quill, and leave without anyone knowing! It's brilliant, isn't it?"
Rowan Khanna telling Jacob's sibling their plan[src]

Jacob's sibling learned the Shrinking Charm and Engorgement Charm in order to enter the other House's common room by using them on themselves and sneaking in undetected when the common room was empty, during a game of Quidditch between Gryffindor and Slytherin. In preparation for this, Jacob's sibling questioned Flitwick about the ramifications of using such spells on living things, but Flitwick became suspicious and strictly forbade it.[63]

Christmas at The Burrow[]
"Now I see that any Christmas can be perfect, so long as you spend it with people who care about you."
— Jacob's sibling[src]

In December 1985, Bill Weasley invited Jacob's sibling to The Burrow for Christmas. Jacob's sibling wanted to give the Weasley family presents, so they tried to amplify the Snowflake-Making Spell to create a snowfall around The Burrow, but inadvertently caused a blizzard that blocked the Hogwarts Express. They then learned meteolojinx recanto from Professor Flitwick and stopped the blizzard.[64]

Charlie arrived in Arthur's flying car and prepared to send Jacob's sibling and Bill to The Burrow, but the car stopped working due to a missing part. It later turned out to be Merula Snyde, who regretted her decision of spending Christmas alone, that had taken the part so as to keep them in Hogwarts. She gave the part back to Charlie and was invited to The Burrow too. Jacob's sibling, Merula and the Weasley family put up a Christmas tree with a gnome they Stunned earlier, decorated The Burrow, and enjoyed a feast together.[64]

Finding Ben Copper[]
Minerva McGonagall: "The cursed ice continues to spread throughout Hogwarts. Someone has clearly been tampering with the Cursed Vaults."
Severus Snape: "It would be helpful if our Headmaster were at Hogwarts, instead of searching elsewhere for answers."
Minerva McGonagall: "We don't need Dumbledore to safely free Mr Copper. We will cast Incendio together, but target the ice farthest from the boy's body. Be careful, Severus."
— Professors McGonagall and Snape preparing to free Ben Copper[src]

Despite Flitwick's objection, Jacob's sibling sneaked into the common room as planned and got the black quill, but while exiting they were caught by the common room's corresponding Head of House, who asked them to explain their behaviour. Shortly after this, they Untransfigured the quill using Reparifarge, and it transformed into another note from R, instructing the reader to go to the farthest corridor at the end of the fifth floor, re-Transfigure the scroll into a black quill, and return it to the common room in which it had been hidden. They did so, and while inspecting the corridor, they found out the professors were already there. They also found Ben frozen in the cursed ice, but the professors saved him by casting the Fire-Making Spell, explaining that the cursed ice appeared to have developed resistance to the Knockback Jinx.[65]

Hogwarts's missing pets[]

Penny asked Jacob's sibling to help figure out where Hogwarts's missing pets had gone, as they had a reputation for solving mysteries and many students were worried about their pets. Jacob's sibling interviewed the various students whose pets had gone missing, and upon learning that the pets had all vanished near Hagrid's Hut, investigated that area. At Hagrid's Hut, Jacob's sibling met Merula, who was looking after Fang. Merula helped Jacob's sibling to investigate, and they found a trail of birdseed but nothing else. Merula told Jacob's sibling that Filch was looking for them, as he wrongly believed that Jacob's sibling was responsible for Mrs Norris going missing. When Filch went to talk to them, Jacob's sibling assured Filch that they had nothing to do with Mrs Norris's disappearance, and promised to investigate. Jacob's sibling regrouped with Penny, who said that other students had mentioned birdseed being at the location of the pets' disappearances as well, and also that Hagrid was back. Jacob's sibling went to meet Hagrid, who informed them that Fang had gone missing. Jacob's sibling went to meet with Merula, who was the last person to see Fang. Together they investigated the clues that Jacob's sibling had found which eventually led them to the Boathouse and to Todd and Corrine Cribb, poachers who were angry with Hagrid. They revealed that they had wanted to just steal Rubeus Hagrid's pets, but didn't know which belonged to him so stole all the pets in the vicinity. They then duelled with Jacob's sibling and Merula and lost, then Disapparated, leaving the pets free. Jacob's sibling brought the pets back to Hogwarts and their owners, who threw a party for Jacob's sibling and Merula as thanks for getting the pets back.[66]

Celebrating Hogwarts teachers[]
"So you see, it's not the plans you make in chess or in life, or even whether you win or lose. It's how you move forward from the game and take those lessons to the next one that matters most."
Professor McGonagall during her last Wizard's Chess session with Jacob's sibling[src]

Jacob's sibling participated in the Teacher Appreciation Celebration. They interviewed Professor McGonagall, this year's Guest of Honour, while playing a game of Wizard's Chess with her. They also asked several other professors about her. They did a presentation about her on the final celebration feast.[67]

Searching the Icy Corridor[]
Rowan Khanna: "Merlin's beard, [name]! You unvanished a secret staircase!"
Jacob's sibling: "It's the same staircase from my vision…"
Rowan Khanna: "And most likely the same staircase from the message we found carved in the cursed ice. Where do you think it leads?"
— Jacob's sibling and Rowan revealing the Vanished Stairs[src]

Jacob's sibling and Rowan searched the corridor once more and found a wall to be suspicious. They decided to ask Professor McGonagall to teach them the Revealing Charm. After learning, they returned to the Icy Corridor and used it to find the Vanished Stairs. The stairs led to another mysterious corridor, which ended in a kind of mist. Jacob's sibling used the Knockback Jinx to clear the mist and revealed a hidden door covered with ice. They tried opening it but Rowan got hurt by some flying ice, so Jacob's sibling sent Rowan to the Hospital Wing.[68] Rowan later recovered and suggested they get help from Bill Weasley.[69]

Investigating with Chiara[]
"Stand by her side during tonight's full moon. It will be a tough transformation for Chiara without the effects of the Wolfsbane Potions. Take her mind off her transformation. Show her that fear won't keep you away. Remind her of what's important. Trust me, it was a lot easier to make it to the sunrise when I knew I had friends by my side…"
Remus Lupin before a full moon[src]

Rumours spread around Hogwarts that a white werewolf had attacked a student. Jacob's sibling started investigating and asked Chiara Lobosca for help, who was reluctant at first but eventually agreed. She revealed to them that she was a werewolf and was afraid that the attacker might have been herself. They brewed a Memory Potion to help the victim, Pippa Macmillan, remember the attack more clearly, and it turned out to be a hippogriff rather than a werewolf. Jacob's sibling later found out that Chiara had been secretly giving Remus Lupin her Wolfsbane Potion, which led to her unrestrained transformation under the full moon. They duelled Chiara in her werewolf form, which drove her off into the Forbidden Forest to spend the rest of the night safely.[70][71]

Testing McGonagall[]

Professor McGonagall was featured in the magazine Witch Weekly, which Penny found out about and showed to Jacob's sibling and the rest of their friends. Merula didn't understand why McGonagall would be featured in such an article, and so she and Jacob's sibling decided to test McGonagall to see why she was featured in the magazine. During their next Transfiguration lesson, they asked McGonagall to demonstrate her skill at Transfiguration, which she obliged to do by turning a desk into a pig. Merula thought this wasn't very impressive, so attempted the spell herself, but accidentally turned her nose into a pig's snout. After Merula's face got fixed, the group went to the library to test McGonagall's knowledge of Hogwarts, however Merula still wasn't satisfied. She decided to set up a scenario in which McGonagall would have to save her from three Bludgers, however it got out of control and she fell off her broom, but was caught by McGonagall. Afterwards, McGonagall told the group to simply read the five page-long Witch Weekly article if they wanted to know why she was such a great witch, and gave Jacob's sibling her own copy, which she had signed, as thanks for helping her rescue Merula.[72]

Bonding with Bill Weasley[]
"It will take hard work, and even a little pain to prepare to break a Cursed Vault. Practise your spells in class, and I'll train you to duel. After that, we'll break the curse on this vault together…"
Bill Weasley to Jacob's sibling[src]

Bill Weasley taught Jacob's sibling the Fire-Making Spell and duelled them to help them practise their skills. He agreed to go find the Vault with them.[73]

Decoding a prophecy[]

Penny Haywood found a scroll in the library and wondered what it meant, so brought it to Ben Copper and Jacob's sibling. They found that the text was in a different language, but there were partially translated notes associated with it. Hoping to find someone who could translate it, Jacob's sibling asked Madam Pince, who directed them to the student Lenny Pindlebrook. Lenny informed them that the language was actually a cryptogram, and asked Jacob's sibling for help in breaking the cipher. The pair realised that astrology was the key to breaking the cipher, however before the scroll could be fully decoded it was stolen by Merula Snyde and confiscated by Severus Snape. After recovering and deciphering the scroll, it was revealed to be a family history of the Trelawney family, including many of the family's prophecies. One prophecy in particular upset Lenny, who believed it talked about his upcoming death, so the pair decided to talk to Sybill Trelawney for clarity. She revealed that she had made that particular prophecy, and that she was certain of it, however after talking to Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore, Lenny was reassured that he wouldn't die. As thanks, Lenny gave Jacob's sibling a crystal ball to remember their adventure.[74]

Hosting Aurélie Dumont[]

Penny Haywood's pen-friend Aurélie Dumont, who was a student of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, visited Hogwarts and hoped to transfer to here. Jacob's sibling met her in the Great Hall and guided her through a tour around Hogwarts with Rowan Khanna. During the tour, Aurélie seemed to be focusing on finding something. Jacob's sibling learned the traditions of Beauxbatons with Aurélie and Madame Maxime, and eventually confronted Aurélie for her odd behaviour. Aurélie said she was looking for an alchemy artefact belonging to Nicolas Flamel that was believed to be hidden inside Hogwarts, and Jacob's sibling proposed to search for it together.[75]

Penny joined them and they received an alchemy lesson from Professor Snape. They narrowed their target down to a chalice of Nicolas Flamel, but while searching they became suspicious that somebody might have been tailing them. They tricked them into revealing themselves and it turned out to be Merula Snyde. Later, Jacob's sibling and Aurélie got called in by Dumbledore, who told them even if the chalice did exist, it would not be in Hogwarts. They then played with the Abraxans before Aurélie departed.[75]

Meeting the Malfoys[]
Draco Malfoy: "I'm not too young to learn!"
Jacob's sibling: "That's why you stole your father's wand. Didn't you?"
Draco Malfoy: "All right, you've caught me. I borrowed my father's wand. I was going to give it back, but then he'd know I took it!"
Draco Malfoy acknowledging his actions[src]

Lucius Malfoy came to Hogwarts to inspect as a governor, during which he questioned Jacob's sibling and Ben Copper. Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde were asked to babysit his son Draco. During the inspection, Lucius' wand got stolen. Lucius planned to blame his house-elf Dobby for the theft as he knew where the wand had been kept, but Dobby claimed to Jacob's sibling that he did not do it. Later, they found out that it was Draco who had stolen the wand and they brought the wand back to Lucius.[76]

First attempt at the Vault of Ice[]
Jacob's sibling: "Feeling better, Bill?"
Bill Weasley: "Thanks to you, [name]. I can almost feel my fingers again."
Jacob's sibling: "I'm sorry you got hurt."
Bill Weasley: "Are you kidding? I've never felt more alive! We have to go back, and use Incendio to break the Cursed Vault. But this time, we should bring more help."
— Jacob's sibling visiting Bill in the Hospital Wing[src]

Jacob's sibling and Bill went back to the entrance to the Vault of Ice, and succeeded in breaking down three layers of ice and faced the door, but before going further, Bill was trapped by some more ice. Jacob's sibling freed Bill and decided to tackle the door another day.[77]

Bill later recovered in the Hospital Wing and decided to revisit the Vault with more friends. Jacob's sibling taught Penny and Rowan spells and Ben the Burn-Healing Paste.[78]

Entering the Vault of Ice[]
Bill Weasley: "A book and a broken wand? Not exactly the treasure I was hoping for…"
Jacob's sibling: "Maybe they're clues…"
Jacob's voice: "Find the other four vaults, [name]… Find my room…"
Jacob's sibling: "Your room? I don't understand…"
Jacob's voice: "You can't let her get there first! Hurry!"
— Jacob's sibling and their friends in the Vault of Ice hearing Jacob's voice[src]
Ice defeated

Jacob's sibling and their friends preparing to enter the Vault of Ice

Jacob's sibling chose a friend (possibly Rowan, Penny or Ben) along with Bill to break into the Vault of Ice. They arrived at the door and repeatedly cast the Fire-Making Spell until it opened. An Ice Knight burst through, trapped the others in ice, and duelled Jacob's sibling. It was ultimately defeated, allowing Jacob's sibling to free their friends and enter the Vault. They found a broken wand and a notebook in the Vault.[79]

Before taking them, Jacob's sibling heard a mysterious voice saying they had to find the other vaults and their (the voice's) room, and they couldn't let "her" get there first. They recognised the voice to be their brother Jacob's. The wand matched Jacob's wand's features, and the notebook contained nothing but scribbles and drawings.[79]

After leaving the vault, Professor McGonagall required to see them outside of Professor Dumbledore's office and possibly took fifty House points from them. Dumbledore also spoke with them in his office, awarding them fifty House points and warning them never to go search for the Cursed Vaults again.[79]


Before watching their first Quidditch friendly at Hogwarts, Jacob's sibling met Penny at the Training Grounds where they learned about the addition of Skye Parkin to their House team. They also learned that Skye was the daughter of Ethan Parkin, a Quidditch legend and member of the famous Parkin family who founded the Wigtown Wanderers. After this discussion had taken place, they and Penny completed their face paint before conversing with Face Paint Kid who tested them on their Quidditch knowledge. Once the Quidditch quiz was complete, they met with Rolanda Hooch who was surprised that this would be their first Quidditch match based on their dexterity on a broom in Flying class.[80]

Helping the new arrivals[]
MM holding Hogwarts Pendant HM

Minerva McGonagall holding the Hogwarts Castle pendant

Professor Dumbledore called Jacob's sibling back early from their holidays to request that they help the new first year students with their arrival to Hogwarts. Jacob's sibling first went to Honeydukes to help the Trolley Witch pick out new sweets for the trolley that year and then helped the Trolley Witch serve them on the Hogwarts Express. They waited at Hogsmeade Station with the first year students for Hagrid to arrive, then met with the students on the other side of the Great Lake whilst the students waited for Professor McGonagall to arrive. Whilst Dumbledore was giving his start of term speech, Professor McGonagall told Jacob's sibling how much the first year students were grateful for their help and gave them a Hogwarts Castle pendant as thanks on behalf of the first year students.[81]

Third year[]

Jacob's sibling took Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as electives.[82]

During their third year, they went on to play Beater while Bean, the original Beater on their team, was suspended from playing Quidditch.[7] At the end of the school year, they also met with their prefect who was about to graduate, and they taught Jacob's sibling to cast the Freezing Charm, to brew the Babbling Beverage and to tend Snargaluff.[83]

Boggart in the Greenhouse[]
Penny Haywood: "AHHHHHHHHH!"
Rowan Khanna: "A werewolf just burst out of that pot!"
Jacob's sibling: "How did a werewolf get in here?"
Pomona Sprout: "It didn't. Stand back, Miss Haywood. Riddikulus!"
— A Boggart manifesting in the Greenhouse taking the form of a werewolf[src]

In the beginning of their third year, at the end of a Herbology class, a werewolf manifested out of a pot in the Greenhouse, which scared Penny. Professor Sprout immediately recognised it as a Boggart and used the Boggart-Banishing Spell to turn it into a doll.[84]

Becoming an Animagus[]
Jacob's sibling: "I have a surprise for you and Fang."
Rubeus Hagrid: "Yeh deh?! Is it a baby Puffskein? I'm always in the market for another Puffskein."
Jacob's sibling: "No, but close. I wanted to tell you that I became an Animagus."
— Jacob's sibling telling Rubeus Hagrid they had become an Animagus[src]

Jacob's sibling found Tulip and Barnaby discussing Talbott Winger, a Ravenclaw student who they hardly saw around the castle. When Tulip mentioned that she heard rumours Talbott was brewing an Animagus potion, Jacob's sibling professed a desire to become an Animagus and went to talk to Talbott. Talbott denied brewing an Animagus potion, but questioned Jacob's sibling as to whether they had snuck into Filch's office, then asked for Jacob's sibling's help sneaking into it. Whilst in Filch's office, the pair collected a Death's-head Hawk Moth chrysalis, then went to the Artefact Room to collect untouched dew, and finally went to the Herbology Classroom to collect a mandrake leaf. It was here Talbott revealed he was friends with Penny, and he was collecting the ingredients for her so she could brew the potion. The pair went to the library where they met Penny, Tonks, and Rowan, and all discussed becoming an Animagus. It was decided that Jacob's sibling should be the first one to become an Animagus, since they could use the skills of an Animagus to search for their brother. Jacob's sibling then placed a mandrake leaf in their mouth for a whole month whilst Penny brewed the rest of the potion. After one month passed, Jacob's sibling placed the mandrake leaf in a moon-struck crystal phial along with a strand of their own hair under the full moon. The pair then hid the potion in the Potions Classroom. Talbott then taught Jacob's sibling the Animagus Spell, which Jacob's sibling had to perform at dawn and dusk until the next electrical storm. In the meantime, he took Jacob's sibling to Professor McGonagall, who explained the difficulties of being an Animagus and advised both Jacob's sibling and Talbott to register themselves as Animagi. Later, Talbott asked Jacob's sibling what kind of animal they would like to be, a cat, bird, or dog. After a game of Gobstones with Talbott, he told Jacob's sibling about his family, and why he was unregistered. Some time later, Penny heard about an upcoming electrical storm on the WWN and rushed to tell Jacob's sibling, who was currently in a potions class with Snape. Jacob's sibling retrieved the potion and went to the courtyard where Penny was waiting. They drank the potion and recited the spell for the last time, then turned into either a brown dog, a black and white cat or a falcon. The first person Jacob's sibling went to visit was Hagrid and Fang, and played with Fang in their Animagus form.[19]

Restoring Merula to human form[]

Merula as a puffskein

Upon being invited to the Sphinx Club, Jacob's sibling helped Merula attempt Human Transfiguration, despite it being expressly forbidden by Professor McGonagall. Merula intended to turn herself into a Thunderbird, but instead turned herself into a Flobberworm. On Penny's advice, Jacob's sibling used a Drowsiness Draught to weaken Merula, however using Reparifarge only managed to turn her into a Puffskein. After talking to several people and researching Human Transfiguration in the library, Jacob's sibling finally confessed what had happened to Professor McGonagall, who managed to turn Merula back to normal. The pair managed to persuade Professor McGonagall not to disband the Sphinx Club because of their actions.[24]

The Dragon Relay[]
"Thank you for embodying the spirit of adventure and taking care of my favourite club. Now, one last time… Let me hear you roar!"
Gwenog Jones to Jacob's sibling, and then everyone[src]
Dragon Relay - McGonagall

The Dragon Relay

When Jacob's sibling and Diego Caplan were having a duel in the Dragon Clubhouse, one of Diego's spells accidentally hit and broke a statue, revealing a chest inside. They opened it out of curiosity and sent a cursed Bludger flying around. Jacob's sibling then found it on the Training Grounds, and with help from Professor Flitwick, they managed to uncurse it. After some investigation, they thought the statue might have been donated by Gwenog Jones, a fresh graduate, and after Erika Rath contacted her, she agreed to return to Hogwarts. To raise money for a replacement statue, Jacob's sibling and their friends planned and participated in the Dragon Relay, but unfortunately the income was not enough. Gwenog then surprised everyone by restoring the broken statue, and revealing that she had already replaced the statue as another gift for the Dragon Club.[25]

An Occamy, a potion and a fiesta[]
Hippogriff Club fiesta 2

The Hippogriff Club's first Fiesta

Professor Kettleburn asked Jacob's sibling and Liz Tuttle to look after a newly acquired baby Occamy named Squawk whilst he provided expert knowledge on Chimaeras to a Magical Creature Reserve in Ireland. The pair agreed and Professor Kettleburn left. At the same time, Barnaby Lee was practising Cartomancy and drew a torn card which he interpreted as a bad omen, and in the confusion around the omen, Squawk escaped. During the escape, Squawk tore up a package that the Hippogriff Club had received from the Castelobruxo Hippogriff Club. Jacob's sibling tried to repair the package with Papyrus Reparo, but found that they didn't have all the pages. Meanwhile Squawk got into Filch's Office and proceeded to tear up the place.

When Penny and Jacob's sibling found out, they helped Filch tidy up and discovered some of the missing papers in the process. Liz and Jacob's sibling decided to trick Squawk into returning, and so got some ostrich eggs painted silver in order to trick Squawk into returning. The plan worked, and Squawk was kept in the Hippogriff Clubhouse whilst Jacob's sibling and the other Hippogriff club members searched for the rest of the pages. Jacob's sibling discovered that it was a first-edition copy of Libatius Borage's Have Yourself a Fiesta in a Bottle!, which had been sent to them by the Castelobruxo Hippogriff Club. The members of Hippogriff Club brewed a Laughing Potion from the recipe in the book and sent it to Castelobruxo Hippogriff Club as thanks. They then later threw their own fiesta.[26]

A scavenger hunt[]
"The goal of this scavenger hunt was to remind the students to enjoy life's simple pleasures."
— Dumbledore to Jacob's sibling during the feast[src]
Dumbledore and Ambrosius Flume in Great Hall HM

Dumbledore tells the students about the feast

In order to lift up the students' spirits, Ambrosius Flume organised a scavenger hunt for several rare Chocolate Frog Cards, with every student who finds one being invited to a confectionary feast. He gave out clues to help the students find the special cards.

The first clue led Jacob's sibling to the Hogwarts Library, where they searched for information about Cliodna and Cliodna's birds alongside Merula. Their search told them that Cliodna was skilled in Transfiguration and potions, and both went to the respective classrooms of those subjects to search for the card. An empty jar of Mandrake leaves led Jacob's sibling and Penny to the Herbology Classroom, where they found a young Mandrake with a card in its pot. Upon borrowing Earmuffs from Pomona Sprout, they uprooted the Mandrake and retrieved the card.

Since they only had one card, they decided to go talk to Flume in order to convince him to give them another clue so they could find another card. The clue he gave them led them to talk to Andre Egwu who determined that the clue was referring to the Plumpton Pass. Upon looking in a Quidditch ball crate, they found a second card tied to a Golden Snitch. When the crate was opened, the Snitch flew off with the card. Merula tried to catch it, but was interrupted by Jacob's sibling and Andre, who ended up catching the snitch using the Plumpton Pass.

Professor Binns falling asleep at desk HM

Jacob's sibling and Penny talked to Binns

They returned to the courtyard to ask Flume for a third clue, but he had already given it to Merula Snyde's gang. Jacob's sibling tricked Barnaby Lee into telling them that the clue was to do with Circe, however when they got to the library to research Circe, all the books on Circe had already been checked out. They then decided to go to Professor Binns to ask for information on Circe instead. Binns told them that Circe was skilled in Transfiguration, and so the group decided to search the Transfiguration classroom for the card. Jacob's sibling found the card hidden on the small bookshelf in the classroom, however, it turned out that the card they found was just a transfigured frog placed there by Merula.

Jacob's sibling returned to the Great Hall where they met Penny, who had kept the frog and renamed it Figgy, feeling down as Jacob's sibling was the only one left without a Chocolate Frog Card. Flume overheard them and gave them the last clue, which led them to the Charms Classroom. When Professor Flitwick heard the clue, he assembled the Frog Choir in the courtyard. They started to play Celestina Warbeck's song, You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me, however one of the frogs was off-key. After teaching Figgy to sing, they performed the song in the courtyard and one of the frogs spat out the Chocolate Frog Card.

Albus Dumbledore Chocolate Frog Card signed HPHM

Dumbledore's signed Chocolate Frog Card

Upon returning to the Great Hall, they got in line for the sweets feast where they were confronted by Merula's gang, who had only been able to retrieve two cards and were having to decide who missed out on the feast. Using a loophole, Jacob's sibling and Merula both got into the feast by using the same card, as Flume had never specified that students needed different cards in order to enter. During the sweet feast, Dumbledore congratulated Jacob's sibling on their selflessness, and gave them a special Chocolate Frog Card from his own collection, one featuring himself which he had signed.[85]

Secrets of Godric's Hollow[]
"I made an example of her... She came looking for the Sword of Gryffindor and instead found Ragnuk!"
— Ragnuk to Jacob's sibling after cursing Merula[src]

During the Hallowe'en feast, Ben overheard Merula talking with Ismelda about stealing the Sword of Gryffindor, something which was a Snyde family tradition. Jacob's sibling confronted Merula and tried to get her to stop but was unsuccessful. Ben and Jacob's sibling decided to search for the sword first, so Merula couldn't get it. The pair believed that the clue the Snydes had referred to the resting place of Godric Gryffindor, not the Goblin who forged it. Both Merula and Jacob's sibling decided to search Godric's Hollow for the sword and asked Bathilda Bagshot about it, though at different times.

Bathilda Bagshot HM

Bathilda talks to Jacob's sibling

Whilst looking through the graveyard at Godric's Hollow, both parties found a crypt with the arms of Gryffindor on it, and Merula tried to open it with a Blasting Curse but failed. Jacob's sibling returned to Hogwarts to talk with a portrait of Gryffindor, who warned Jacob's sibling against opening the crypt but revealed he had already given Merula the passphrase to open it - Pede Poena Claudo. Jacob's sibling and Ben rushed back to Godric's Hollow to try to stop Merula from opening the crypt, but were unsuccessful.

Ragnuk curse HM

Ragnuk placing the curse on Merula

The crypt didn't open as Merula expected, instead the passphrase released the ghost of the Goblin King Ragnuk, who cursed Merula with a special kind of Goblin magic curse then disappeared back into the crypt. The group then talked to Bathilda, who said they would only be able to release the curse by convincing Ragnuk to lift it. After consulting with the books in the Library, with Dumbledore, and then with Bathilda again, Jacob's sibling talked to Ragnuk about his legacy as the forger of the Sword of Gryffindor. Ragnuk was convinced, and lifted the curse on Merula, disappearing into the crypt. Later on at the Hallowe'en feast, Merula gave Jacob's sibling a signed copy of A History of Magic as thanks.[86]

The Tale of Pumpkin Johnny[]
"Pumpkins? O' course they can be scary! Have yeh heard the tale of Pumpkin Jonny?"
— Hagrid talking to the third years[src]

During the Hallowe'en celebrations Dumbledore informed the students that that year's marquee event would be a pumpkin party and asked students to help Hagrid with making sure the pumpkins were ready, saying they would get House points if they helped out. Jacob's sibling, Tonks and Ben were excited for the party, but Merula lamented the fact that nothing dangerous or scary would be happening this year, unlike in the two previous years when Fenrir Greyback had attacked Hogwarts. Ben said that anything can be scary in the right circumstances, even pumpkins, and Merula mocked him. Jacob's sibling, Ben, Tonks, Penny, and Barnaby all volunteered to help Hagrid with his pumpkins. The group were surprised when Merula and Ismelda turned up, who explained that Professor Snape had offered them extra House points if she helped out. She continued her argument with Ben about if pumpkins were scary. Hagrid said that of course pumpkins were scary and told the students about Pumpkin Johnny, a former student and ghost-like figure who would terrorise the students with dreams and Pumpkin-Head Jinxes. Merula didn't believe Hagrid and knocked on a pumpkin three times, summoning Pumpkin Johnny.

Pumpkin Johnny graffiti on wall HMTTOPJ

Penny attacked by Pumpkin Johnny

The next day the students met in the courtyard to collect their House points, and Jacob's sibling went to console Penny, who had had a nightmare involving Pumpkin Johnny. Jacob's sibling consoled Penny, though Merula turned up and mocked her for believing in a spooky story. Jacob's sibling then went to help Tonks study in the library and told her about Penny's dream. Jacob's sibling fell asleep during studying and had a strange dream where they were wandering in the forest and were confronted by Pumpkin Johnny.

When they woke they found out that someone had smashed all of Hagrid's pumpkins. Jacob's sibling helped clean up the mess and whilst cleaning they found a note in one of the smashed pumpkins that said "Penny is first...". Barnaby then said the he had a dream about Pumpkin Johnny as well, then Jacob's sibling revealed they had a dream as well, which Tonks found concerning. In a speech to the school, Dumbledore said that due to the pumpkins being smashed, he had ordered pumpkins from Dagbert Pips instead, however his announcement was cut short by Filch, who said that a hallway had been defaced and a girl been hurt. Upon arriving at the hallway, Jacob's sibling and Tonks saw Professor McGonagall announce that Penny had been struck by a Pumpkin-Head Jinx. A note left at the scene read "Pumpkin Johnny is here to teach you a lesson...".

After checking up on Penny in the Hospital Wing, Barnaby went to fetch Penny's spellbooks from the potions classroom, unaware that Madam Pomfrey had found a note saying "Barnaby is next...". Jacob's sibling rushed to the potions classroom only to find Barnaby jinxed with a Pumpkin-Head Jinx. Unlike Penny, Barnaby was conscious and mistook Jacob's sibling for Pumpkin Johnny. After a brief duel, Jacob's sibling used Petrificus Totalus to freeze Barnaby whilst they told them what happened. Later, Jacob's sibling, Ben, Tonks, and Tulip met in the courtyard to discuss a plan, where they were joined by a repentant Merula who told them that she had just had a dream about Pumpkin Johnny and she wanted to help. The five came up with a plan, where Ben would investigate the legend of Pumpkin Johnny, Tulip would investigate if it was a hoax, and Tonks would investigate if Dagbert Pips was behind it. Jacob's sibling and Merula would investigate the scenes of the attack and see if they missed anything, though before that Merula asked Jacob's sibling to accompany her to the Duelling room where she had left her copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Jacob's sibling agreed, though upon finding the book they also found a note which said that they and Merula were Pumpkin Johnny's next target. Turning around they were attacked by Pumpkin Johnny, and stumbled around until they were found by Tulip, who rescued them. Back at the Hospital Wing, Ben, Tulip, and Tonks all informed Jacob's sibling that they had ben unable to find anything about what might be causing the attacks.

The group decided to search the Forbidden Forest for clues and found a Pumpkin Johnny costume, leading them to conclude that it had all been a hoax. After returning to the castle, the group decided to return to the Forbidden Forest and disguise Tulip as Pumpkin Johnny using the costume they had found to scare whoever came to retrieve it. Eventually Merula and Ismelda turned up, unintentionally revealing to the group that they had both been dressing up as Pumpkin Johnny to create confusion and shift the suspicion away from them. At that point Tulip jumped out at the pair which startled Ismelda and caused her to fall back and twist her ankle. Merula cast Flipendo at Tulip, causing her to be knocked back, at which point Jacob's sibling rushed out to break up the duel. Merula and Ismelda admitted to causing the fear and panic, wanting something to be scary at Halloween and seeing the story of Pumpkin Johnny as the best way of doing it, though Merula pointed out that even she couldn't have been responsible for the nightmares which the students had, since she wasn't a Legilimens. Ben wanted to report her to the teachers but Merula pointed out that both groups had broken lots of school rules, and ultimately Jacob's sibling decided it was too risky to report Merula to the teachers. However when they returned to the castle Ben went behind their backs and told Hagrid, who in turn told Dumbledore.

Later at the Pumpkin Party, Hagrid told Jacob's sibling that Dumbledore wasn't going to expel anyone, and that Merula and Ismelda were only getting reminded about the dangers of pranks that go too far. When Jacob's sibling asked where Hagrid had heard the story of Pumpkin Johnny, Hagrid admitted that he might've just made it all up, though he could have heard the story when he was young and just forgotten about it. He also mentioned that the singing pumpkins that Dagbert Pips had provided turned out to be a nuisance and Dumbledore wouldn't be buying from him again. Satisfied, Jacob's sibling enjoyed the party which involved dancing, bobbing for apples, and festive food by the lake. At the end of the party, Merula and Ismelda came to apologise to Jacob's sibling, which they accepted, though they did also ask why the pair had to go as far as destroying Hagrid's pumpkins. Merula and Ismelda denied destroying Hagrid's pumpkins, saying that they would never do that to Hagrid, although they admitted it fitted perfectly into their plans, and they also denied graffitiing the walls with pumpkins. Jacob's sibling was confused as to who could have done such a thing, when they were approached by a figure dressed like Pumpkin Johnny which they suspected was Ben in a costume. The figure asked if Jacob's sibling had learned their lesson, then left after Jacob's sibling had given them an answer. Moments later, Ben appeared behind Jacob's sibling, denying that they had just worn the costume, leaving Jacob's sibling very confused.[87]

Interviewed by The Quibbler[]

Xenophilius Lovegood, the editor of The Quibbler, wanted to interview Jacob's sibling for the special Hogwarts Anniversary Edition of The Quibbler. He asked Jacob's sibling about what character trait their adventures revealed about themselves, a memorable story about a magical creature, and an impressive magical skill. Jacob's sibling asked their friends for advice on what they thought their answers to the questions should be and eventually returned to Xenophilius with their chosen answers. Pleased with the article, Xenophilius put it on the front page of The Quibbler and gave Jacob's sibling a Quibbler-themed t-shirt as thanks.[88]

House points competition[]
Hourglasses shrunk

The House point hourglasses shrunk down in the Artefact Room

Penny proposed a contest between herself, Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde, Andre Egwu, and Ben Copper to determine which House was the best. To do this, they would see which House earnt the most House points over the next couple of days. Jacob's sibling decied to impress their teachers, so talked to Professor Snape, Professor Flitwick, Madam Hooch, and Professor McGonagall. Jacob's sibling confided in Penny that he believed the students were getting too competitive, and that they thought the competition was getting out of hand, which Penny agreed with. Jacob's sibling was then called to Professor Dumbledore's office, who revealed to him that the House point hourglasses had gone missing, and that to avoid a mass panic he had replaced them with an illusion. He requested that Jacob's sibling find the hourglasses, and Jacob's sibling managed to track them down to the Artefact Room where they had been shrunk by Penny. After confronting Penny, Jacob's sibling and all their friends went to Dumbledore to explain the situation, who offered Jacob's sibling a choice to either keep House points as a reward or share them amongst their friends. He also gave Jacob's sibling a gemstone from their House hourglass as thanks for finding the hourglasses.[89]

Meeting Andromeda Tonks[]
Andromeda Tonks, Jacob's sibling and Nymphadora Tonks at Hogsmeade Station HMAHH

Jacob's sibling, Andromeda and Nymphadora at Hogsmeade Station.

As part of the Hogwarts Anniversary celebrations, Andromeda Tonks wanted to pay a visit to her daughter in Hogwarts and to remind herself of happy memories from when she was there. Nymphadora Tonks asked Jacob's sibling to help make her mother comfortable during her visit to Hogwarts, which they agreed to do. After an initial visit to Zonko's Joke Shop to buy her daughter a present, Andromeda visited the Clock Tower Courtyard where she bumped into Lucius Malfoy, who snubbed her. This brought back bad memories, and after telling Jacob's sibling and Tonks about a box holding keepsakes belonging to her and her sisters that Bellatrix Lestrange had hidden in the castle, Jacob's sibling and Tonks resolved to find it. They determined it must have been hidden in a suit of armour, and after searching the castle found the box in one of the suits of armour in the Duelling Club room. They attempted to open the box with the Unlocking Charm, but were unsuccessful as the box burst into green flames and scorned them for trying to open it, claiming only the Black sisters knew how to open the box.

When they went to talk to Andromeda about it, she confirmed what the box had said, but was unsure of how to open it as even she didn't know what her sisters had done to open it. Thinking that Narcissa Malfoy may be in Hogsmeade due to Lucius being in town, Jacob's sibling went to find him. He was in the Three Broomsticks Inn, negotiating a deal to buy a year's supply of Butterbeer from Rosmerta with Draco Malfoy by his side. After bribing Draco by taking him to Honeydukes, Jacob's sibling asked him about his mother, to which he responded that she sang him a lullaby every night that her mother had sung to her. Singing the lullaby to the box unlocked Narcissa's lock. As they were unable to talk to Bellatrix since she was in Azkaban, they decided to get inside her head instead. After talking to Dumbledore, they believed that a blood payment was needed to open the lock, which Andromeda tried and successfully opened the lock with. Before Andromeda was able to open her own lock, a magical knight was summoned to protect the box. Tonks and Jacob's sibling fought the knight whilst Andromeda opened the lock. Upon opening the box, Andromeda heard her sisters' voices again which made her happy. During the Hogwarts Anniversary feast, they examined the keepsakes, and eventually Andromeda gave the box to Jacob's sibling, claiming all she wanted was the keepsakes in the box.[90]

Visiting Hogsmeade[]
Jacob's sibling: "I heard you knew him, and was wondering if you had any information about him, or his search for the Cursed Vaults."
Madam Rosmerta: "I remember Jacob… quite boy. Sweet. He spent a lot of time at the bar, scribbling in notebooks."
Jacob's sibling: "Notebooks?!"
Madam Rosmerta: "Aye. Then one day, a pair of Ministry Aurors grabbed Jacob by the hood of his robes, and dragged him out the door. The only thing he left behind was a Black Quill."
— Jacob's sibling and Madam Rosmerta talking about Jacob's notebooks[src]

A visit to Hogsmeade was due since it was Jacob's sibling's third year, but they were initially not allowed to go because they have broken a lot of school rules. Their Head of House offered to let them go if they studied hard, which they did, eventually gaining permission.[91] Arriving at Hogsmeade, Jacob's sibling went to the Three Broomsticks and asked Madam Rosmerta about Jacob. She gave them a black quill that belonged to Jacob. Using Reparifarge, Jacob's sibling transformed it back into a notebook and told Rosmerta what it was. But Filch, who overheard, seized the notebook and took it to his office, as ordered by Professor Snape.[92] With the help of Nymphadora Tonks, Jacob's sibling tricked Filch and got the notebook back. To hide in his office again, they used the Shrinking Charm.[93]

Frog Choir audition[]
"Not that it's any of your business, but… My mum used to be on the Frog Choir, back when she was at Hogwarts. She loved to sing. She used to sing to me to sleep every night when I was a kid. At least, she did, until she got herself arrested. We used to sing together in preparation for the day I'd get selected to sing on the Frog Choir…"
— Merula explaining the reason behind her longing of joining the Frog Choir[src]

Jacob's sibling heard Professor Flitwick announce in the Great Hall that an audition for the Frog Choir would soon be held. They met Tulip Karasu, a Ravenclaw girl, and accepted to take her toad, Dennis, with them to the Frog Choir audition. Jacob's sibling and Dennis did a few things to bond, one of which was playing tricks on Madam Pince. They then met with the Weird Sisters and practised with them. They sang in front of Professor Snape to test their nerves. They went to the audition, and so did Merula Snyde. Merula duelled Jacob's sibling later, and she told them that she had been wanting the place in the choir because of her memories with her mom before she got arrested. Jacob's sibling won the audition, but it is unknown whether they gave the place to Merula.[28][94]

Performing with the Weird Sisters[]

Jacob's sibling was approached by Myron Wagtail, Kirley Duke, and Orsino Thruston of the Weird Sisters band, who asked for them to play with them, as they were inspired by Jacob's sibling's activities at Hogwarts. Jacob's sibling was initially reluctant, as they had no experience with playing music. However, after the three showed Jacob's sibling the people who inspired their music (Ben Copper, Severus Snape, and Ismelda Murk) and Myron discovered a black quill in the Artefact Room, Jacob's sibling was compelled to perform with them and helped them set up their concert. As Jacob's sibling wasn't able to play an instrument, the Weird Sisters taught them the Cauldron to Guitar Spell and charmed the bass guitar to perform by itself, something which they assured Jacob's sibling they didn't do for their other concerts. After everything was set up, Jacob's sibling played with the band and performed "Do the Hippogriff" with them. Afterwards, the band told Jacob's sibling that they had found a new bass player, Donaghan Tremlett, and gave Jacob's sibling the black quill, which turned out to be a note from R regarding the Sunken Vault. They also gave Jacob's sibling their own band outfit.[31]

Retrieving Merula's key[]
Jacob's sibling: "Work with us, Merula. We'll give you whatever we find in the next vault."
Merula Snyde: "Are you trying to trick me? I don't want to work with you, [surname]. I want a rematch. If you can beat me again, I'll give you the key…"
— Merula demanding a rematch of the duel against Jacob's sibling[src]

Rowan Khanna deciphered the notebook, and they learn about a room where Jacob researched the Cursed Vaults. The room was closed with a double lock, and no spell worked against it. Jacob's sibling and another student read that the lock was the property of Tulip Karasu and asked her for help. After testing their character, Tulip told that she had one of the keys from that lock, and Merula Snyde had the other one.[95]

Tulip and Jacob's sibling went to the courtyard to ask Merula for the key after driving away her cronies. She agreed after Jacob's sibling defeated her in a duel again, but she tells them she had already taken what she needed from there and warned them not to trust Tulip.[96]

Entering Jacob's room[]
"Look at this note! When someone first tampered with the vault, there were more Boggarts in the Library than anywhere. The vault must be there. There are thousands of shelves in the Library, where could the entrance be?"
— Jacob's sibling after discovering Jacob's note[src]

After getting the key, Tulip and Jacob's sibling went into the room and encountered a Boggart, which took the form of Voldemort. Remembering Professor Sprout had used a spell against a Boggart earlier in Herbology class, they went to the Library to find a book about it and to the Artefact Room to practise it on a Boggart there. The Boggart took the form of a purple-eyed and dishevelled Merula Snyde scolding Tulip for betraying her and Jacob's sibling transformed it to a ridiculously-dressed Merula using the spell. Subsequently, Tulip confessed that her greed and naivety had driven her to double-cross Merula, though Jacob's sibling urged her not to self-deprecate and gave her the benefit of the doubt when she swore she would never repeat the same mistake.[20]

They went back to Jacob's room and defeated the Boggart there in a similar manner. After searching, they found a note indicating the entrance to the next Cursed Vault might be in the Library because there had been more Boggarts than anywhere when someone had tampered with the vault before.[20]

Investigating a theft[]
"I not only saw the Three Broomsticks and Zonko's, I got to help Madam Rosmerta and Bilton Bilmes. […] Now I get to tell people I had an adventure with my favourite cousin and the Curse-Breaker!"
Jules Egwu at the end of her tour[src]
Jacob's sibling, Andre and Jules in Zonko's

Jacob's sibling, Andre and Jules in Zonko's with Bilton and the box of stolen pranks

On the Hogsmeade Station platform, Jacob's sibling met Jules Egwu who came to visit his cousin Andre at Hogwarts, and started a tour by going to the Three Broomsticks Inn to have Butterbeer. However, Madam Rosmerta's Butterscotch had all been stolen, rendering making Butterbeer impossible. They also heard that a whole box of pranks from Zonko's Joke Shop and Penny's mallowsweet were missing. When Andre and Jules found the box of pranks, Bilton noticed the absence of Sugar Quills, which made Jacob's sibling realise the thief was only after the sweets.[97]

Jacob's sibling, Andre and Jules at Hogsmeade station

Jacob's sibling and Andre seeing Jules and the Demiguise off at Hogsmeade Station

The students designed a trap which lured the thief out, but they couldn't see them, suggesting that they could make themself invisible. Combining these clues with the white hairs they had found at several crime scenes, Jacob's sibling, Liz and Hagrid reached the conclusion that the thief may have been a Demiguise. With help from Penny, the students set up another trap involving sweets coated with Sleeping Draught, which would make Demiguises visible. The trap was successful in enticing and revealing the thief, which turned out to indeed be a Demiguise. Jules decided to bring it home with her and Jacob's sibling saw her off in Hogsmeade.[97]

Hogwarts Trivia[]
"Whoever proves themselves to know more about Hogwarts gets bragging rights for a hundred years!"
— Jacob's sibling to Tonks and Gwenog Jones[src]

Jacob's sibling found Tonks and Gwenog Jones caught up in a debate about who knew more about Hogwarts - its former students or its current students. The issue was unable to be decided at that time, so Jacob's sibling proposed turning the issue into a trivia competition. They brought the idea to Dumbledore, who agreed to organise the competition. He also stipulated that there must be representatives of every House on each team of five. Tonks and Jacob's sibling organised their team, whilst Gwenog found difficulty in getting former students to participate. Jacob's sibling helped recruit Xenophilius Lovegood, Bilton Bilmes, Lucius Malfoy and Professor McGonagall to Gwenog's team. During the Hogwarts Trivia competition, there were breaks in between each round, in order to allow each team to study each round's theme. For the third round, both teams had to study the book Hogwarts: A History, however Dumbledore had taken all the borrowable copies out from the library, meaning both teams had to share a library-only copy. It is unknown which team won the bragging rights, however Dumbledore gave all the participants a feast as a celebration. During the feast, Tonks revealed that she and Gwenog had gotten everyone matching Hogwarts Trivia sweatshirts.[27]

The Marauder's puzzle[]
"Congratulations fellow Gryffindor! You've completed the Marauder's puzzle."
— The Marauders to Jacob's sibling and Ben Copper[src]

Ben Copper approached Jacob's sibling about a puzzle he had found hidden in the wall of the Gryffindor common room. It was a puzzle written by the Marauders, and claimed to be a trial of sorts to determine who was a true Gryffindor. Ben decided to complete this challenge, and Jacob's sibling decided to help him. Their first clue led them to Nearly-Headless Nick, who told them a tale about a student who had almost died trying to collect some bursting mushrooms. After collecting some bursting mushrooms from the Unicorn Grove, Jacob's sibling and Ben needed some Salamander blood, which they got from Ismelda Murk after helping her retrieve some Pungous Onions. They then needed to talk to Ben's Head of House, Professor McGonagall, who told them about a student who had had an accident involving wartcap powder. Penny Haywood realised that the three ingredients were the primary ingredients for the Fire Protection Potion, and after brewing the potion and pouring it onto the parchment, they were left with a final clue. This last clue directed them to place the parchment into the Gryffindor common room fireplace, upon which it revealed a message from the Marauders congratulating the students on their completion of the puzzle. Professor Dumbledore later told them all he knew about the Marauders.[98]

The Toothill Duelling Club Invitational Tournament[]
"A duelling tournament at Hogwarts. No wonder everyone's so excited!"
— Jacob's sibling to Tulip Karasu[src]

That year, the Toothill Duelling Club Invitational Tournament was taking place at Hogwarts, and Professor Flitwick was invited. Flitwick initially had no plans to compete, as his responsibilities as Head of Ravenclaw House meant he was too busy. He was eventually convinced by Jacob's sibling and several Ravenclaw students to compete, though he did so with the condition that anyone who wanted to spectate had to complete an essay on a famous duellist. Flitwick also required help getting back into form for duelling, as it had been many years since he had been in a formal duel and he was out of practice. All the students ended up doing essays on Flitwick himself, with Jacob's sibling partnering with Tulip Karasu and Andre Egwu and going so far as to interview the Grey Lady about Flitwick's time at school, where they learnt about the prejudice he had to face as a student and his history of student duelling.[99]

During Flitwick's training in the Duelling Room, Jacob's sibling was the only person able to give Flitwick enough of a challenge to help him get back into shape, though Flitwick himself admitted he was going easy on the students so as not to injure anyone. During the tournament, Flitwick got to the final round, where he faced Evelyn Starling, the author of the secret duelling book that Jacob's sibling had used to prepare for their first duel against Merula Snyde. Professor Flitwick ultimately ended up winning due to his use of an unorthodox spell, inspired by advice Jacob's sibling had given him during their practice duel. After Flitwick won the tournament, there was a celebration in the Great Hall.[99]

While Flitwick claimed that he likely wouldn't be participating in any more duelling tournaments, instead hoping to focus on being the best professor and Head of House he could be, he did praise Jacob's sibling's group's essay, claiming that it was by far the most thorough. Jacob's sibling apologised for letting their curiosity get the better of them in their desire to learn more about Flitwick, but Flitwick reassured them that he was proud of their desire to learn and understand, although he asked them to keep his history of student duelling secret, to which Jacob's sibling agreed. Jacob's sibling said they were sorry that Flitwick had had to face such prejudice during his time as a student, to which Flitwick responded that while much had changed since he was a student, ignorance still remained and that he hoped Hogwarts could become a place of love and acceptance for all. Jacob's sibling asked what Flitwick's secret was for winning the match, to which Flitwick replied that he was a Ravenclaw and thus never stopped learning even after becoming a professor.[99]

Although Flitwick denied Jacob's sibling's request to teach them the spell he used to win the tournament, as he considered it beyond the Hogwarts curriculum, he did offer to discuss it further with them once they graduated. After discussing Ravenclaw and its qualities, Flitwick gave Jacob's sibling a Ravenclaw Medal of Excellence so they would always remember how they had helped Ravenclaw House.[99]

Re-potting Gerald[]

Professor Sprout needed to attend a Herbology conference, but was worried about leaving her Fanged Geranium Gerald all alone, as it was starting to wilt. She asked Jacob's sibling and some Hufflepuff students to look after it, and they began to look into why Gerald was wilting. They asked Madam Pomfrey and Professor Kettleburn, but neither had any ideas, though Professor Kettleburn suggested they talk to Hagrid. Hagrid believed that Gerald needed re-potting, and Jacob's sibling and the Hufflepuff students helped Hagrid gather the ingredients needed. Curious about what Gerald meant to Professor Sprout, they asked the Fat Friar, but he didn't have any ideas. During their conversation, Tonks knocked over and broke the pot in which Gerald was potted, so they took the pieces to Professor McGonagall to repair. Whilst there, McGonagall revealed that she had given Gerald to Professor Sprout when they were students. Jacob's sibling surmised that Gerald was missing the friendship between the two professors, so they organised a re-potting party to encourage the plant to grow again. When Professor Sprout returned to find Gerald all better, she was pleased and awarded Jacob's sibling with the Hufflepuff Medal of Excellence[100]

Plot against Slytherin house[]

Lucius Malfoy arrived at Hogwarts and performed another inspection and brought Draco Malfoy along with him. Lucius and Draco were deciding if Hogwarts was the right school for Draco, and Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk were asked to chaperone. Only Jacob's sibling arrived though, as Merula and Ismelda were held up in the dungeons. Someone had spilt a load of potion ingredients and were blaming it on the pair of Slytherins. Jacob's sibling and Draco investigated the incident and determined that someone was attempting to cover up a failed brewing of Polyjuice Potion. As they searched for the place where the potion was stored, they came across two Barnabys in the Artefact Room. The fake Barnaby attacked the real Barnaby and ran off to meet Merula and Ismelda, but Jacob's sibling and Draco caught up with them and managed to stall long enough that the potion wore off. The student was turned in and Professor Snape gave a speech congratulating Draco and Jacob's sibling, awarding Jacob's sibling the Slytherin Medal of Excellence as a reward.[5]

Helping the sea serpent[]

When a sea serpent was brought to the Magical Creatures Reserve, Rubeus Hagrid brought Jacob's sibling and Barnaby Lee to visit it so they could help him figure out why the sea serpent kept running off to the Great Lake, as the sea serpent's size was destroying the small waterways between the Great Lake and the ocean. Jacob's sibling initially believed that the sea serpent was hungry, as Argus Filch mentioned that he wasn't able to catch any fish in the Great Lake. Jacob's sibling and Barnaby went down to the Great Lake's floor and couldn't find any fish, so fed the sea serpent back at the reserve. However it kept coming back to the lake, so Jacob's sibling and Barnaby went down again to investigate and found that the sea serpent was playing with a merkid. Being unable to communicate with the merkid, they asked Dumbledore for help since he spoke Mermish. Dumbledore was able to explain the situation to the merkid and told it to go and visit the sea serpent in the open ocean instead. When the merkid went to visit the sea serpent in the reserve, Jacob's sibling, Barnaby, Hagrid, and Dumbledore all had a picnic with the sea serpent as well.[101]

Knarl's birthday[]
"With the help of Hogwarts' most gifted, and most [handsome/beautiful] student, Knarlenbarn will be a smash!"
— Barnaby Lee to Jacob's sibling[src]
Knarl and Karl HM

Knarl (left) and Karl (right)

Barnaby needed help throwing his pet Knarl, Knarl, a birthday party, which Barnaby called a Knarlenbarn. He needed Jacob's sibling's help planning and throwing it, as the previous celebrations had all failed because Barnaby wasn't able to organise it in time. Jacob's sibling agreed to help and asked Andre Egwu and Madam Puddifoot to help with the food and decorations. When the pair discovered that Knarl was missing, they tracked him to the Forbidden Forest and found him in the company of Xenophilius Lovegood, who was convinced that Knarl was trying to communicate something to them. Xenophilius also correctly guessed that Knarl wanted his twin brother at his birthday, and promised to use his resources as editor of The Quibbler to find Knarl's long-lost brother. Meanwhile, Jacob's sibling continued to decorate the Great Hall in preparation for the party. Xenophilius revealed he had found Knarl's brother, the Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold's pet Knarl, Karl. Jacob's sibling managed to convince her to come to the party to reunite the two twin Knarls. Xenophilius wrote about the Knarlenbarn reunion for The Quibbler and Barnaby gave Jacob's sibling a Knarl-shaped pendant as thanks.[102]

Gathering of old friends[]
"For exhibiting exceptional dedication to friends old and new in times of great struggle, the following witches and wizards are cordially invited to a special gathering of the Order of the Phoenix: Remus Lupin, Scarlett Sparks, Penny Haywood, and [Jacob's sibling]"
— A letter from Dumbledore to Lupin, Scarlett, Penny and Jacob's sibling[src]
Rubeus Hagrid having said too much HM3AGOOF

Hagrid saying too much

Hagrid asked Jacob's sibling to help him collect loose Glow Bugs he had gathered as decorations for an upcoming meeting arranged by Dumbledore, however Hagrid accidentally told Jacob's sibling that all the guests were friends of James and Lily and that they were meeting in Godric's Hollow next to the Potter memorial. Dumbledore arrived and asked Hagrid to send messages to three guests who had not yet accepted invitations, Mundungus Fletcher, Remus Lupin, and Aberforth Dumbledore. Hagrid asked that Jacob's sibling be allowed to help, and Dumbledore allowed it.

Mundungus Fletcher in the Three Broomsticks Inn HM3AGOOF

Mundungus in the Three Broomsticks

They found Mundungus in the Three Broomsticks Inn, selling items to customers. He said he couldn't come since he was busy selling his goods, and would only come if all his goods were sold. Jacob's sibling helped him sell all the goods and he agreed to come. They found Aberforth in the Hog's Head Inn and asked him to come, although he said he thought he shouldn't go since he didn't think anyone wanted him there and that Albus was only asking him out of courtesy. Jacob's sibling managed to persuade him to go, saying that he would miss out on all his friends being there if he didn't go.

Aberforth eventually agreed and said he would come. When Jacob's sibling asked him if he knew were Lupin was, Aberforth said he didn't. Jacob's sibling returned to Dumbledore, however they overheard Dumbledore talking to Cecil Lee who had reports of a Werewolf in Godric's Hollow and was telling Dumbledore that he expressly couldn't hold a gathering there. Dumbledore told Cecil that he knew of the werewolf and had a plan to deal with it, which satiated Cecil and he left. Dumbledore told Jacob's sibling that the werewolf was related to an incident from Penny Haywood's past, and they would have to get her to open up to them.

Scarlett Sparks in Godric's Hollow HM

The werewolf Scarlett confronting Penny and Jacob's sibling

Jacob's sibling talked to Penny and told her that her old friend Scarlett Sparks had been attacked by a werewolf, and Penny had used a Forgetfulness Potion in order to forget it. Penny decided to assist Jacob's sibling, and the pair researched werewolves in the Library before talking to Dumbledore, who told both of them that they were going to Godric's Hollow to meet with Alastor Moody. In Godric's Hollow, the three came up with a plan to use the Full Body-Bind Curse to capture the werewolf. That night, they waited in the graveyard for the werewolf, who came up and attacked Penny. Jacob's sibling was able to cast the Full Body-Bind Curse on the werewolf before it could attack anyone else. The next morning, both Jacob's sibling and Penny were able to watch as Scarlett transformed back into human form, with Penny being particularly shocked as she thought they were hunting the werewolf that had killed Scarlett.

Dumbledore's Speech HM3AGOOF

Dumbledore addressing the Order

Penny ran away from Scarlett when she was revealed, however Jacob's sibling managed to convince her to return. Penny and Scarlett reconciled with each other, and Scarlett revealed that she was lured to Godric's Hollow by an anonymous letter that said they would give her Wolfsbane if she met them in the graveyard in the morning. In the graveyard they met with Lupin, who had been lured there by a similar letter. On a gravestone nearby was a bunch of aconite flowers which had been placed there by Dumbledore for both Scarlett and Lupin. The two decided to split the aconite between them. Hidden in the aconite bunch was a letter of invitation to the group to the gathering. They all attended the gathering, and listened to the speech that Dumbledore gave. Afterwards, Dumbledore gave Jacob's sibling a special necklace on behalf of the Order of the Phoenix as thanks for helping with the gathering. [103]

Making friends with Jules Egwu[]
"Well, congrats on officially becoming a local! Welcome, Jules."
— Jacob's sibling[src]
HM Family Feast

Jacob's sibling's friends gathered for the feast

Jules Egwu's parents were hired by the British Ministry of Magic to help with a long-term Magizoology project which required them to regularly travel to the Ministry. As they didn't want to live in London, they instead purchased a house in Godric's Hollow and moved there. This excited Andre, as, although Jules wouldn't be attending Hogwarts, they would be able to hang out more. Andre told Jacob's sibling, who was equally as excited at becoming friends with Jules, and the pair went to Godric's Hollow to meet Jules. Whilst there, Andre told Jacob's sibling and Jules about his plan to host a family feast for all the family members of their friends, whilst Jacob's sibling introduced Jules to all their friends at Hogwarts. Although Jules was eager to make friends, she wasn't very good at socialising and, in an effort to make friends, accidentally alienated herself. After talking with Jacob's sibling about her situation, she attempted to make friends again, this time being able to help the other students, ultimately helping Tonks and Jacob's sibling defeat Diego Caplan and his friends in a three-on-three duel. However, Andre's plans for a family feast fell apart, as no-one's families were able to attend on such short notice, so Jacob's sibling instead suggested they throw a friends feast with everyone sharing their family traditions. Andre agreed and the friends feast ended up being a massive success.[104]

Career day[]

Albus Dumbledore hosted a career day at Hogwarts, during which he invited various people to give lectures to the students of all years, not just fifth years, which is when Hogwarts students would normally get their career advice. Whilst listening to their teachers and peers in the Astronomy Tower, Sybill Trelawney offered to guide them through a vision of their future career, which Jacob's sibling agreed to. Guided by Trelawney, they saw a vision of their future career in a crystal ball, a small desk with paperwork on it, which made them believe they were destined for a desk job. They and Merula, who had also had a vision but didn't know what it meant, questioned the meaning of their visions whilst listening to lectures from Alastor Moody, Miriam Strout, Amos Diggory, Amelia Bones, Arthur Weasley, an Unspeakable, an Obliviator, Gwenog Jones, Garrick Ollivander, Madam Rosmerta, Evelyn Starling, Severus Snape, Cecil Lee, Callum McClintock, and Reginald Cattermole. Merula had come to the conclusion that her prediction meant she didn't have a future, however Jacob's sibling spoke to her about the unreliability of visions, pointing out that it could just as well mean that her future was her own to decide. They pointed out that their vision could mean the same thing, as nearly every career used a desk in some way or another. This cheered Merula up somewhat, and Dumbledore asked Jacob's sibling to go to his office, reminding them that they were an extraordinary individual and that their own words applied to themselves as well. He then gave Jacob's sibling three statues to remind them that the pursuit of bettering oneself did not stop at the gates of Hogwarts.[105]

Convincing Barnaby Lee[]
Barnaby Lee: "I've spent my entire life trying to get as strong as possible. Even after my dad was gone…"
Jacob's sibling: "Well, I know you're strong, and I think you're a good person. I'm glad you're helping us instead of Merula."
Barnaby convinced to help Jacob's sibling[src]

Jacob's sibling went to the Library with some friends while Tulip continued to search Jacob's room. Jacob's sibling found a note that suggested the Restricted Section and decided to meet up with Tulip, but encountered Merula along the way. Tulip suggested Jacob's sibling team up with Barnaby Lee to deal with Merula. They met with Barnaby and through their persuasion, Barnaby realised he would like to work with them more than with Merula, his current affiliation. He challenged them to a duel and drank Butterbeer with them.[106]

Encounter with a Boggart[]
"When dark forces are about, it's important teh find a bit o' light, an' yeh've helped me do jus' that. Thank yeh."
— Rubeus Hagrid to Jacob's sibling[src]
Hospital Ben HM

Ben Copper in the Hospital Wing

After helping Hagrid with de-gnoming his garden, Jacob's sibling, Barnaby Lee, Penny Haywood, and Tulip Karasu decided to go camping. Whilst preparing for the camping trip, they overheard the Hogwarts Professors being very concerned about something, but none of them would say what. Trying to learn more, Jacob's sibling and Tulip eavesdropped on Professors Snape and McGonagall. Snape was very concerned about whatever was happening, however McGonagall thought it was nothing to be worried about. Deciding to play it safe, Jacob's sibling and Tulip sought out Professor Flitwick to teach them Protego Maxima, a more powerful version of the Shield Charm that could be used to protect an area from intruders. They found Flitwick in the Duelling Room practising his duelling skills. However, he refused to teach them Protego Maxima, claiming he needed to focus on honing his own skills. When the pair protested, he told them they had had a worrying sighting from a student and that Dumbledore had asked the staff not to tell the students. When Jacob's sibling went back to Hagrid's, he let slip that Ben Copper was the student that had made the sighting and was in the Hospital Wing. Upon visiting Ben and questioning him, he told Jacob's sibling that he had seen You-Know-Who by the lake.

Boggart in Bushes HM

The Boggart in the guise of You-Know-Who

Jacob's sibling returned to their friends to tell them about Ben's sighting and they held a vote to see if they should cancel the camping trip. However, they all ended up camping down by the lakeside regardless. Whilst there, Barnaby told the group about his experience of seeing You-Know-Who whilst he was a boy, at which point Jacob's sibling heard a twig snap and looked over the bushes to see a hooded, robed, figure. They believed it to be You-Know-Who and ran, telling the others to run as well. In the confusion, the group got separated only to meet back up in the Forbidden Forest. When the group discussed what they had seen, they found that they had conflicting accounts of what had happened. Jacob's sibling had seen You-Know-Who, but Tulip had seen Merula Snyde, Penny had seen a werewolf, and Barnaby had seen a clown. Jacob's sibling realised they were dealing with a Boggart and not You-Know-Who, so the group resolved to track the Boggart down themselves and defeat it with the Boggart-Banishing Spell.

Bilton Bilmes Dementor Boggart HM

Bilton Bilmes getting scared by the Boggart

They made their way towards Hogsmeade, where they tracked the Boggart to the Festival grounds, where it was scaring Bilton Bilmes in the guise of a Dementor. When Jacob's sibling confronted it, it took the guise of You-Know-Who once again and duelled Jacob's sibling, who cast Riddikulus on it, defeating it. When they returned to Hogwarts, they told Dumbledore about what had happened. Dumbledore thanked them and gave Jacob's sibling twenty-five House points and an everlasting candle to remind them of their experience.[107]

Bonding with Talbott Winger[]
Jacob's sibling: "Does this mean what I think it does?"
Talbott Winger: "Yes, I can't talk my way out of admitting it any longer... You're my friend, [name], and I'm happy to finally have someone I can rely on and trust."
— Talbott admitting Jacob's sibling was his friend[src]

Penny Haywood told Jacob's sibling that her friend Talbott Winger had been spending time alone and missing classes, so Jacob's sibling went to check on him. He was about to tell Jacob's sibling what he had been up to when they discovered Merula Snyde had been spying on them invisibly, possibly under the Disillusionment Charm. They suspected Merula had heard the part about Talbott being an unregistered Animagus, so Jacob's sibling went to confront Merula, who didn't show an interest in reporting them but didn't promise to not do so either. They then studied Obliviate and may have used it on Merula so she didn't remember anymore.[108][109]

Talbott revealed that his necklace was missing, whose feather had been extracted from his mother's Animagus form, a white swan. Jacob's sibling helped find the necklace. They made use of their advantage of transforming into animals and eventually decided it was in Filch's office or being played with by Mrs Norris. They saw Mrs Norris with the necklace, and Jacob's sibling transformed into their Animagus form to distract her while Talbott retrieved the necklace. Talbott then admitted it was the anniversary of their parents' murder, which, together with the missing necklace, were what had been letting him down of late. Talbott befriended Jacob's sibling after this experience.[108]

Entering the Vault of Fear[]
Tulip Karasu: "There's something written here. "To open, a wizard must make the ultimate sacrifice." You have to die to open the vault?"
Jacob's sibling: "No… I think it means you have to be willing to give up magic. Jacob understood…"
Jacob's sibling's friend: "What do you mean?"
Jacob's sibling: "I thought Jacob's wand was broken when he was expelled, but what if he broke it himself… to open this vault? I've kept the broken pieces with me. Maybe if I touch them to the column…"
— Jacob's sibling realising the meaning of the message[src]

Jacob's sibling invited a friend (possibly Rowan, Bill or Tonks) along with Tulip and Barnaby to enter the Vault of Fear. They went to the Library and the friend distracted Madam Pince so they could enter the Restricted Section. Before entering, Merula and Ismelda showed up. Jacob's sibling won a duel with Merula and Barnaby stayed back to hold them off while the rest went on. They searched the Restricted Section and found a way to enter the Vault. Barnaby rejoined the team and they went in.[110]


Jacob's sibling and their friends in the Vault of Fear

The Vault became covered in mist and they found three Boggarts, all taking the form of Voldemort and kidnapping one of Jacob's sibling's friends. Jacob's sibling used Riddikulus to defeat them all, before a mysterious voice said it was too late and made their friends vanish. Jacob's sibling faced another Boggart Voldemort and won a duel. The mist cleared up and Jacob's sibling used Jacob's broken wand as an "ultimate sacrifice" to open the centre column of the Vault, inside which were a map of the Forbidden Forest and an arrow. They took them and left the Vault.[110]

Jacob's sibling and their friends went to Three Broomsticks to drink Butterbeer and celebrate their success. Professor Dumbledore visited and called Jacob's sibling back to his office. He listened to Jacob's sibling's vault-breaking story and explained that during his absence, he went to invite a professional Curse-Breaker to Hogwarts. He later awarded Jacob's sibling one hundred points.[111]

Fourth year[]

In their fourth year, Jacob's sibling played Keeper after the original Keeper graduated.[9]

Meeting Patricia Rakepick[]

At the start of 1987–1988 school year, Professor Dumbledore introduced Madam Patricia Rakepick, a Curse-Breaker invited to the school, at the Start-of-Term Feast.[112]

A sleepwalking epidemic spread throughout the school due to the opening of a third, unknown Cursed Vault, with victims apparently heading to the Forbidden Forest. One of the first victims was Tulip Karasu, who was sent to the Hospital Wing. She and Jacob's sibling talked about the incident and concluded that the third vault was likely located in the forest.[112] Jacob's sibling attracted the attention of Madam Rakepick,[112] and she taught them the Shield Charm in a private lesson on the Training Grounds.[113]

Learning the Patronus Charm[]

Jacob's sibling met with Ben Copper in the Artefact Room. They found a black quill and untransfigured it to reveal another note from R saying something would be unleashed. Penny Haywood was later found in the Hospital Wing, having been attacked by a mysterious creature. Jacob's sibling and Tonks searched the Training Grounds, where Jacob's sibling was faced with a Dementor. Tonks arrived in time and cast the Patronus Charm to drive the Dementor away.[114][115]

Jacob's sibling asked Tonks to teach them the Patronus Charm, and Tonks brought them to Hogsmeade to play a prank to enlighten their mood. However, they found another note from R there, saying the Dementors were unleashed but nothing more. While preparing for the study, Merula Snyde joined them. Although their first attempts were unsuccessful, they learned more from Professor McGonagall. They found the Dementor again on the Training Grounds, and Jacob's sibling successfully conjured a corporeal Patronus which chased the Dementor out of the school. Afterwards, Merula discovered another note from R saying congratulations.[114]

Learning about Rakepick[]

Jacob's sibling decided to investigate Rakepick and asked the professors their opinions about her, which were mostly negative. Rakepick found out about that and invited Jacob's sibling to a private conversation, in which she told them to stop doing so, while continuing with her plan of using their assistance.[116]

Searching for the Mirror of Erised[]
"This is the power of the mirror, people can waste away obsessing over what it reflects."
— Dumbledore talking to Jacob's sibling[src]

At the breakfast feast, Jacob's sibling, Penny, and Tonks overheard Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore talking about the loss of an important artefact and how they were organising a search to find it. Merula and Ismelda also overheard the teachers, and decided to find the artefact for themselves. Jacob's sibling learnt this and decided to try to find the artefact before Merula so that they could help Dumbledore. Joined by Tulip, the two groups believed that they were searching for the Mirror of Erised because of something Filch said. Whilst researching the mirror in the library, Madame Pince let slip that the mirror had been stored in the Room of Requirement, so Jacob's sibling enlisted the help of Barnaby and Talbott to help them search the corridors outside the Room of Requirement, however all they found were books on Herbology, a Niffler, and a Puffapod sprig. Jacob's sibling then decided to search the Herbology Classroom, thinking that Professor Sprout might know something. While in the greenhouse, they discovered the Mirror of Erised covered at the back of the classroom. Before they could alert Dumbledore, Professor Sprout found the pair of them and questioned them, however when they told her about Dumbledore's concerns she decided to talk to Dumbledore along with the two students.

Professor Sprout approaching Penny and Jacob's sibling HM

Professor Sprout confronting Jacob's sibling and Penny

Whilst talking to Dumbledore, Professor Sprout revealed she had used the mirror for a noble intention, searching for a way to save a sprig from a plant which had sentimental value, and hadn't intended to cause trouble. Dumbledore thanked her and went to the greenhouse, only to find it missing again. Searching the classroom, Jacob's sibling found Dennis, Tulip's pet toad, in the classroom and went to go confront her where she revealed she had looked into the mirror and the vision it had given her had caused her to have an existential crisis, though she agreed to help Jacob's sibling find it. They discovered it had been taken by Talbott to the Owlery, and when confronted he revealed he had looked into the mirror and seen a vision of his parents alive. Before Jacob's sibling could take the mirror back, Merula confronted them and took the mirror to the Defence against the Dark Arts Classroom, telling them to meet her after nightfall.

Dumbledore speaking to Jacob's sibling about Mirror of Erised HM

Dumbledore offering Jacob's sibling a chance to look into the mirror

Jacob's sibling went to meet them and tried to convince Merula, Ismelda, and Barnaby to not look into the mirror, however they didn't listen and were all equally surprised by what they saw, with all three storming off after seeing their vision. Jacob's sibling decided to check on the three before returning the mirror. Barnaby had seen a vision of himself as the Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, but knew the mirror didn't predict the future so was disheartened. Merula and Ismelda were in the Three Broomsticks Inn drinking Butterbeer, with Ismelda being really happy about her vision and Merula really sad. Several of the students wanted to keep the mirror and several wanted to return it to Dumbledore, so Jacob's sibling asked Hagrid for advice. Hagrid's advice was to talk to Professor Dumbledore, who told Jacob's sibling that they had one more chance to return it before he intervened. Jacob's sibling managed convince their friends to return the mirror to Dumbledore, at which point he gave Jacob's sibling the option of looking into the mirror themselves before he hid it again. It is unknown if Jacob's sibling chose to look into the mirror before it was returned to its eventual hiding place. As thanks for helping find the mirror, Dumbledore gave Jacob's sibling a smaller copy of the Mirror of Erised that wasn't magically enchanted.[117]

Learning about the Forbidden Forest[]

Jacob's sibling asked Professor Kettleburn what was the best way to go to the Forbidden Forest, and he agreed to answer that question if they studied enough about Bowtruckles. At some point, they received a forged letter supposedly signed by Kettleburn, which was actually a bait to lure them to the Courtyard, where a cloaked figure attacked them with the Full Body-Bind Curse and told them to stay away from the Cursed Vaults, the Forbidden Forest and Rakepick, further adding that "death is coming to Hogwarts" and might come to them as well if they disobeyed. The figure told that someone would eventually remove the curse, but it is unknown who did so.[118]

Skeleton attack on Hogsmeade[]

Around Hallowe'en that year, Jacob's sibling noticed Ismelda Murk putting up flyers advertising the Society for the Appreciation of Pumpkin Johnny, a society she had founded in order to try and control Pumpkin Johnny. Jacob's sibling joined the society for unknown reasons, and attended the first meeting in the Great Hall alongside Tonks and Ben. After Tonks annoyed Ismelda by calling the society a "fan club", Ismelda stormed off. Tonks and Jacob's sibling eventually found her in the Boathouse in a state of shock. She revealed that she had summoned Pumpkin Johnny and had a terrible nightmare where she was in Godric's Hollow's graveyard and Pumpkin Johnny attacked her. She then went to Godric's Hollow where she was attacked by Pumpkin Johnny's skeleton. Jacob's sibling went to Godric's Hollow's graveyard to investigate where they were attacked by a skeleton wearing a pumpkin over its head. Upon returning to Hogwarts, Jacob's sibling and Tonks concluded that it was just a charmed skeleton, enchanted with either the Animation Charm or necromancy.

The pair returned to Godric's Hollow to defeat the skeleton, but fled again when they realised that more than one skeleton had been charmed. They returned to question Ismelda, who revealed that she had cast the Animation Charm which caused the skeletons to move, but she had done it badly and therefore animated many more skeletons that she intended. Jacob's sibling, Ismelda, Ben, and Tonks all came up with a plan and Jacob's sibling and Ismelda headed to Hogsmeade to see if the skeletons had followed them, where they discovered that the streets had been overrun by charmed skeletons. They took cover in Maestro's Music Shop, but Ismelda knocked over one of the displays and caused a racket, alerting the skeletons to their location. The pair began to defend themselves with the Tickling Charm until the large mob of skeletons was led away by a figure that looked like Pumpkin Johnny. The skeletons were lead to the Forbidden Forest and rendered docile, allowing the students to destroy them without much risk to themselves. Jacob's sibling and Ismelda returned to Hogwarts in time for the Hallowe'en feast, where they told their story to their friends, although no-one believed them.[29]

The Hogsmeade Festival[]
"She's the person responsible, I know it. I hope you show her no mercy."
— Ismelda to Jacob's sibling[src]
Annalena Gleam with Ben Copper, Andre Egwu, Penny Haywood and Jacob's sibling in Hogsmeade HM

Annalena Gleam talking to Jacob's sibling and their friends.

Bilton Bilmes organised a festival in order to attract commerce to Hogsmeade and specifically his shop. The shopkeepers of Hogsmeade all set up stores at the festival grounds, however before the festival could get started it was destroyed by someone unknown. The suspicion was placed on Bilton, since his booth was the only one left intact, however Jacob's sibling investigated and believed he couldn't have done it. Some more investigating led Jacob's sibling to Ismelda Murk, who told them that they had seen a woman called Annalena Gleam destroy the festival and was masquerading as a British Ministry of Magic official. When Jacob's sibling confronted Annalena, she showed her Ministry of Magic Identity Card, which also showed that Annalena's maiden name was Murk. Annalena admitted that she was the older sister of Ismelda, and claimed that Ismelda had sabotaged the festival. When Jacob's sibling confronted Ismelda, she ran off and hid in a barrel in the Hog's Head Inn.

When Jacob's sibling confronted her again, this time with Annalena, the two had an argument and Annalena stormed off to Hogsmeade Station, planning on getting the Hogwarts Express back to London. Jacob's sibling managed to convince Ismelda to apologise and with Barnaby Lee's help released a Matagot onto the platform to delay the train from leaving. She managed to convince Annalena to talk to Ismelda, and the two sisters met in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. After some initial hostilities, the two managed to make up slightly, and Annalena returned to London while Jacob's sibling and Ismelda returned to the Hogsmeade Festival. During the festival, Jacob's sibling went to Rosmerta's stand, where she presented them with a Miniature fireworks display from the shopkeepers of Hogsmeade as thanks for saving the festival.[119]

Trained by Rakepick[]

Kettleburn, after satisfied with Jacob's sibling's study on Bowtruckles, answered their question. He said that by using a broom they could get to the forest mostly undetected. Meanwhile, Rakepick repeatedly invited Jacob's sibling, their friends, as well as their enemies Merula and Ismelda, to meet at the Training Grounds for a little competition to elect an assistant to her. They learned the Blasting Curse and duelled one another.[120]

Attending the Celestial Ball[]

The Celestial Ball

Dumbledore announced in the Great Hall that a Celestial Ball would soon take place. Jacob's sibling helped Penny become the leader of the decorating committee and made decorations with friends. They convinced a couple of their friends, who had refused to go to the ball, to join them, while Andre Egwu helped design suits for them. He also designed three outfits for Jacob's sibling, who chose one from them shortly before the ball. They attended the ball with a date and had fun.[121]

Zonko's grand reopening[]

Tulip and Tonks were down because Bilton Bilmes had announced he was closing following a nasty review of Hogsmeade, in particular Zonko's Joke Shop, by Rita Skeeter. Jacob's sibling went with them to try to convince Bilton to re-open Zonko's, and helped Bilton to recover his mood when they found out that Bilton was only down due to a series of untimely coincidences. They helped organise the grand reopening of Zonko's when Bilton recovered his mood, and worked with Professor McGonagall to allow students an hour of Zonko's product use in the hall in celebration.[122]

Searching for the Forest Vault[]

They then proceeded to try to get a broom, first by asking Madam Hooch to borrow one, which she refused due to the Black Lake incident and not trusting them, and later by attempting to steal one from Filch's office, where all brooms they found were broken. They incidentally found, however, another message transfigured into a black quill, which was a threat from R to Rakepick telling her to leave Hogwarts. As a last resort, they asked another student to borrow their broom; the student was reluctant at first, but Jacob's sibling managed to convince them to borrow the broom by talking to them at Three Broomsticks.[123]

Jacob's sibling later went to the Forbidden Forest by broomstick together with Charlie Weasley and another friend. They landed at a grove, which had been pinpointed as the ideal entry point by them, but found no sign of a Cursed Vault. They returned to the castle, and Jacob's sibling searched for a missing drawing of their brother Jacob in his room, which turned out to be a closer examination of the grove. It revealed a structure behind the grove as a Centaur Camp.[124]

Jacob's sibling and another friend went to the grove once more, where they met and duelled Torvus, who told them afterwards that Jacob had stolen one of his arrows that had belonged to his father. Jacob's sibling showed him the arrow they had found in the Vault of Fear, but its arrowhead was missing. Torvus said that his father had told him about the Forest Vault and wanted to help Jacob when he had tried to enter the Vault. Jacob had wanted to use Torvus' arrow to open its door and break the curse, but Torvus had refused, as it had been his family's heirloom, so Jacob had stolen it from the Camp, which had led to Torvus' exile. Jacob's sibling offered to find the arrowhead, and Torvus in exchange would read the planets to look into the future.[124]

Jacob's sibling later met with Charlie in the Three Broomsticks Inn and found out that he knew Torvus too. They went back to Jacob's room to research the arrowhead, and found a drawing which depicted the arrowhead as having been carved from a single giant gemstone. Below it was a note that suggested Jacob had buried it to hide it from "both of them".[125]

Hogwarts's anniversary[]

The portrait of Godric Gryffindor accidentally let slip to Dumbledore that Hogwarts was nearing its anniversary, so Dumbledore decided to use this as an opportunity for the students to learn and paired some students up with mentors they could learn from. Jacob's sibling's first mentor was Rubeus Hagrid, whom they helped to give Fang a bath and care for three magical creatures. Hagrid rewarded Jacob's sibling with some tea and reminded them to sit down and rest once in a while. Jacob's sibling's next mentor was Minerva McGonagall, who asked them to help clean up after one of her transfiguration classes and help prepare her next one by collecting some mice from the Artefact Room. Afterwards, she reminded Jacob's sibling of the importance of teamwork. Jacob's sibling's next mentor was Rosmerta, and, after Jacob's sibling acquired some discounted mallowsweet for her, she reminded them of the importance of listening to one's surroundings. Jacob's sibling's last mentor was Argus Filch, who had them and Tulip Karasu clean the Great Hall in preparation for a special feast. After cleaning the hall and showing Mrs Norris some affection, he let the pair go early so they could decorate the Great Hall. After helping cheer up the Hogwarts ghosts and talking to Dumbledore again, Jacob's sibling attended the Hogwarts anniversary feast, where they were congratulated by all their mentors. Afterwards, Hagrid gave Jacob's sibling a picture of their mentors as thanks.[126]

Going on a date[]

Jacob's sibling was caught writing a note to somebody they had a crush on during Potions class. Several friends of them helped them find some hiding spots from the rumours about them, and Bill Weasley told them some dating advices. Tonks and Charlie helped them select a date location, and Andre Egwu designed their outfit. They asked their date out in the Library and they agreed.[127][128]

Andre met with Jacob's sibling in the Transfiguration Classroom and gave them a makeover. They invited their date to a location in Hogsmeade, but couldn't think of much to talk about. Tonks and Charlie came to sit a few feet away, and Tonks later made some mess around them, so the owner closed the place and the date ended in a failure. They talked to Hagrid about it, who suggested them meet with their date again. They talked with each other to eliminate worries and stargazed together in the Courtyard.[127]

Searching for the arrowhead[]

Jacob's sibling decided to borrow Madam Rakepick's Niffler, Sickleworth, to help them dig for the head of Torvus' arrow.[129] Rakepick later came searching too, but it turned out she only wanted a key back. They failed to find it inside Hogwarts Castle.[130]

Becoming a prefect[]

Jacob's sibling was approached by their Head of House, who informed them that Dumbledore was considering making them a prefect. However, it was not guaranteed, so they advised Jacob's sibling to show the qualities needed to become a prefect, if they wished to become one. Throughout the next few weeks at school, Jacob's sibling concentrated on their studies, demonstrated a willingness to enforce the rules, and spoke to various people about what being a prefect meant. Dumbledore was suitably impressed with their dedication and decided to make Jacob's sibling a prefect, letting Jacob's sibling know when he called them up to his office.[131]

Party at The Burrow[]
"It seems half of Hogwarts is here!"
— Jacob's sibling commenting on the turnout[src]
Burrow Party HM

The Weird Sisters playing a concert at The Burrow

Arthur and Molly Weasley were called away from the house on business, so Charlie decided to throw a party whilst they were gone and enlisted the help of Jacob's sibling, much to the chagrin of Percy Weasley, who believed there shouldn't be a party at all. Jacob's sibling organised the sweets from Honeydukes and, along with Andre Egwu, decided on a theme for the party. Penny Haywood was in charge of the guest list, but word got out about the party and a lot more guests were invited than Charlie had initially planned. Jacob's sibling went to enlist the help of Myron Wagtail and the rest of the Weird Sisters and, after helping Myron get through a creative slump, they agreed. Jacob's sibling and Charlie then went to the Three Broomsticks Inn to ask Rosmerta for drinks, with her offering them a choice of Butterbeer, Gillywater, or pumpkin juice.[132]

During the preparations for the party, the supply of sweets was raided by some gnomes, so Jacob's sibling and Charlie had to de-gnome the garden to try to rescue as many sweets as possible. Everyone enjoyed the party, except for Percy, who was getting really anxious about his parents coming home. Jacob's sibling got some of his friends to calm Percy down. However, one of Tulip Karasu's Dungbombs accidentally went off and caused the house to be filled with its stench, putting an end to the party. Whilst trying to clean up, Bill noticed that the Weasley Clock had gotten damaged. Jacob's sibling attempted to fix it but was unsuccessful, so they took it to Albus Dumbledore, who managed to fix it. Jacob's sibling then helped clean The Burrow until Arthur and Molly returned and confronted the children. When they returned to Hogwarts, Charlie gave Jacob's sibling a miniature version of the Weasley Clock as thanks.[132]

Encountering a Red Cap[]

Continuing their search for the arrowhead, Jacob's sibling went to the Forest Grove with Charlie and another student. Sickleworth ran inside a hole and they followed his trace there, where they met a Red Cap and were driven out of the hole. They went back to Hogwarts Castle, met Tonks and learned about Red Caps together.[133]

Joining the Slug Club[]
"It seems you've made quite an impression on Horace. And he's an excitable man who is not easily deterred"
— Professor Snape talking to Jacob's sibling[src]

Gwenog Jones and the Holyhead Harpies came to give an exhibition at Hogwarts. Andre Egwu invited Jacob's sibling to sit with them in the VIP section, during which they noticed that there was a reserved seat for Horace Slughorn that was empty. Upon questioning Gwenog about it, she said she always tried to send him tickets but he never showed up, and she was worried for his safety. Jacob's sibling and Andre promised to help find him. They first asked Lucius Malfoy, who misdirected them by telling the students that Slughorn frequented a restaurant called "The Laughing Burro", then they asked Ambrosius Flume who said that he had been sending his shipments of Crystallised Pineapple to Bathilda Bagshot's home in Godric's Hollow. When Jacob's sibling went there, they found Slughorn, who promptly questioned Jacob's sibling using his hourglass. Impressed with Jacob's sibling, Slughorn organised a gathering of the Slug Club at the Three Broomsticks Inn in their honour. Jacob's sibling helped with the preparation, convincing Lucius and Severus Snape to attend, whilst Andre designed clothing for them. After the dinner was over, Slughorn gave Jacob's sibling a pendant with a miniature version of his hourglass on it and invited both Andre and Jacob's sibling into the Slug Club, and whilst Andre accepted, it is unknown if Jacob's sibling did.[134]

Brewing the Beautification Potion[]

Jacob's sibling and Penny gathered ingredients and brewed some Beautification Potion together. Before they could fly into the Forbidden Forest, however, Professor Snape discovered them, broke their broom and told them to expect further letters.[135]

The prank war[]
"What if, instead, Tulip and I team up to teach you how to be the best prankster?"
— Tonks to Jacob's sibling[src]
Rita Skeeter Jumbo Dungbomb

Rita Skeeter getting the Jumbo Dungbomb dropped on her

Tonks and Tulip had a debate about who was a better prankster, so they asked Jacob's sibling to referee a prank war between them, however Rita Skeeter forced Jacob's sibling to conduct an interview with her, and subsequently Tonks and Tulip decided to direct their prank war towards Rita instead. Together the three of them put Hiccough Sweets in Rita's tea, stole her Quick-Quotes Quill, coerced Peeves into haunting her, attacked her with a squadron of Fanged Frisbees, and finally dropped a Jumbo Dungbomb on her with Filch's help that caused her to flee. Afterwards, Jacob's sibling, Tonks, and Tulip met up in Zonko's to celebrate, and Bilton Bilmes congratulated them by giving them a jester cap and Zonko's only Jumbo Dungbomb for them to use for their duelling.[136]

Spying on Rakepick[]

Jacob's sibling later went to see Snape, and Snape told them he had only acted to look as if they had been at odds, and that Madam Rakepick had been watching them ever since she had arrived. He asked them to help him uncover her true motivations at Hogwarts, by fetching potion ingredients from strange places and watching if Rakepick would also be there.[137]

Jacob's sibling went to the Great Hall and saw Rakepick talking to Filch about the key she just found. Filch told Rakepick he had received the key as a part of a mysterious package along with three Black Quills. They then went to the Three Broomsticks Inn, and saw Rakepick talking to Rosmerta about the notebook Jacob had left here and asking whether Jacob had also left a map of Hogwarts, which had been in Filch's office but was no longer there. They then went to the Hospital Wing, and saw Rakepick discussing the sleepwalking epidemic with Madam Pomfrey. Rakepick spotted them and revealed she knew they were spying for Snape.[137]

Jacob's sibling returned to meet Snape, and Snape told them he believed Rakepick had a student as a co-conspirator. He expected Rakepick to know about his intentions, and said that Rakepick would be waiting for his response. He gave Jacob's sibling a bottle of Garrotting Gas because he believed Rakepick might try to kill them.[137]

Preparing for the Forest Vault[]

Jacob's sibling, Charlie and a friend returned to the Red Cap's Hole with their Beautification Potion and used it on the Red Cap. He was alarmed by his slightly more handsome look and climbed away, allowing Sickleworth to find the arrowhead. They then went to the Forest Grove, and Jacob's sibling cast the Levitation Charm on themselves to see higher, and found Torvus. They repaired his arrow and gave it back, but Torvus said he needed them to bring Hagrid to him.[138]

At this time, a lot of magical creatures were at large around the castle, and Jacob's sibling helped Hagrid, Professor Kettleburn and Amos Diggory recapture them.[139]

Jacob's sibling and their friends did some preparation for the Forest Vault, during which Jacob's sibling learned Arania Exumai from Madam Rakepick.[140] They then went to invite Hagrid on their trip, but his hut was unfortunately filled with Bundimuns.[141]

Jacob's sibling went to the courtyard to finalise their plan with their friends, but Charlie and Rowan were hit with a Full Body-Bind Curse, leaving Jacob's sibling to duel with the reappeared R's messenger. Then Madam Rakepick appeared and defeated the messenger. They lifted the messenger's disguise, only to find that it was Ben Copper, who didn't seem to remember what had happened.[141]

Jacob's sibling later returned to Hagrid's Hut, told Hagrid what had happened and helped him clear the Bundimuns with the Scouring Charm, after which Hagrid agreed to go into the Forest with them.[141]

Entering the Forest Vault[]

Jacob's sibling, Charlie, Hagrid and a friend (possibly Penny, Bill or Rowan) entered the Forbidden Forest and met with Torvus. They entered the Spider's Lair and encountered an Acromantula immediately. Hagrid requested to take a look around, which the Acromantula agreed, but then he trapped Charlie, Hagrid and Torvus in webs. Their friend temporarily took care of the Acromantula while Jacob's sibling managed to save them using the Severing Charm. However, the Acromantula then recovered and duelled Jacob's sibling. In the end, Jacob's sibling used Arania Exumai on the Acromantula and won.[142]

Forest Vault - Hogwarts Mystery

Jacob's sibling and their friends entering the Forest Vault

They found the door to the Forest Vault and entered. Jacob's sibling touched the centre column, but nothing happened, suggesting they should once again use their brother Jacob's wand. They then heard Jacob's voice again, telling them only the final Cursed Vault was real, he was trapped in the next Vault, and they shouldn't let "them" get their first. They used Torvus' arrow on the column and it opened, revealing a portrait of a dragon and a sweater.[142]

On their way out of the Forest, Jacob's sibling and their friends met Dumbledore and Filch. Dumbledore told Jacob's sibling they continued to exhibit little respect for Hogwarts's rules and himself, and gave them detention in the kitchens under Pitts next year. They then went to the Three Broomsticks Inn to celebrate.[142]

Jacob's sibling got called into Dumbledore's office, but instead saw Madam Rakepick arrive via Floo Powder, who congratulated them and said that she would guide them into their fifth year and change the rules to make their search for the Vaults easier, before revealing that she would be the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor next year.[142]

Restoring order in the Forbidden Forest[]
"There has been a great disturbance in the Forbidden Forest, and now everything is out of balance."
— Torvus to Jacob's sibling, Charlie, and Hagrid[src]
Forbidden Forest Troll

The troll holding some bubotubers

Following the closing of the Forest Vault, Torvus demanded that Rubeus Hagrid bring Jacob's sibling to see them. When they were told this, Jacob's sibling travelled to see Torvus alongside Charles Weasley, bringing a batch of Hagrid's rock cakes as an offering. Torvus revealed that, because of the way Jacob's sibling had dealt with the Forest Vault Acromantula, the entire ecosystem of the Forbidden Forest was now out of balance. Torvus threatened to banish Jacob's sibling from the Forbidden Forest altogether unless they helped, which Jacob's sibling agreed to do. Their first task was to deal with the forest troll that was preventing the Forbidden Forest centaur colony from collecting any water. Jacob's sibling and Charlie realised that something was preventing the troll from eating the bubotubers it usually ate, so they went to the grove to see what was wrong with the bubotubers. They found the bubotubers were all trampled by the sleepwalkers attracted by the curse of the Forest Vault. With Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick's help, Jacob's sibling, Charlie, and Liz Tuttle managed to grow enough bubotubers to feed the troll and give access to the lake back to the centaurs.

Torvus then let them search for the missing Acromantula, bringing them to the Forbidden Forest Acromantula colony alongside Hagrid so the Acromantulas could tell them where they thought their missing member was. Charlie and Jacob's sibling split off to search, with Jacob's sibling bringing Barnaby Lee along to help. Together they found a Red Cap that was attacking some fairies. Jacob's sibling, Barnaby, and Andre Egwu made a shiny necklace for the Red Cap, which distracted it long enough for the fairies to escape. They noticed that the Red Cap looked scared, and concluded that the missing Acromantula might be in the Red Cap's hole. They searched in there and found Charlie tied up by the missing Acromantula. After a brief fight, the Acromantula let the two go and promised to return to its colony. When Jacob's sibling and Charlie went back to the colony to see how things were going, the colony attacked them and the pair had to be rescued by Hagrid. As thanks for restoring order in the forest, Torvus gave Jacob's sibling a Carved Flitterby, claiming that it would remind them that even small actions could have great consequences.[143]

Fifth year[]

Jacob's sibling got O.W.L.s in Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic and Care of Magical Creatures.[144] They most likely also got O.W.L.s in Divination and Astronomy, two subjects which they continued to take in their sixth year.[145]

An unusual start[]

At the start of the 1988–1989 school year, their fifth year, Jacob's sibling met Penny's younger sister Beatrice, who gave them a hand-made Puffskein. They later went to the Library and did some studying with Bill, Charlie and Percy Weasley.[146]

At night, Jacob's sibling and Bill were called by Professor Rakepick to the Training Grounds, and found out that they, along with Merula had been chosen as Rakepick's apprentice Curse-Breakers in their pursuit of the fourth Cursed Vault. She taught them how to cast the Incarcerous Spell and had Jacob's sibling demonstrate it on Merula much to her chagrin.[146]

Jacob's sibling then went to meet Ben Copper in the Courtyard where they discussed Ben's attack in the last year. Before they could finish their conversation, both were confronted and attacked by another figure in a red cloak. The figure subdued both with a Full Body-Bind Curse before repeating their previous warning that death was coming to Hogwarts and telling them that they needed them alive and that before the school term ended, one of their friends would die.[146]

Helping Tulip[]

Jacob's sibling found Tulip Karasu trying to break into the Headmaster's office, as she was worried that the Sorting Hat had put her in the wrong House. Jacob's sibling tried to help her by speaking to Albus Dumbledore about Tulip's worries and talking to the Sorting Hat with her. Although the Sorting Hat insisted that it hadn't made a mistake, Tulip still felt like she had been put in the wrong House. Jacob's sibling agreed to help her break into the other Houses' common rooms in order to see if they were a better fit for her. After breaking into the Slytherin common room, Hufflepuff common room, and Gryffindor common room and talking to various students inside, as well as Jacob's sibling reminding them of all her Ravenclaw qualities, Tulip decided she needed to find a "moment" that could make her a Ravenclaw. Jacob's sibling and Tulip then went through a series of challenges set by others to determine if they possessed particular House qualities. Barnaby Lee made them play an unfair game of dodgeball, Rubeus Hagrid made them round up Crup puppies without harming some Leaping Toadstools, and Nearly-Headless Nick made them evade a graphorn. Each time Tulip was told she possessed qualities of each House. Disheartened, she went to Ravenclaw Tower to study, with the Grey Lady providing her material from her personal archive. After talking with Tulip and Dumbledore again, the pair went back to see the Sorting Hat again and asked it how it knew the right Houses in which to put students. The Sorting Hat revealed that it never actually chose a House for students, rather it knew through Legilimency which House the student would be best in and announced that to the hall. After taking some time to process this, Tulip talked to Jacob's sibling again and confessed her fears about her parents and their House. She gave Jacob's sibling a Colour changing coat she had made to remind them of the qualities of all the Houses.[147]

Finding Beatrice Haywood[]

Jacob's sibling was later invited to the Three Broomsticks Inn by Merula along with Bill. The three talked about how they should start co-operating. Soon, Penny came to inform that Beatrice was missing. The four decided to split into pairs. Jacob's sibling and one of the three searched the Red Cap's Hole (where they found a rat which appeared to be Scabbers) and Spider's Lair (where they fighted the Acromantula again), but could not find Beatrice.[148]

Jacob's sibling returned to meet the rest in the Potions Classroom, where Penny was brewing a supposedly original potion which would temporarily gain her the power of Legilimency to look into her sister's mind. They helped her with the potion, but it didn't work.[148]

Merula discovered Beatrice stuck in a portrait beside the Grand Staircase and returned to alert the rest. They went there and met Rakepick, who said that the only way to free her was to find the next Cursed Vault and break its curse, and that Beatrice might soon lose her connection to reality. Filch came later and called Jacob's sibling to start their detention.[148]

Researching the portrait curse[]

Jacob's sibling went to the kitchens and started serving detention under Pitts's instructions. They met Jae Kim who was too serving detention for bringing contraband to Hogwarts and selling them. He offered Jacob's sibling an opportunity to receive Fizzing Whizzbees, a Probity Probe or a Revealer for free, among which Jacob's sibling chose one.[149]

They then met with their friends (including Jae) in the Library and studied ways for getting Beatrice out of the portrait. They guessed it might have been an Extension Charm that trapped Beatrice in, and studied it with Professor Flitwick, who had a similar thought, but believed it could've been something more ancient and sinister. He then suggested Jacob's sibling talk to Nearly Headless Nick, who might know the origin of this curse.[149]

Jacob's sibling and Sir Nicholas talked to the other portraits beside the Grand Staircase, and found out that Beatrice had approached the protraits after having heard strange sounds like crackling and the flapping of wings, had touched one and had been pulled inside immediately. The portrait of Merlin also said there had been a faceless interloper who had tampered with the portraits. Sir Nicholas suggested Jacob's sibling talk to the resident portrait painter, Badeea Ali.[149]

Sir Cadogan's knightly trials[]

While the portrait curse hadn't been broken, Sir Cadogan gave Jacob's sibling a series of knightly trials to help them do so and also prepare for future perils. The first trial took place on the "Land of Magical Creatures", which was really the paddock where they had Care of Magical Creatures classes, and involved cleaning up the mess left by creatures such as a Fire Crab, a Bowtruckle and a Unicorn. When they finished, Cadogan instructed them to look for a scroll in the Library. They got it from Madam Pince, who also advised them to go to the Charms Classroom, where they would later help Professor Flitwick move heavy items. Professor Snape also came along and asked Jacob's sibling to collect some Knotgrass for him. They did this with Andre, who made them realise the trials were essentially a professor's to-do list. They discussed this with Hagrid, who suggested they demand an answer from Cadogan.[11]

Sir Cadogan's Scroll

Sir Cadogan's scroll on a table

Soon, Jacob's sibling gathered a few of their friends and learned from Cadogan there would be three more trials. They "dined in abundance" in the kitchens and challenged Ben to a duel. The final trial turned out to be a rematch with the Ice Knight, who Professor Rakepick had reanimated, so Jacob's sibling found Bill and practised the Fire-Making Spell just like they did in their second year. They arrived outside the Vault of Ice once more with Bill and the Ice Knight showed up, beginning their fight. When they were finished, Jacob's sibling returned to meet Cadogan and reviewed their deeds, before Cadogan deemed them worthy of knighthood and rewarded them a suit of knightly armour.[11]

The Tournament of Clubs[]
"I wonder if a recreation of this historic contest between the three clubs may be the perfect way to liven things up"
— Jacob's sibling[src]

Barnaby Lee found Olin Oakwood's journal at the bottom of the lagoon in the Sphinx Clubhouse and showed it to Jacob's sibling. Inside they found it contained details of a contest between the three founders of the Sphinx, Dragon, and Hippogriff Clubs, which they called the Tournament of Clubs, but which had initially been a challenge between friends called the Trials of Iron, Oak, and Flame. The pair decided to try to recreate this tournament and all the other clubs decided to join as well. As Jacob's sibling was a member of all three clubs, they needed to decide which club to join. When they went to the Sphinx Clubhouse to decide, they found Olin the Cheat, a book written by the Sphinx Club founder, Skylar Flame. It called Olin Oakwood, the founder of the Hippogriff Club, a liar and a cheat. When Jacob's sibling went to the Dragon Clubhouse to see if they should represent the Dragon Club, they found a Photo of Olin Oakwood and Margaretta Ironbark which seemed to show them as great friends, despite Olin's journal telling them otherwise.[150]

Olin Oakwood and Margaretta Ironbark HM

The photo of Olin Oakwood (left) and Margaretta Ironbark (right)

They continued with the tournament, with Barnaby acting as referee. It is unknown what club Jacob's sibling represented, but they represented their club in all four of the tournament stages. The first round was a Gobstones tournament, which the Sphinx Club won. The second round was a paired duel, which the Dragon Club won. For the third round, they had to catch some Fire Crabs, but no-one won that round, as Penny Haywood got disqualified for helping another team. The fourth and final round was a mid-air duel on Broomsticks, but this was cut short when Ismelda Murk knocked Jae Kim off of his broomstick and he fell unconscious. Professor McGonagall brought Jae to the Hospital Wing to recover. After speaking to Professor McGonagall and finding out the hospital wing was out of Wideye Potion, Jacob's sibling asked the three clubs to help brew some more so Jae could recover. They managed to successfully brew a strong batch of Wideye Potion, which woke Jae up. Professor McGonagall gave a speech to the three clubs and explained what happened at the original trials of Oak, Iron, and Flame, and how the teachers took measures to prevent it happening again, like throwing Olin's journal into the lagoon. Lastly, she gave Jacob's sibling the photo of Olin and Margaretta Ironbark to remind them of what they had learnt.[150]

Learning about the Marauder's Map[]

Jacob's sibling met Badeea, who had actually painted Beatrice stuck in the portrait. They talked about magical portraits, while Badeea suggested Jacob's sibling be innovative and try new things. They went back to detention with Jae, who revealed Badeea knew how to Apparate and also invented her own spells. They met Merula in the Three Broomsticks Inn and persuaded her to help save Beatrice. Merula suggested them search for the Marauder's Map.[151]

Remembering Rakepick's conversation with Rosmerta last year, they planned to shock Filch to induce them to talk about the Map. Filch opened a gift box, saw a cake with Mrs Norris' face and became happy, allowing Jacob's sibling to find out that it was Filch's guess that Peeves had stolen the Map from his office.[151]

Jacob's sibling and Jae went to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, and made Peeves appear. Peeves said a friend of his, who hated Jacob more than potions, didn't want him to tell them where the map was, then disappeared. Jacob's sibling followed the trace and talked to Professor Snape, who didn't tell them anything about the Map, but said Penny had lost her focus and her chance of passing her O.W.L.s.[151]

Jacob's sibling went to comfort Penny, who wanted to brew a potion and needed the ingredients. They got a Unicorn horn from the Forest Grove, some Porcupine quills from the Transfiguration Classroom, some powdered Moonstone from Jae, and some Syrup of Hellebore from the Herbology Classroom. They used them to brew a batch of Draught of Peace, which successfully calmed Penny down.[152]

Outdoor celebration of magic[]

Hagrid asked Jacob's sibling to meet him in his garden and announced his participation in the upcoming outdoor celebration of magic. They asked around in the Great Hall and learned about the activities of the festival and the role of festival ambassadors, for which there were already students competing. For the first lesson of the celebration, Professor McGonagall taught students the Gobstone to Skunk spell in the Courtyard, but the lesson went awry when Tulip tried to pet her skunk, which filled the space with unpleasant smells. Merula talked to Jacob's sibling about her interest in becoming an ambassador before Professor Snape's potions-reviewing class, which culminated in a quiz of potion ingredients given to the two. After class, Jacob's sibling discovered a note under a gobstone. Professor Flitwick chose to have the Charms class be in Hagrid's Garden, where students would practise the Shrinking Charm on the pumpkins. Another note showed up in the Three Broomsticks Inn, where Jacob's sibling had conversations with both Penny and Merula, who were competing to be ambassadors. However, unlike the first note, the second one Jacob's sibling got had a Butterbeer. Throughout the celebration, they had also received implicit invitations to be one's date from several individuals.[12]

Jacob's sibling flying on a Griffin

Jacob's sibling flying on a Griffin

It became apparent to Jacob's sibling that they might be having a secret admirer. When they and Andre were discussing their festival outfit, Andre expressed interest in this situation and decided to investigate the case. The next lesson was jointly conducted by Madam Hooch and Professor Kettleburn, during which Jacob's sibling learned how to fly on a Griffin. Andre then discovered another secret admirer's note for them, but with a Sugar Quill. They examined the evidences and Andre suggested there may have been a lot more than three admirers. Nevertheless, Jacob's sibling proceeded to finding Hagrid on the Quidditch pitch to help with festival preparations, but spotted Murphy instead in the commentary box, who thought dating and Quidditch were alike. Back in the Courtyard with Andre, where their friends were all present, Jacob's sibling finally decided to ask a friend on a date. They invited them to Hog's Head and expressed their interest to them, who affirmed that the feelings were mutual.[12]

Festival Fun dance

Festival dance

When Andre's outfits were ready, Jacob's sibling picked one from the two. They arrived at the main festival and found their date approaching them, also dressed stylishly. They checked out the activities at the festival, such as Puffskein-tossing and face-painting, which their date tried on them. Just then, Murphy announced the arrival of a special guest, Gilderoy Lockhart, who returned since his last visit on Valentine's Day and gave a speech all about himself, before asking the dancing area to be cleared for him to have a duelling exhibition. Naturally, the students didn't want to relinquish the opportunity to dance, but Jacob's sibling volunteered for a duel with Lockhart on the Training Grounds to get him quickly out of there.

Lockhart turned out to be quite weak after all, but he insisted on another duel after the first one, which made them and their date worry about having the dance on time. They then thought of a brilliant idea and turned the gobstone they had picked up into a skunk, which sprayed Lockhart and caused him to depart. The students were then able to return to the festival, and Jacob's sibling enjoyed a dance with their date. Near the end, the two were announced to have been elected as festival ambassadors, and they took off around the pitch together on a broom, where Jacob's sibling received a kiss.[12]

Helping McGonagall send Hogwarts letters[]
"Thanks to your efforts, a new generation of children will recieve their invitation to Hogwarts."
— Professor McGonagall to Jacob's sibling[src]

Professor McGonagall needed help with writing the Hogwarts acceptance letters for the next year, so Jacob's sibling volunteered to help along with many of their peers. Jacob's sibling was selected to be McGonagall's lead volunteer, keeping an eye on everything to make sure it all went smoothly. While they collected the various book and equipment lists needed for the next year's students from the professors, they asked their fellow students about their first time doing magic, as they were having a hard time remembering the first time they did magic themselves. They continued to ask about other students' first uses of magic whilst checking the Hogwarts owls. During the final sealing of envelopes and writing of addresses, they were in charge of making sure no mistakes were made and personally handled the envelopes for students such as Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Roger Davies, Fred and George Weasley, and Cedric Diggory. They remembered about Jacob's room in Hogwarts and wondered if there may be a clue to help them unlock their memory there. They met Bill Weasley in the Clock Tower Courtyard, who had Replicas of the Book of Admittance and the Quill of Acceptance. Bill said they were his own from when he was a student and was lead volunteer, and that McGonagall would be giving some to Jacob's sibling as well, as she did for all lead volunteers. Jacob's sibling then went to search Jacob's room, finding only a copy of The Toadstool Tales with a message from Jacob in it about their first use of magic. Lastly, as they had to go to Flourish and Blotts to check if all the necessary textbooks were in stock, they unlocked their memory of their first use of magic. When they got back to Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall thanked them for their help and gave them replicas of the Book of Admittance and the Quill of Acceptance.[8]

Learning about Duncan and Jacob[]

Penny invited Jacob's sibling to talk to the Fat Friar, who suggested they go ask Nearly Headless Nick. They met him along with Bill, Charlie and Percy Weasley (who brought Scabbers) in Jacob's room. Nick told them Jacob had indeed possessed the Map, but they instead found a letter from Jacob about him bringing the Map to Olivia Green, who had been in Ravenclaw. Jacob's sibling then met the Grey Lady with Tulip, Talbott and Andre, and found out from her that Jacob and Olivia had had another friend, Duncan Ashe, who had been in Slytherin. They spoke to the Bloody Baron with Merula, Ismelda, Barnaby and Liz, who revealed that Duncan was now a ghost and was the friend of Peeves.[153]

Jacob's sibling, Bill and Charlie found Duncan in the Prefects' Bathroom, who was, as expected, not friendly towards Jacob's sibling. He accused Jacob of ruining his life and told Jacob's sibling to go find out what had happened themselves.[153]

From Hagrid, Madam Hooch and Bilton Bilmes, Jacob's sibling learned that Duncan had borrowed a new broom after his had been destroyed, and that he had been a great mischief maker who would deconstruct things and put them back together. Jacob's sibling, Tulip and Merula went to Jacob's room and found a letter from R to Jacob, which suggested Jacob and his friends had been working for R and mentioned rats and centaurs.[154]

Jacob's sibling and Charlie then went to the Forest Grove to meet Torvus, who was surprised to know that Duncan was dead. Torvus told them that Jacob and Duncan had planned to enter the Forest Vault and Duncan had worked on an extra-powerful Erumpent Potion. Duncan had wanted them to stick together, but Jacob had wanted to split up, resulting in the potion exploding, which had killed Duncan. They went back to the Prefects' Bathroom and met Duncan, only to find that Jacob and Duncan hadn't wanted to work with R at all, but R had manipulated Duncan into brewing an extra-explosive Erumpent Potion. Duncan blamed Jacob because he had let himself get expelled because of R, and claimed that Jacob was now a member of R and a feared wizard in Knockturn Alley. Jacob's sibling asked about the Marauder's Map, which, according to Duncan, had been given away by Peeves. Duncan said Mundungus Fletcher could help them and tell more about Jacob.[154]

The All-Wizard Tournament[]

On the Care of Magical Creatures grounds, Hagrid and Professor Kettleburn announced, to a group of selected students including Jacob's sibling, their plan of hosting an original All-Wizard Tournament, which would help them prepare for a potentially upcoming Triwizard Tournament. Jacob's sibling was further motivated to participate when Hagrid explained that the final Cursed Vaults could hold similar danger, and their friends were excited about it as well. They spent some time learning about the Triwizard Tournament and its cancellation in the Library, where Hagrid disclosed the first task would involve Nifflers.[13]

The first task took place in the History of Magic Classroom, was worth 100 points and was about finding as much shiny objects as possible using Nifflers. Due to its simplicity, it didn't receive much positive feedback, but Hagrid and Kettleburn promised the second task would be more challenging, and after announcing the winner, who was Jacob's sibling, they explained that the hints to the second task were hidden inside the contestants' shiny objects. Jacob's sibling met Jae and Andre in the Transfiguration Classroom and Untransfigured a shiny object into a jar of unidentified matter. After some examination, Liz indicated the matter were Doxy eggs.[13]

The second task took place on the Training Grounds, was worth 300 points and involved catching a Pixie on a broom, which had been cast the Hurling Hex. When Jacob's sibling was about to catch the Pixie, Merula bumped them, which led to Andre taking the lead and catching the Pixie, but not before a mass of Doxies escaped their cages and created chaos, injuring several students who were taken to the Hospital Wing imminently. Hagrid and Kettleburn were no longer confident that continuing the tournament was a good move, and they, Jacob's sibling and several others talked to Dumbledore, who didn't intend to cancel the tournament but was determined to oversee the third task, and said the clue to it would find them.[13]

At night, Jacob's sibling met a couple of students gathered by Badeea, who couldn't sleep due to the tournament. Andre and Merula decided to practise spells, and Jacob's sibling and the others talked about the upcoming task, but no one really felt better. A Niffler left them a coin, which was Untransfigured into a Howler playing their friends' voices saying they were trapped by a Manticore in the Forbidden Forest. Arriving in the Forest Grove, they shot spells towards the Manticore but it didn't work due to its resistance to all charms, and Jacob's sibling saved Merula's life by pushing her out of its tail's reach. They collected their wits and formed a plan of blasting the tree branch on top of the Manticore and knocking it unconscious, which turned out to be successful. Hagrid, Kettleburn and Dumbledore then came out of the trees behind which they were monitoring the students, and congratulated them for finishing the final task.[13]

They gathered in the Great Hall once more and listened to Dumbledore, who declared there had been a winner of the final task despite it being completed by collaborative efforts, and that the winner was Jacob's sibling for recognising the solution to be working together and convincing their competition of it. Another 500 points were awarded to them, who stepped up and accepted the All-Wizard Cup as the final victor of the tournament.[13]

Preparing for Knockturn Alley[]

Jae suggested using Floo Network to go to Knockturn Alley to meet Mundungus Fletcher. Remembering Rakepick had used it last school year, they went to Defence Against the Dark Arts class, demonstrated defeating a Boggart, and asked Rakepick to teach them. Rakepick knew their true purpose, so she gathered all her apprentices to train their duelling techniques, gave Jacob's sibling a private lesson on instinctive reaction, and even sent them to the Forest Grove to face Kettleburn's lost Chimaera. Liz Tuttle appeared in time and comforted the Chimaera with red meat, saving both of them.[155]

Jacob's sibling returned to speak to Rakepick, who believed it would be better if they were accompanied by someone else. They invited a friend and learned the Stunning Spell from Bill.[156]

The Valentine's Day Ball[]

Professor Dumbledore called another special assembly in the Great Hall and announced the upcoming Valentine's Day Ball. It surprised and disappointed Jacob's sibling and fellow students when he said to have put Madam Pince in charge of it, who would see to the planning of the ball with "utmost seriousness". After growing some flowers in Herbology class using the Herbivicus Charm, Jacob's sibling got the idea of bringing them to Pince for approval, but Pince was concerned that they would remind one of what they didn't have on a holiday and thus make one feel more alone. Jacob's sibling tried to explain to her the students' vision of the ball, but Pince was insistent that there be no floral arrangements and sugary refreshments, and the only sounds she would like to hear that night were a lonely classical fortepiano. She also suggested Jacob's sibling take it up with the Headmaster if they had issues with her arrangements, which was exactly what they did, and they received some wise advice from Dumbledore.[157]

They invited Penny to speak to Pince with them, but she wasn't willing to change her mind. They then witnessed a friendly interaction between Pince and Mr Filch, who they believed to be her own valentine. They talked to Merula about their idea of using Filch to indirectly convince Pince, and Merula used the Colour Change Charm to play a prank on Mrs Norris, which inevitably caught Filch's attention and he called Jacob's sibling to his office. There, they reversed the colour change and pretended that Pince wanted sophisticated refreshments, refined music and elegant flowers for the ball. They even arranged with Andre to design a makeover for him, which he wore to a meeting with Pince, Jacob's sibling and Talbott. At the end of the meeting, she was finally convinced to organise a fairy tale Valentine's Day Ball.[157]

Jacob's sibling chat with Chiara and Jae about music and food for the ball respectively, and when Pince came down to the kitchens to look for Jacob's sibling, she tried Jae's fairy cakes and talked about her idea of putting up a mural in the hall. They then met with Badeea, who agreed to paint one with them, and she also let them choose the type of story they would be telling with it. They also went to the forest in the Magical Creatures Reserve with Barnaby and recruited their fairy friend and her own friends to provide light at the ball. Throughout this whole experience, every student Jacob's sibling had talked to had asked them, explicitly or implicitly, to be their date, and they had a hard time deciding who to choose. They talked to Tonks in the Courtyard where all their friends gathered, and Jacob's sibling finally decided to ask one of them to be their date, who heartily agreed. They also put on an outfit Andre designed for them.[157]

Valentine's Day Ball surprise scene

The surprise scene Jacob's sibling's date set up for them

At the ball, Jacob's sibling and their date met Pince and Filch, who thanked Jacob's sibling for their help. They had their first dance on the dance floor following the rhythm of the music played by the enchanted instruments set up by Badeea. After the dance, Dumbledore congratulated them for their efforts leading to an excellent ball, and pointed them to Pince and Filch who were sharing a romantic moment together. He also reminded them to go the Library to meet their date, who had prepared a surprise scene for them and gave them a storybook symbolising the romance they had for each other.[157]

Visiting Knockturn Alley[]

Rakepick met them in Dumbledore's office and used the Floo Powder on the fireplace before they stepped in it and were transported to Diagon Alley, which was safer as a landing point.[158]

They then went to Knockturn Alley and asked around about Fletcher. They found out from Jane Court that Fletcher had lost a duel recently and had been going to Ollivanders, so they went there, but didn't find Fletcher. He had been there though to ask about the wand of his opponent, whose approach and stance had been very unique. Ollivander had suggested Fletcher go to Madam Villanelle, a linguist, in Flourish and Blotts to learn more about the way his opponent had shouted incantations.[158]

They visited Villanelle, and while waiting for her to finish her business, they found a book that had a strange invisible message about a "vault portrait". Villanelle later told them that though she hadn't recognised anything from Fletcher's recollection of his opponent's incantations, he had told her that the wizard had been in white robes and had a tattoo of a skeletal snake or dragon, making her suggest him go to Borgin and Burkes.[158]

Before entering Borgin and Burkes, they encountered a witch, who demanded something from them. She cast the Slug-vomiting Charm on Jacob's sibling's friend, and Jacob's sibling duelled her, only to attract more witches and wizards. At this moment, Rakepick appeared and defeated them. She then told them she had tracked down Fletcher and he was waiting in the Three Broomsticks Inn.[158]

Fletcher told them he had managed to get the Marauder's Map out of Hogwarts, but had been attacked and robbed by someone from behind. Before he would tell them more, he asked for some Venomous Tentacula Seeds, Acromantula Venom and Chimaera Eggs, which they got from the Herbology Classroom, Spider's Lair and Care of Magical Creatures grounds. Fletcher then recounted that the man who'd attacked him had transformed into something before running off and might have gotten the Map into Hogwarts by now, and suggested that this might have been the same person who had attacked Jacob's sibling at the start of the school year.[159]

Looking for the vault portrait[]

After Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Rakepick told Jacob's sibling there had been rumours of a portrait of a Cursed Vault hidden in Hogwarts. They met Badeea on the Grand Staircase and talked to other portraits but didn't get anything useful. Then they met their friends in the Library and didn't find anything either. They met Jae in the kitchens and talked to the house-elves, and from one of them, they learned that some Gryffindor students had asked an elf about the portrait years ago.[160]

They went into the Gryffindor common room during a Quidditch match with Jae to look for the portrait, but were discovered by Percy, who was searching for Scabbers. Percy accused them of using magic outside of class (though it was only the Wand-Lighting Charm), and was about to report them to everyone he could think of, when Jacob's sibling proposed to find Scabbers with him. They asked Hagrid for borrowing Fang, which he agreed.[160]

Performing a play[]

In the Great Hall, Professor Dumbledore recounted the performance of The Fountain of Fair Fortune at Hogwarts decades ago and the damage it did to the whole school, but said that Professor Flitwick had convinced him to put up another play. Flitwick introduced to the audience his original play, Equinox Enchanted, and an intimate scene in it in which the leads would express their love towards one another, which Jacob's sibling and their friends found to be a big undertaking. They talked to Flitwick himself, who further explained the plot details of the play and gave them advices on a successful audition. They helped each other prepare for it, and Jacob's sibling also learned some movement techniques from Diego, the Choreographer and Assistant Director. During the audition, Jacob's sibling's partner, Barnaby, forgot his line, and the two of them went completely off the script, but Flitwick was very impressed with their improvisational skills. After Jacob's sibling helped Badeea with her artworks for the play, Flitwick announced that they had been chosen as a lead, along with the exact student Jacob's sibling wanted to co-star with.[161]

Before the first rehearsal, Flitwick brought up the superstition that saying the name of The Fountain of Fair Fortune during rehearsals would bring ill fortune, and while Jacob's sibling was doubtful about it, some of their friends, including Diego, was careful not to risk it. Later, Barnaby introduced to Jacob's sibling his pet Knarl, Knarl, who Flitwick believed to be suitable for their partner during a dance scene with a magical creature. They tried to teach him some stage directions, but didn't have much luck except for the "stay" instruction. Flitwick then decided to change the script to include a duelling scene and reviewed it with Jacob's sibling and Diego in the Duelling Club. Jacob's sibling also helped Andre and Talbott search for costume sketches.[161]

During a conversation with Andre, Jacob's sibling became afraid of stage fright, so they asked Penny to brew some Calming Draught. They searched for ingredients in the Artefact Room, but were still missing a crocodile heart, which they had to ask Jae to obtain, and surprisingly, Jae had a lot of collectibles from crocodiles including their hearts, so they started brewing immediately. The potion, however, looked unusually purple, and when Jacob's sibling drank some, they felt their mouth burning, which Jae thought was because of too much peppermint oil he had added. Fortunately, Professor McGonagall restored them with a few waves of her wand, and in return, Jacob's sibling and Jae helped her tidy up her classroom.[161]

Equinox Enchanted

Jacob's sibling performing Equinox Enchanted

The time of dress rehearsal came, but Barnaby had lost Knarl, so it took the crew some time to find him, and when they did, Barnaby accidentally uttered the words of ill fortune and yelled after realising his mistake, sending Knarl off in a fright while making a big mess on the stage. Flitwick was shocked when all the decorations had been ruined and he cancelled the show immediately. Jacob's sibling wouldn't admit defeat and gathered their friends in the Three Broomsticks Inn, and they planned to put up the play there, but due to the confined space and limited resources, it had to be adapted to a one-wizard play. Flitwick was on board with this plan, and soon Andre finished Jacob's sibling's costume for the Spring Nymph. Later in the Inn, they took the stage and completed the performance to the resounding applause from the audience. Their original co-star met with them alone in the Great Hall after the show and shared the romantic scene with them like it should've been.[161]

Winning a romantic train ride[]
Jacob's sibling Romantic HogwartsExpress

Jacob's sibling inside the Hogwarts Express

During February of this year, Millicent Bagnold announced that the Hogwarts Express Railway Authorities and the British Ministry of Magic were holding a essay writing competition, with the prize being a romantic train ride on the Hogwarts Express with their chosen partner. The students were very excited about this and immediately got to researching and writing their essay. Jacob's sibling first looked for books on love in the Hogwarts Library, then went to Flourish and Blotts to talk to Gilderoy Lockhart. Lockhart told them to gather different perspectives on love to write their essay, so Jacob's sibling asked Penny Haywood, Rubeus Hagrid, Talbott Winger, Badeea Ali, Bill Weasley, Chiara Lobosca, Mr and Mrs Weasley, and Andre Egwu. Jacob's sibling finished writing their essay with Andre's help and submitted it to the competition, where they had to present their essay on love to the crowd at Hogsmeade Station. The contestants were told to go to and have a drink of Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn whilst they waited for the judges to decide. Whilst at the Three Broomsticks, Jacob's sibling decided who they would take with them if they won. It is unknown who Jacob's sibling chose, but Jacob's sibling won the competition and shared a romantic train ride with their partner, who gave them a special Hogwarts Express charm bracelet to remember their time together.[162]

Various findings[]

Jacob's sibling, Jae and Fang went to the Forest Grove and searched for Scabbers together with Torvus. They found some rat tracks which led to human shoeprints. They found some sandwich crumbs in the Prefects' Bathroom with Charlie. Following the cue, they searched the kitchens, where Fang found some Fairy wings, and the Care of Magical Creatures grounds, where Fang found some cursed ice, and the Icy Corridor, where Fang found some animal fur, and the Cursed Corridor, where they found Scabbers at last with an old parchment.[163]

Jacob's sibling returned Fang to Hagrid and Scabbers to Percy. They discussed Scabbers with friends, during which Ben mentioned finding Scabbers in the Artefact Room once, and despite Percy's defence, the rest still found him suspicious. Ben later told Jacob's sibling he believed Scabbers had been following him and might have also been responsible for his memory loss. Jacob's sibling presented the parchment to Rakepick, who told them it was the Marauder's Map.[164]

Hunting for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack[]

While Jacob's sibling was having a drink with Barnaby and Chiara in the Three Broomsticks Inn, an interesting-looking wizard walked in and sat on a table who claimed to be in desperate need of someone for an extraordinary adventure. They recognised him as Xenophilius Lovegood, the publisher of The Quibbler, and he stood up on the table and said he was seeking journalists to provide photographic evidence of the existence of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, which he had heard reports to have been spotted near Hogwarts. Barnaby and Chiara disagreed over whether it was real, but Jacob's sibling thought it would be an interesting opportunity if it did exist and they could take a picture of it, which would be placed on the front cover of the next issue. After some discussion, Chiara thought the reward money could be a big deal to her, and they agreed to try searching for it.[165]

Chiara taught Jacob's sibling a tracking spell and Jacob's sibling tracked down a Niffler for practice. They then tried searching for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack in Hagrid's Garden, but found Barnaby with his camera, who was trying to snap a photo of a Moon Frog, which he thought Xenophilius might accept as well. The three went back to Three Broomsticks and tried to convince Xenophilius, and he agreed to take a photo of a Moon Frog if Crumple-Horned Snorkacks couldn't be found. Afterwards, Ismelda confronted them and said she was up to something big.[165]

Barnaby took Jacob's sibling to the forest in the Magical Creatures Reserve and said this had been where he had first seen the Moon Frog. After retracing his footsteps, Barnaby thought he had an idea of where the Moon Frog could be, and when he went off to find out, Jacob's sibling met with Chiara, who divulged that the "school supplies" she had been meaning to get from the reward money was actually for preventing losing control during her next transformation. When Jacob's sibling and Chiara talked to Ismelda, they were surprised to hear that Ismelda wasn't looking for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack at all, but instead was after something "definitely real".[165]

At night, Jacob's sibling followed Ismelda and her friends to Hagrid's garden and overheard them talking about capturing a werewolf before it transformed and exposing Dumbledore for harbouring a werewolf at Hogwarts. Terrible still, Ismelda was already suspecting Chiara, so Jacob's sibling decided to warn Chiara before she came, but Chiara then appeared, and when they prepared to use the Full Body-Bind Curse on Chiara, Jacob's sibling used the Knockback Jinx on her first, knocking her out of the curse's way. Chiara got away in time and Ismelda was determined to seek another chance.[165]

When Jacob's sibling spoke with Chiara again in the Courtyard, Chiara thanked them for saving her from the gang's curses, and when Jacob's sibling told her about Ismelda's intent, she was worried, so they played Wizard's Chess together to help them think the situation through. They came up with the idea of making Ismelda think it was a hoax, and Jacob's sibling talked to Barnaby, who suggested asking Tulip and Tonks for help. They formed a plan involving Barnaby telling Ismelda he had seen a werewolf near Hagrid's Garden and Tonks and Tulip wearing a werewolf disguise.[165]

Jacob's sibling then checked on Chiara, who was searching for ingredients for the Wolfsbane Potion in the Potions Classroom. They helped her, but didn't find any. When the time of executing the plan came, Jacob's sibling went down to Hagrid's Garden and saw the completed werewolf custome made by Tulip and Tonks. Jacob's sibling greeted Ismelda when she arrived, and pretended to search with her for the creature Barnaby'd told her that he'd spotted. Jacob's sibling pointed to a pumpkin, behind which Tulip and Tonks in the werewolf custome emerged and scared the life out of Ismelda, who asked Jacob's sibling for help. Tulip and Tonks then took off the custome, and Jacob's sibling faked their surprise towards them.[165]

The next day, Jacob's sibling and Chiara went to the Great Lake to meet with Barnaby and search for the Moon Frog. After a while, Barnaby came and claimed he had seen it, but had lost it again. Jacob's sibling then used the tracking spell to reveal the tracks of the Moon Frog, and the three eventually found it following the trace. Barnaby took a picture of it with his camera, and when Jacob's sibling noticed Glow Bugs flying above it, Barnaby said it looked familiar to him. Jacob's sibling realised it looked like Sir Ribbithe, which Liz was said to have been finding, and that the glow was because of him feasting on the Glow Bugs.[165]

Although it wasn't a real Moon Frog, when Jacob's sibling looked at the photo, he discovered a Quintaped, a very rare creature, in the background. They went back to Three Broomsticks and negotiated with Xenophilius, who decided to put the photo on the front page because of it. The students enjoyed some Butterbeer together, and when Jacob's sibling asked Tonks whether the Quintaped had been her in disguise again, she neither confirmed nor denied it.[165]

Following the Marauder's Map[]

At night, Rakepick explained to Jacob's sibling all about the Marauder's Map. It was her belief that the Map would show them the location of the man who attacked Mundungus Fletcher, who would have the Vault portrait, the key to the next Cursed Vault. They opened the Map and saw a person moving very fast, but before Jacob's sibling could see their name, Rakepick pocketed the Map. They did, however, see that person's location.[166]

Jacob's sibling searched the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom with Barnaby, only to find a black quill on Rakepick's desk, which couldn't be Untransfigured. They then searched Filch's office with Tonks, and found some negative reports on Rakepick. They went on to search Jacob's room with Tulip and Merula and found another black quill, which Jacob's sibling Untransfigured into another Jacob's notebook, which recorded Jacob's collaboration with Rakepick, Rakepick's fear of the Cabal, and that she had saved Jacob's sibling's life years ago.[166]

Jacob's sibling talked to Rakepick, who denied everything written on the notebook. Realising that Rakepick only respected strength, they met Merula and practised spells. Merula thought this wasn't enough, and invited them to duel with Diego Caplan, her duelling instructor, which they did before facing Rakepick herself. Rakepick was still reluctant to divulge anything, but Jacob's sibling wouldn't compromise. They prepared to duel her, but she made the first move and broke their wand.[167]

Jacob's sibling and Rakepick then went to Ollivanders to purchase another wand. They met Fletcher once more in Knockturn Alley, who admitted he hadn't been attacked, but instead had sold the map to an unknown buyer by leaving it outside of Hog's Head Inn for them to pick up. Jacob's sibling went to Hog's Head and met Aberforth, who hated Fletcher and wouldn't talk about him, but gave them a letter from Albus. They then went to ask Albus, who revealed they were a Legilimens like their brother, and that Snape would teach them both Legilimency and Occlumency.[168]

The Walter Aragon Wizard Chess Competition[]
"So, it's decided then...we'll form a wizard chess team! But where shall we begin, Murphy?"
— Jacob's sibling to Murphy McNully[src]
Hogwarts chess posters

The poster Badeea made to advertise the chess competition

Upon hearing from Murphy McNully that the Walter Aragon Wizard Chess Competition would be taking place in Flourish and Blotts that year, and that Celine Castillon from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic would be competing, Murphy asked Jacob's sibling if they would help them put together a team to compete. Jacob's sibling agreed, and went to Badeea Ali to ask if she would create posters to advertise the team. She agreed, and also wished to join the team herself, which Jacob's sibling agreed to, though Murphy was hesitant as she hadn't played Wizard's Chess before. They were later joined by Tulip, who had been taught how to play by her grans Rosa and Mary. Each player needed their own piece to play, so Jacob's sibling asked Jae Kim for a set which Badeea could play with. He provided her with a set, though it had a queen missing, and in their search for the missing queen they found out the set was Brian Gagwilde's Wizard's Chess set and that he had lost the queen in a match against Aberforth Dumbledore. When Jacob's sibling went to get the queen back, they learnt about the Dragon Variation of the Slytherin Defence, which Aberforth had used to beat Brian Gagwilde. With the chess set now reunited, the team began to practise, however they quickly lost their enthusiasm, with Murphy not liking how Tulip played and Badeea feeling like she didn't belong.

Celebration in three broomsticks

Jacob's sibling, Badeea Ali, Murphy McNully, and Tulip Karasu celebrating in the Three Broomsticks

Jacob's sibling went to the portrait of Brian Gagwilde for advice, who helped them realise the issue with their team. They then went to meet with Badeea, who had painted a painting to calm her nerves, and then Tulip, who was releasing Dungbombs in the Artefact Room to vent her frustrations. Jacob's sibling managed to make both of them feel wanted, and the team went to Flourish and Blotts for the competition. During the first rounds of the competition, Murphy's team performed very well and got through to the finals, where they would be facing Celine's team. Knowing of Celine's use of the Dragon Variation on the Slytherin Defence, the team went to Aberforth to invent a counter-strategy, which was named by Jacob's sibling. Upon returning to Flourish and Blotts, Jacob's sibling learnt they would be facing Celine herself in the final round, on the centre board. During the match, Jacob's sibling used their newly invented counter to defeat Celine, with the move g2# much to her shock. Murphy's team won the competition and celebrated in The Three Broomsticks, with the rest of the team agreeing that Jacob's sibling could hold on to the trophy as a reward for beating Celine.[169]

Learning Legilimency and Occlumency[]
Private Lessons between Jacob's sibling and Severus Snape

Jacob's sibling and Severus Snape discussing Legilimency and Occlumency

Snape started their lessons by breaking into their minds (seeing Jacob's sibling's times with their brother) and teaching them this ability. When Snape asked Jacob's sibling to look into his mind, he also used Occlumency to prevent them from doing this.[170]

Then he asked them to practise Legilimency elsewhere, so they used it on Filch, Rosmerta, Pitts and Barnaby. They found out from Rosmerta that she had once hidden Jacob from the Ministry. When they used it on Rakepick, she also used Occlumency to deny their access.[170]

They returned to meet Snape and practised Occlumency themselves. They hadn't perfected the skill by the time Snape used Legilimency on them again, but they were improving. When they asked why he was teaching them these, Snape answered that he would rather have liked to see them being a weapon against Rakepick than a pawn of hers. He then reminded them about the Garrotting Gas he had given them and mentioned that Rakepick would inevitably turn on them.[170]

The Great Hogwarts Cook-Off[]

With Madams Mary and Rosa Karasu visiting Hogwarts, a cook-off was to be held, inviting students to sign up for the competition, of which Mary and Rosa would be the judges. As they were Tulip's grans, she introduced them to Jacob's sibling personally, who was greeted affectionately by them. Tulip also asked for Jacob's sibling's help to co-organise the cook-off. The two discussed the event with Mary and Rosa and decided to recruit Badeea as a contestant. Badeea wanted to cook a fish stew, and after bartering a box of EaziKleen Self-Propelling Scourers with Madam Rosmerta, Jae successfully got them a fresh and delicious fish.[171]

The next candidate on the list was Diego, who was willing to bake an enchanted dancing flan. They consulted Professor Flitwick about what spell to use, and were taught the Locomotion Charm. Meanwhile, Tulip recruited Ismelda and Jae, who were cooking a meat pie with blood sausages and a tteokbokki respectively. They talked when Andre was designing some chef's robes, and alighted on the idea of inviting Murphy to be the host, who agreed and named the event the "Great Hogwarts Cook-Off".[171]

Great Hogwarts Cook-Off

The Great Hogwarts Cook-Off

The cook-off was held in the kitchens, during which the four contestant prepared their dishes while Murphy commentated. At the end, Mary and Rosa provided some critical insights towards each dish, but Ismelda was angered by her dough being called "sad and soggy" and transformed her pie into a monster, which destroyed Diego's flan. Jacob's sibling was quick to cast the Eradication Spell to wipe the monster out of existence, but even then, the cook-off had become a disaster. Tulip became very upset and left the scene, and though Jacob's sibling managed to cheer her up, the situation between Ismelda and Diego was more than intense. Jacob's sibling visited the two of them respectively and helped both of them with their affairs, and when Diego insisted on duelling to resolve the conflict, Jacob's sibling volunteered to duel him on behalf of Ismelda, effectively acting as her champion. After the duel, Diego and Ismelda reconciliated, and all of them went back to salvaging the cook-off.[171]

Great Hogwarts Cook-Off feast 1

The opening of the feast

They gathered all the contestants and worked on improving their recipes. After they talked about what they loved about the dishes they chose, Jacob's sibling realised they could all make a progress by sharing their ingredients. The Madams Karasu were intrigued by the idea of collaboration, and heartily agreed to it. After the dishes were completed, students gathered in the Great Hall to have a feast, before Jacob's sibling was commended by the judges and the faculty for demonstrating the event's true spirit and upholding Hogwarts's ideals of community, collaboration and friendship.[171]

Organising Celestina Warbeck's concert[]
Celestina Warbeck singing live HM

Celestina performing live

Dumbledore asked Jacob's sibling to escort a secret guest to Hogwarts, who turned out to be Celestina Warbeck, who was returning to Hogwarts to rediscover her voice. She planned to host a concert there, but was worried that journalists like Rita Skeeter would try to defame her. She wanted some backup singers, so she had the Frog Choir and several of Jacob's sibling's friends audition for her. She eventually chose Barnaby Lee, who hadn't intended to audition but had been overheard singing Do the Hippogriff to Knarl, to be her soloist. Celestina attempted to do a rehearsal with Barnaby and the Frog Choir. However, Barnaby got stage fright and ran off. Jacob's sibling found him and, with the help of the Weird Sisters, cured his stage fright. However, when they returned, several of the frogs had ran off. Jacob's sibling went to get some frogspawn soap in order to replace the missing frogs. However, when they returned, a bit of the soap accidentally got into Celestina's tea and she, quite literally, had a frog in her throat and was unable to sing. In order to fix it, Jacob's sibling went to Professor Flitwick, who taught them the Anapneo charm, which fixed Celestina's throat, during which they also distracted Rita Skeeter from finding out more about Celestina. As Rita was now gone, Celestina was able to focus more on her concert, but it is unknown if Jacob's sibling performed alongside her as part of the Frog Choir. After the performance, she gave Jacob's sibling a signed poster from her first concert as thanks.[172]

A date in the Three Broomsticks[]
HM Jacob's sibling and Merula on a date

Jacob's sibling and their date in the Three Broomsticks

Madam Rosmerta needed a package delivered to Minerva McGonagall, she asked Jacob's sibling to do it for her, offering to arrange a date for Jacob's sibling in the Three Broomsticks Inn in exchange. Jacob's sibling accepted and delivered the package to Professor McGonagall before asking their date out in the Clock Tower Courtyard. Their date accepted, and they decided to collect love stories from the wizarding world to share with each other. Jacob's sibling collected stories from Diego Caplan, Charlie Weasley, the Hogwarts Library, Flourish and Blotts, Madam Villanelle, Celestina Warbeck, and Xenophilius Lovegood before returning to the castle, where they found their date missing. After searching around, they discovered their date had gone looking for the Elixir of Life. They started to follow in the footsteps of their date, encountering Mundungus Fletcher, who was selling a fake Elixir, and eventually returning to Hogwarts Castle. There they were confronted by Professor McGonagall, who warned them about the dangers of searching for immortality. Eventually, they found their date and the pair went to the Three Broomsticks to share their stories. Their date admitted the concept of death had scared them and they desired some kind of control over it. Jacob's sibling calmed them down and shared the stories they had collected. As thanks, their date gave them a custom lockbox to store all the stories they had gathered.[173]

Hogsmeade's first ever Summer Nights dance[]

The residents of Hogsmeade decided to throw their first ever Summer Nights dance festival and asked Rubeus Hagrid for help picking out a cute creature to dance with. Hagrid, unable to decide between Crups, Plimpies, and Bowtruckles, asked Jacob's sibling for help choosing. Jacob's sibling became interested in the mystery theme for the dance and told their friends about it. They all decided to investigate the theme for themselves. They went to ask Professor Minerva McGonagall, who was on the planning committee, about it, but McGonagall wouldn't reveal the theme, only that they needed new musicians. Jacob's sibling suggested the Weird Sisters, which McGonagall agreed to, and Jacob's sibling brought the sheet music for the first song to them. They next went to Honeydukes and helped Ambrosius Flume pick out sweets for the dance, who then asked them to go and help Professor Filius Flitwick. Flickwick told Jacob's sibling that any 'wearing antlers' would be well dressed for the party and asked them to teach the Dark charm Anteoculatia to all their friends.

JS and MS at the dance

Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde dancing at the festival

Still confused about the dance's theme, Jacob's sibling returned to visit Rosmerta, the head of the planning committee, and shared their fears that the other members of the planning committee had gotten confused about the theme. Upon hearing all the clues that Jacob's sibling had gathered, Rosmerta realised that each member of the planning committee had gotten confused about the dance's theme. She met with the rest of the committee and they tried to work out a solution. Jacob's sibling suggested that they embrace all the different themes, which they believed were emblematic of Hogsmeade itself. Rosmerta agreed and went to set things up at the festival grounds. When Jacob's sibling arrived, the festival was in full swing. They met their date and experienced the wonders of the festival with them. At the end of the evening, their date gave Jacob's sibling a Hogsmeade t-shirt as thanks.[174]

Rowan possessed[]

Dumbledore called them in and asked them to use Legilimency on him to find out the answers they were looking for. Later, just as Jacob's sibling were catching up with their friends, Rowan seemed to be possessed and acted like the unidentified cloaked figure. They attacked one of them, but was knocked unconscious by Ben. In the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey examined Rowan and believed they had been under the Imperius Curse. Since one had to be near their target to cast the curse, Jacob's sibling recounted their surroundings, and together with Rakepick, they found Percy to be suspicious.[175]

In Knockturn Alley, Jacob's sibling and Rakepick continued their conversation. Rakepick had spoken to Percy, and though she didn't think Percy had the ability to cast the Imperius Curse, her instincts told her he was somehow intimately involved. Rakepick wanted to teach Jacob's sibling the Cruciatus Curse, but they didn't want to learn an Unforgivable Curse like it. She then demonstrated on a nearby Dark wizard, who immediately screamed in pain. Witnessing this didn't change Jacob's sibling's mind, but Rakepick still believed it would be useful under certain circumstances.[175]

Forming a grand plan[]

When Jacob's sibling was back at Hogwarts, another student had been trapped in a portrait. They talked to other portraits, and following the clues they gave, they searched the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom with Badeea, and found a letter from Kettleburn. He had told Rakepick to purchase cats because the castle had a rat problem mainly in the upstairs corridors. They used the Revelio Charm there, and revealed Scabbers, who immediately transformed into his human form, Peter Pettigrew. The two duelled and Pettigrew was forced to tell them that Rakepick had stolen the Map and the vault portrait was actually a Portkey which now belonged to Peeves, but before finishing, he wiped Jacob's sibling's memory of this conversation. Rakepick, however, had arrived and heard the part of the portrait and Peeves.[176]

Rakepick gathered Jacob's sibling, Bill and Merula to talk about their plan of retrieving the portrait, and they decided to ask the House ghosts for help. During a Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, Diego led Jacob's sibling and another student to the Hufflepuff common room to consult the Fat Friar, but didn't receive much advice. They then went to the Slytherin common room and talked to Bloody Baron, who was reluctant to provide help. In the Gryffindor common room, Nearly Headless Nick generously offered some tactics. The Grey Lady in the Ravenclaw common room, on the other hand, only talked to them so that they could leave early. At the end of their conversation, she said the House ghosts couldn't help them, leading Jacob's sibling to think that maybe Professor Binns had certain ways around Peeves.[177]

They visited Binns, who still attempted to give them a lecture on the Goblin Rebellion of 1612. After learning their true motives, he tried to talk about Peeves, but only rounded back to the Goblin Rebellions. They then paid another visit to Duncan Ashe, who wanted Jacob's sibling to talk about their curse-breaking adventures first. Duncan, after satisfied with their stories, promised to set up a meeting with Peeves for them. He also mentioned that they need to do something big, in other words, cause chaos, to get his attention.[177]

Jacob's sibling met Duncan in the Courtyard and he said Peeves would want them to cast Lacarnum Inflamari on Snape or Filch. Duncan distracted them and Jacob's sibling cast the spell on one of them. Peeves then showed up, but only wanted some more chaos. They went to the Grand Staircase to annoy Sir Cadogan by crediting his defeat of Wyvern of Wye to Merlin, battled Kettleburn's Chimaera on the Training Grounds, started a food fight in the kitchens, and tossed some Frog Spawn Soap into the bathtub in the Prefects' Bathroom, where Charlie was having a bath. After having seen all these, Peeves gave them a portrait of himself, which Jacob's sibling rejected naturally. When asked what would it take to hand out the vault portrait, Peeves said a masterpiece of pranks was needed for a masterpiece of portrait.[178]

Penny helped Jacob's sibling brew some Wit-Sharpening Potion and shared it while brainstorming with Tonks, Tulip and Jae. Tonks inadvertently inspired Jacob's sibling to invent their own spell, and they immediately talked to Badeea and found out she had already invented the Star Shower Spell, which they thought would be the perfect choice. The spell, however, wasn't working as she expected, so Jacob's sibling researched in the Restricted Section with Rowan, but didn't find anything useful. Deciding that Dark magic would probably not help with the Star Shower Spell, they went to Flitwick with Bill and Snape with Merula, and from Snape they learned the incantation they had been using, Stella Corusco, was wrong and would only make the stars shimmer instead of shower. After falling victim to Jacob's sibling's prank while bathing, Charlie decided to take showers more often, so Jacob's sibling asked him to describe showers to them, during which he mentioned the word "cascade". They reflected on it and eventually came up with Stella Cascadia which turned out to be the correct incantation.[179]

Although the spell is ready, they still needed something that would get everyone outside to see it in action. In Hog's Head Inn, Bilton Bilmes suggested a banned prank, which sounded like something Jae could get. Jae thought of the jinxed version of Ever-Bashing Boomerangs which would whiz super fast, but only Mundungus Fletcher had it. They met Fletcher in Three Broomsticks Inn, and he asked them to duel a Dark wizard who, according to him, had cheated him. They met the Dark wizard in Knockturn Alley, who started duelling them instantly. After the duel, he threatened to crush Fletcher if he stole from him again. Fletcher then sent them the jinxed Ever-Bashing Boomerangs as promised.[180]

Taking O.W.L.s[]

Jacob's sibling took their O.W.L.s during this year. They had to talk with their Head of House about their future career choice, but were unsure of what they wanted to do after graduating. They first talked to Jae Kim, who suggested they go into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. After studying Potions with Penny Haywood, Penny suggested that they become a Potioneer. Rowan Khanna arrived and asked for a Wideye Potion to help them study, and Jacob's sibling thought that Rowan needed to de-stress, so they called Rubeus Hagrid and Chiara Lobosca to the Forbidden Forest so that Rowan could play with Borf. Chiara suggested that Jacob's sibling become a Healer.

They then had their Potions exam, supervised by Professor Tofty. After the exam, Tofty introduced himself to Jacob's sibling and offered to give them some advice on future careers at the Ministry. Before it could happen though, Charlie Weasley asked Jacob's sibling to help him convince Andre Egwu to study. Andre wasn't studying because he thought that he was going to be a professional Quidditch player, but Jacob's sibling managed to convince him to revise for their upcoming Charms exam. They then went to study Charms with the rest of their dorm, where they helped tutor the other students. The other students were so impressed, they suggested that Jacob's sibling become a Professor. Before they started the exam, Tofty spoke with Jacob's sibling again and gave them advice on a future career.

Jacob's sibling helped Nymphadora Tonks get her courage up after Tonks believed she would fail her dream of becoming an Auror, then took the Transfiguration exam. They revised for and completed their Herbology exam and Tofty spoke to them again, recommending they become a Curse-Breaker for the Ministry. After revising for and completing the Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic exams, Jacob's sibling investigated a rumour given to them by Ismelda Murk, who told Jacob's sibling that someone had been spying on them.

After studying for the Defence Against the Dark Arts exam, they were called to Albus Dumbledore's office, where they overheard Tofty talking with Dumbledore about how he had been ordered by the Ministry to use his position as an Examiner to spy on Jacob's sibling and assess the situation with the Cursed Vaults after hearing reports of a group of Dark wizards who were also after the vaults. After their Defence Against the Dark Arts exam, they confronted Tofty, who promised them that, if they stayed on the right side of the law, the Ministry couldn't do anything. After all their exams were over, they talked with their Head of House and Tofty again. Tofty apologised for spying on them and showed Jacob's sibling their results early by way of apology.[144]

Releasing ultimate chaos[]

During a Care of Magical Creatures class, Jacob's sibling and their friends brainstormed ideas, and Liz came up with the troll. To train for subduing a troll, Jacob's sibling duelled Diego and visited Hagrid to learn more about trolls. After learning that any meat would lure trolls, they went down to the kitchens and distracted Pitts with a better work ethic while Liz raided the food stores. They also convinced a friend to duel the troll together and made their outfit more "chaotic".[181]


Jacob's sibling and their friend subduing the troll

With everything prepared, Jacob's sibling, Bill and Charlie went to the Prefects' Bathroom and invited Peeves to witness the mischief masterpiece. Jacob's sibling, Tulip, Tonks and Jae released the enchanted Ever-Bashing Boomerangs in the Great Hall, and they started to fly everywhere instead of flying back to them as expected. The Boomerangs drove nearly everyone out of the Hall before Jacob's sibling used the Freezing Charm to stop them flying. Just then, they heard screams from the Training Grounds caused by the troll, so they quickly arrived and subdued it while Peeves watched. Hagrid then came, disappointed by them, and decided to take care of the troll.[182]

Jacob's sibling then cast the Star Shower Spell with Badeea in the Courtyard, which caused a real Star Shower during which meteorites bashed towards the ground. Peeves was satisfied and told them the vault portrait was in his room, which they entered and got the portrait. In the kitchens, after Jae suggested showing it to Rakepick, Filch arrived and questioned them about the banned Boomerangs. Before their conversation ended, Pitts ordered Filch to leave for bringing Mrs Norris to the kitchens. He later explained that he did this because Dumbledore asked him to take care of Jacob's sibling, and that he wanted to see them free Beatrice because of his gratefulness towards Helga Hufflepuff for letting house-elves work in the kitchens, before announcing their detention was over, but Jae's was not. He then gave Jacob's sibling a piece of meat as a farewell gift.[182]

Preparing for the Buried Vault[]

Jacob's sibling presented the vault portrait to Rakepick who immediately told them they would be facing a dragon according to nothing, and took it away. They talked to Charlie, Professor Binns and Hagrid and learned some information about how to defend against dragons. Rakepick then called them in with Merula and Bill and taught them the Conjunctivitis Curse. They visited Kettleburn too, who had seen dragons up close.[183]

Merula invited Jacob's sibling to the Hog's Head Inn and brought a notebook to ask them about the Cursed Vaults. After some discussion, Jacob's sibling pitched a training plan for her and she agreed to carry on with it. They first met in the Cursed Corridor to search for a potential hidden entrance to no avail. They then decided to bring Diego and head to the Forest Grove to duel Torvus, who by then had already been accepted back to the Centaur Camp. Merula didn't win against Torvus, so he suggested Jacob's sibling and Merula team up against him. Merula wasn't ready to do this, so they headed back to Hogwarts and engaged in a spellcasting competition. Bill, as the judge, declared both of them as winners to Merula's disappointment.[184]

Merula borrowed the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom from Rakepick and attempted to teach Jacob's sibling the Killing Curse. They then brought the subject of Rakepick trying to teach them the Cruciatus Curse up, about which Merula insisted them talk more. During the conversation, Merula said her parents had taught her the Killing Curse before they'd gone to Azkaban. She also tried demonstrating Fiendfyre, but the spell went wrong and they couldn't turn it down. Fortunately, Rakepick arrived and extinguished the fire. At lunch, Merula told Jacob's sibling how she had discovered her parents had been Death Eaters and she was now looked after by her aunt during holidays.[184]

Jacob's sibling convinced a friend to go into the Buried Vault with them in Hog's Head, but as soon as they left, Ben came up and volunteered to do the same. Rakepick arranged a private lecture on Portkeys for Jacob's sibling, Bill, Merula and Ben (who would all be entering the Vault) and explained that the vault portrait should be a Portkey that would travel that night. They then deducted that the Vault had no entrance due to the designed way of entering, and soon Ben realised there could have no exit too. Rakepick later spoke with Jacob's sibling, telling them that they should take the lead should she die.[185]

Entering the Buried Vault[]

Merula, Bill, Rakepick, Jacob's sibling and their friend (possibly Charlie or Penny) waited for Ben on the Training Grounds, who, upon arrival, said he had been writing an important letter to an important wizard. After some preparation, they grasped the vault portrait together and was transported to the room connecting to the Buried Vault.[37]


The Hungarian Horntail in the Buried Vault

It appeared to be a deserted underground room with furniture and a massive portrait wall. Broken shackles and blood indicated there had been a dragon at some point, but now none was to be seen. They searched the Vault and when Jacob's sibling wanted to try opening a door on the portrait wall, Rakepick refused to let them, so their friend went up and used the Unlocking Charm, but it didn't work. Ben simply knocked on the door and a Hungarian Horntail appeared and stepped out of the portraits. The Vault started to collapse, and while Rakepick cast the Slowing Charm on the falling rocks, Jacob's sibling used the Conjunctivitis Curse on the Horntail, thwarting several of its attempts to attack and leading to their victory.[37]


Patricia Rakepick turning on Jacob's sibling and their friends

The door on the portraits still wouldn't open, and Jacob's sibling was used Legilimency by, according to Rakepick, the door. They tried to do the same to the door and successfully opened it. Suddenly, Rakepick knocked them down and said she had once attempted to enter the Vault with Jacob and Peter Pettigrew, who had fled out of the Vault with the portrait after seeing the Horntail, leaving her and Jacob to die. It turned out that she was only using Jacob's sibling for the Vault (because only Legilimens could open the door) and the rest of the students for dragon bait. The portrait curse hadn't been broken, Jacob had been trapped in a portrait that was beyond the door, and Rakepick had been transported to the Forbidden Forest when she had tried to acquire the treasure inside the centre column of the Vault.[37]

Merula attempted to stop Rakepick from killing all of them, but Rakepick used the Cruciatus Curse on her in advance. Jacob's sibling and their friends cast several spells, but were all deflected by the Shield Charm. Rakepick said she was under orders (from R) to kill one of Jacob's sibling's friends, but before she had her way, Jacob's sibling thought of the Garrotting Gas and released it, suffocating Rakepick and making her Disapparate.[37]


Jacob's sibling opening the centre column in the Vault

They went into the Vault and found Jacob in a portrait, who asked them to touch the centre column. After Jacob was released, they had a brief reunion and Jacob's sibling told him how they had come. Upon hearing Rakepick had been here, Jacob wanted to stop her and Disapparated too. Jacob's sibling opened the column and found a merperson Trident and a portrait of Hogwarts, which was also a Portkey and transported them out of the Vault.[37]

Restoring order to portraits[]

On Jae Kim's birthday he was unable to do his birthday ritual of having a pint of Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn with his family as the Three Broomsticks was closed due to a backfiring wand hitting a barrel of Butterbeer and causing it to explode, which needed cleaning up. In an attempt to cheer him up, Badeea Ali painted a scene of a party at the Three Broomsticks, however this caused chaos when the Fat Lady left her portrait, locking Gryffindors out of their common room. Minerva McGonagall threatened to give Jacob's sibling and Jae detention if they didn't restore order, so Jacob's sibling worked to get the Fat Lady to leave the party. They weren't able to do so in time however, and got detention in the Hogwarts kitchens. Afterwards, McGonagall talked with Rosmerta and convinced her to open the Inn for a celebration so that Jae could celebrate his birthday.[186]

Returning to Hogwarts[]

Jacob's sibling and their friends landed in the Great Hall, where they spent some time with Merula before she was sent to the Hospital Wing while others called the professors. During this time, Ben seemed too shocked to behave normally. Jacob's sibling later had a conversation with Dumbledore about Jacob and visited Beatrice and Merula.[187]

Before Jacob's sibling and Merula sorted out where their relationship was going, Ben alerted them that Sickleworth had been missing. They went to Hagrid and Kettleburn for help, who gathered a lot of Crups and Puffskeins to cheer them up, and even to Red Cap's Hole, where they met the Red Cap (who was struck down by Ben with the Knockback Jinx) and found Sickleworth with a Coral Key. However, he escaped again when they were in Hog's Head, but they found him soon enough. Ben later confessed the impact of the latest incident on him and his decision of turning into a new person.[188]

At the end of the school year, Jacob's sibling and Charlie planned a surprise party at the Three Broomsticks Inn for Bill who was about to graduate. During the party, Alastor Moody Apparated in who said to Jacob's sibling they had much to talk about, and Disapparated with them immediately. For the next hours, they were told some secrets which would change everything.[189]

Sixth year[]

During the 1989–1990 school year, their sixth year, Jacob's sibling proceeded to take N.E.W.T.-level Transfiguration,[190] Charms,[191] Divination,[192] Herbology,[193] History of Magic,[194] Potions,[195] Care of Magical Creatures,[196] Defence Against the Dark Arts,[197] and Astronomy.[198]

The school year's start[]

At the start of the 1989–1990 school year Start-of-Term Feast, Dumbledore delivered a speech as usual urging students to focus on their studies. Jacob's sibling didn't see Merula, Ben and Beatrice at the Feast. Alastor Moody then met them in the Hog's Head Inn, retold the persues of R, and said he would keep them updated with his findings and teach them to protect them and their friends.[199]

They learned from Penny that Beatrice had estranged her over the summer and her appearance was barely recognisable. They went to the Courtyard and saw Beatrice hanging out with Ismelda, having adopted the same hair-over-one-eye appearance. They tried talking to them but couldn't get them to trust them, so they went to Barnaby for help and only received the advice of "spending more time with Beatrice".[200]

Before they had time to talk to Beatrice, however, Beatrice and Snape had found a Petrified student, presumably by a statue curse. Later, Jacob's sibling took their first Divination class. Before the class ended, Professor Trelawney predicted something about them that was mostly ominous.[200]

Deciphering the prophecy[]

Charlie and Percy decided to help Jacob's sibling decipher the prophecy, and when Percy mentioned one had to be as skilled at Divination as a centaur to interpret it correctly, Jacob's sibling thought of Torvus and consulted him, but he didn't make out anything either. It was possible for Jacob's sibling to meet other centaurs, but in order to do so, they must prepare some offerings to be allowed in the Centaur Camp. So they gathered some herbs from Professor Sprout, some rock cakes from Hagrid and a historical star chart from Badeea.[201]

Having gained these items, Jacob's sibling was allowed in the Centaur Camp by Firenze, who agreed to uncover the meaning of the prophecy, but would have to take some time to interact with the heavens to do so. In the Artefact Room, after Jacob's sibling listened to an argument between Penny and Beatrice, they noticed a skull was missing and suspected Ben who had claimed to steal and trade it. They went to Knockturn Alley and asked Ben about the skull, but Ben was instead searching for answers about Rakepick and the final Cursed Vault. Ben confronted another wizard who revealed himself to be Mundungus Fletcher. He told them he had spotted the white-robed wizard who had attacked him again and had been laying low to prevent him from knowing his whereabouts. Later, Jacob's sibling discussed recent matters with Dumbledore, and when they mentioned the white-robed wizard, Dumbledore was reminded of the Mahoutokoro School of Magic, from where students would be expelled with their robes turning white if they broke the Japanese wizard's code or practised Dark Magic.[202]

Bill returned[]

Jacob's sibling was surprised to hear Bill Weasley returning to Hogwarts. After they greeted him in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, he said he had come to tutor them and their friends since this year's DADA professor was particularly useless. For their first lesson, they learned the Cursed Barrier Spell, but modified so that anyone with the Dark Mark was prevented from entering. Later, they found Fred and George Weasley in Red Cap's Hole who claimed to have followed a wizard here that looked like Jacob.[203]

A curse-breaking mission[]

During one of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classes of Bill Weasley, he told the students about the very next assignment of his, which was to travel to the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary and retrieve Urgruff's Golden Egg. The dragonologist-in-training, Charlie Weasley and his friend Jacob's sibling decided to convince Bill to take them to the assignment. Though Bill was unwilling to do so, the two went to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank to persuade him. They visited Griphook the goblin, who saw them and agreed to the idea of letting them go to the Sanctuary.[204]

Jabob's sibling, Charlie Weasley, Merula Snyde, Barnaby Lee and Penny Haywood were selected to be brought to the Sanctuary, so they got prepared for the dangerous journey ahead by visiting Professor Silvanus Kettleburn and Rubeus Hagrid in order to learn more about dragons.[205]

Bill Weasley's crew camping in the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary 3

Jacob's sibling and others camping

After the preparation, they and Bill Weasley used a Portkey to go there, and upon arriving, they camped using the camping tent Hagrid had given them. At night they played truth or dare that made Charlie upset as Bill was dared to reveal an embarrassing memory of his brother. In the morning, he left the camp earlier before others would notice in order to carry out the assignment by himself; finding the golden dragon egg of Urgruff the Unwary's.[206]

While searching for the egg, the other members of the group noticed the disappearance of Charlie Weasley, so they interrupted searching for the egg and instead searched for him. Jacob's sibling and Bill heard a sound from a cave, went in, and found Charlie injured and laid with Urgruff's egg. In the meantime, a vicious young Hungarian Horntail appeared blocking the door of the cave, so Jacob's sibling fought it while Bill was helping his brother with the injury. Jacob's sibling overcame the Hungarian Horntail using the Sleeping Charm, and they fled. They returned to Gringotts with the egg and then explained the carried out task to Griphook.[207]

Finding Jacob[]

They confirmed from Madam Pince that the wizard had indeed been Jacob, who in fact had been in the Library rummaging through books, but couldn't find the books he wanted. They then went to Flourish and Blotts and talked to Madam Villanelle, who told them Jacob had looked for books on Mahoutokoro School of Magic. They thought Jacob might have left a secret message again, but none was found. They encountered Merula in Knockturn Alley who was still planning to kill Rakepick, and Jacob Apparated to their side seconds later, who said an assassin was after both them and Merula. They wanted to know more about Jacob's target and motivation, but he still didn't have much time and left after a quick practice duel.[208]

Tutoring Levi Kidd[]

During a transfiguration lesson, Wilfred Levi Kidd was humiliated when he miscast Feather Duster to Ferret and ended up turning his feather duster into a skunk. Embarrassed, he turned to Jacob's sibling for help becoming a Curse-Breaker, something of which he had always dreamed. Initially unsure, Jacob's sibling eventually agreed and the pair went to Gringotts so they could shadow Bill Weasley in his search for a treasure. Griphook told them that the treasure was hidden in the Red Cap's Hole, which Jacob's sibling knew the location of and led Bill and Levi there. When they got there, they found it was guarded by a Sphinx, who challenged them to bring her three items. The first clue indicated a Golden Snitch, which Jacob's sibling acquired from Alistair Fidgen. The second clue indicated a glass of Butterbeer, which Jacob's sibling and Levi acquired after helping Rosmerta to brew a new batch of it. The third clue indicated a Gryffindor crest, which they acquired from Bill's old Gryffindor robes. Lastly, the Sphinx presented them with a question regarding what linked all the items they had given. Levi accidentally blurted out the wrong answer, but the Sphinx gave the group another go and they guessed correctly, winning the treasure. They took the treasure back to Gringotts and Griphook thanked them for retrieving it.[209]

Looking for an owl[]

Jacob's sibling met Cedric Diggory who just started school, and when they were talking, Jacob's sibling saw Sickleworth running by carrying a white feather in his mouth. They picked up Beatrice while following his trace and tracked all the way down to the Transfiguration Classroom, but didn't find Sickleworth. Jacob's sibling thought Rakepick (whom Sickleworth might have been following) could have been investigating the statue curse and went to the Hospital Wing where all Petrified students were resting. They caught a glimpse of Sickleworth there, and followed him to Jacob's room and met Jacob, who believed the feather was a Transfigured quill. Jacob's sibling Untransfigured it into a note and discovered it to be for themselves, warning they "owed" a friend's life. After Jacob declined to let them search for Rakepick with him for their safety, they decided to investigate the owl from whom the feather had been taken.[210]

They went up to the Owlery and searched for the owl with Talbott who happened to be there, but failed. However, Talbott mentioned him seeing a white owl flying over the Forest Grove at some point, and that was where Jacob's sibling later saw the owl with Liz, Chiara and Borf. Unfortunately, they scared away the owl, who had been given the name Artemis by Liz. They didn't find the owl on the Hogsmeade Station platform, which was a shady spot that owls preferred, and went to take a break in Zonko's with Tonks, but saw rogue Fanged Frisbees flying around with no customers. They helped Bilton blasting them out of the way, and Bilton suggested looking in Hog's Head, which they did, and found out from Aberforth that Rakepick had just been there and then gone to Knockturn Alley.[211]

Searching for Dark artefacts[]

Jacob's sibling arrived at Knockturn Alley and saw Ben still interrogating Dark wizards and witches. They encountered a witch who knew about the white-robed wizard, and Jacob's sibling became suspicious and used the Revelio Charm to reveal Mundungus Fletcher. He said he had seen Rakepick going to collect dark artefacts left behind with Artemis, which belonged to her associates. Jacob's sibling went search for dark artefacts in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, but the artefacts there weren't Rakepick's. Filch told them they were in the professors' hands, and knowing Snape had a personal interest on Rakepick, they asked him about them and learned that Rakepick had cursed the artefacts with unfamiliar Dark Magic that could only be broken by Dumbledore. It turned out that Dumbledore had stored the artefacts at the Ministry of Magic, and Tulip happened to know that Chester Davies, a former Ravenclaw prefect, was working for the Ministry.[212]

In Flourish and Blotts, Jacob's sibling discussed the matter with Chester. Chester thought the artefacts were stored in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, but was reluctant to sneak them in. Then he revealed that he himself had sneaked in with an Invisibility Cloak, which got Jacob's sibling to ask Jae if he could get one. Jae knew a person who might have one, but due to their unfriendly history, they had to gather a few gifts for him. They retrieved a Remembrall from Hog's Head and got some Fireproof Socks from Andre before meeting their dealer, Alistair Fidgen. Alistair didn't forgive Jae for selling him fake love potions, and Jacob's sibling had to duel him before he hurt Jae more. After the duel, he seemed appeased, but still wanted them to give him a real love potion before he could hand over the Invisibility Cloak.[213]

Jacob's sibling gathered some rose thorns from the Herbology Classroom, peppermint from the kitchens, powdered moonstone and pearl dust from a witch in Hogsmeade Station to help Penny brew a love potion.[214] They then successfully traded the potion for an Invisibility Cloak, and when Alistair heard them talking about breaking into the Ministry, he suggested using the cloak on easier targets first. So they first went to the Transfiguration Classroom to eavesdrop on McGonagall and Flitwick and heard them talking about a dangerous wizard from Mahoutokoro and an exchange programme with Castelobruxo. At the Care of Magical Creatures grounds, they heard Hagrid and Kettleburn discussing overly-aggressive Grindylows in the Black Lake. They also spied on Binns and Pince considering continuing the research about the history of merpeople they had agreed to do for Rakepick before she had taken flight. For the last practice, they eavesdropped in Hog's Head, but Moody Apparated in, located them using his magical eye, and told them there was trouble on the Training Grounds.[215]

Gathering allies[]

The trouble turned out to simply be a test of Jacob's sibling's duelling skills. After a duel, Moody alerted them that R had former Death Eaters in its ranks and a Dark wizard had escaped going to Azkaban. When Jacob's sibling hurried to Divination class, Professor Trelawney Saw a Dark wizard had been sighted nearby and instructed students to scrutinise Rita Skeeter's story about it on the Daily Prophet. Jacob's sibling sensed the Dark wizard must have been near Hogwarts to be after them, so they thought of leaving Hogwarts, but the idea was eventually abandoned after they talked to their friends. After a brief skirmish between Charlie, who felt a bit at loss due to his dangerous adventures with Jacob's sibling, and Ben, who wanted to stop Charlie from attacking them more, Ben went with Jacob's sibling to the Spider's Lair to prove his abilities by showing them how he had taunted and attacked the Acromantula there (possibly the one guarding the Forest Vault). The Acromantula was immediately angered, and Jacob's sibling duelled it in time to prevent it from hurting Ben.[216]


Jacob's sibling, Penny and Cedric observing the Petrified Madam Pomfrey

Jacob's sibling thought Ben was too over-confident, but Ben didn't think there was such a thing, and insisted them meet Cedric again,[216] who was apparently not concerned about Ben being who he was. Then Cedric and Jacob's sibling went to the Hospital Wing to help Madam Pomfrey with Petrified students while talking to each other, but before Jacob's sibling could recruit Penny and brew some Pepperup Potion, they had a conversation with the Weasley brothers and learned that Fred and George had pulled off a prank again and Scabbers had been missing, but nothing the Weasleys themselves couldn't handle. They successfully brewed the potion with Penny, but before they left the Potions Classroom, Snape arrived and told them there were bigger problems, which was that Madam Pomfrey herself had been Petrified.[217]

Investigating the Black Lake[]

Soon, Dumbledore gathered all students in the Great Hall and gave some new rules in light of recent events, including staying close to the castle. Jacob's sibling followed this rule and researched the possible location of the final Cursed Vault in the Library with Cedric, eventually deciding the Vault was close to or inside the Black Lake. Naturally, to investigate the Lake meant sneaking out of the castle, which they did with Beatrice (who threatened to tell Dumbledore their plan) and the Invisibility Cloak, but didn't find any clues. Just as they were about to return to the castle, the white-robed wizard appeared, instantly hit Jacob's sibling with the Banishing Charm and left.[218]

Now heavily injured, Jacob's sibling turned to Chiara for help to heal the wounds. It turned out that Dumbledore knew what had happened at the lakeshore and gave Jacob's sibling and Beatrice detention. After the detention was over, Talbott met Jacob's sibling in the Owlery and told them he had found the white owl, but scared it away after she dropped the letters she was clutching, one of which was written in Japanese. They translated it in the Library and found it describing white quills hidden at the Black Lake.[219]

They went back to the lakeshore to search and found a white quill, which they Untransfigured to reveal a message sent by R addressed to the white-robed wizard, warning him the Ministry had authorised Dementors for his arrest. Jacob's sibling immediately warned Dumbledore, who held another emergency meeting in the Great Hall informing students Aurors were on their way. When Moody arrived, he told them Jacob had been at the lakeshore too when the ambush occurred, and it had been he who stopped the wizard from continuing to attack them. They wondered whether Jacob was still at Hogwarts, so they searched Jacob's room with Ben, but instead found a black quill, which, upon Untransfiguration, revealed another note written to Jacob, asking him to meet the sender in the Forest Grove.[220]

Battling in the Forest Grove[]

Jacob's sibling then joined up with Ben to go together into the Forest Grove to intercept the meeting. Ben recruited Merula to join them, which was at first not accepted by Jacob's sibling, but they were eventually convinced to take her. Before the departure, they also learned Flipendo Maxima from Badeea. The three went into the Forbidden Forest, heading to the Forest Grove. Unbeknownst to them however, they were being followed from a close distance behind them by Rowan. Eventually they reached the Forest Grove, and began to search for clues.[221]

The search led them to the discovery of an Opal Necklace belonging to Rakepick. As they were discussing the discovery, a swarm of Dementors showed up and circled the group. The group then began casting the Patronus Charm to protect themselves, however they were unsuccessful as they were overwhelmed with the sheer number of present Dementors.[221]

Rowan Death

Rowan's death at the hands of Rakepick

Rakepick then Apparated into the vicinity and cast a powerful Patronus Charm, warding off all of the Dementors. She then engaged in a duel with the students, which was watched by Rowan. Eventually, Jacob's sibling and Merula were defeated, with only Ben still fighting. Rakepick deflected most of his attacks before Ben cast Flipendo Maxima at her, stating that it would teach her a lesson. She then told him that she would teach him a lesson for him to take to his grave, and subsequently cast a Killing Curse at Ben, intending to kill him. However, Rowan, who had been watching the entire duel from a close distance, sacrificed their life by jumping in front of Ben, ending their life and saving that of their friends.[221]

Forming the Circle of Khanna[]
Rowan Tribute

Hogwarts students and staff raise their wand as a tribute to Rowan

Rowan's death struck the entirety of Hogwarts as an extremely painful event and their death was mourned by all of their friends, who found it difficult to come to terms with their tragic loss. In particular to suffer were Jacob's sibling, Ben, and Merula, all of whom had watched them die. A memorial service took place in the Great Hall, where Professor Dumbledore gave a brief eulogy of Rowan's life, aspirations and sacrifice before leading the students and staff in raising their wands as a tribute to Rowan.[222]

Jacob's sibling and their friends gathered in their common rooms, and the Heads of House announced the ban of leaving the castle had been lifted because the white-robed wizard was off Hogwarts grounds. They went for a drink in the Three Broomsticks Inn and recollected memories about Rowan with everybody there.[222]

Circle of Khanna

Jacob's sibling, Ben and Merula starting the Circle of Khanna

Rowan's murder prompted a vengeful Jacob's sibling, Merula and Ben to form their own secret organisation to combat the malevolent R and get revenge on Rakepick for what she had done.[222] They gathered some of their friends in the Hog's Head Inn and told them about R, the threat bigger than Rakepick. The organisation was named Circle of Khanna in memory of Rowan with Jacob's sibling taking up the role of leader.[30]

For the first tasks, the members split into smaller groups based on their abilities and interests. Jacob's sibling was surprised to find Beatrice in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom since the Circle was supposed to be a secret. Beatrice expressed interest in joining the Circle, which Jacob's sibling and Penny didn't prevent. What's more, Fred and George were seen practising spells in the Transfiguration Classroom and clearly had a interest in the Circle too. Jacob's sibling also visited the group at the Care of Magical Creatures grounds where Barnaby, Liz and Charlie were training Murtlaps and helped them search for a Murtlap, Hester. Badeea and Talbott, on the other hand, were working on a map of the Great Lake in the Library and discussed it with Jacob's sibling. Ben also invited Cedric to join the Circle.[30]

Still recovering from Rowan's death, Jacob's sibling had heart-to-heart conversations respectively with Dumbledore and Moody, and while Dumbledore wanted them to focus on grieving and healing, Moody liked the idea of fighting a secret organisation with another secret organisation. Unfortunately, Cedric had broken his arm and was resting in the Hospital Wing, and Jacob's sibling visited him, helped treating other patients and invited Chiara to join the Circle of Khanna, but Chiara was reluctant to do so because of her werewolf identity. Jacob's sibling eventually convinced her to join.[223]

Meeting Alanza Alves[]

Jacob's sibling was called in Dumbledore's office and met Alanza Alves, an exchange student from Castelobruxo. Learning that Dumbledore wanted them to be a guide for Alanza, they started at the Training Grounds where Jacob's sibling planned to talk to Badeea and Talbott about the map of the Great Lake, and when Alanza thought the map was part of the tour, they showed it to her nevertheless, but decided to keep the Circle of Khanna a secret. However, Badeea let slip the name of the Circle, but Talbott made it up by saying it was a club, and when Alanza wanted to join, Jacob's sibling said it was better to experience classes first.[224]

They went to the Potions Classroom and heard Professor Snape, Madam Pince and Mr Filch talking about things missing around the school. They then introduced Alanza and the staff to each other, and when Alanza described the three of them as "grumpy" and Filch called for Mrs Norris to leave, she unexpectedly purred and courted him and Alanza to Jacob's sibling's surprise. After class, Merula talked to Jacob's sibling about making the Circle of Khanna the top priority and was noticed by Alanza again.[224]

Hagrid prepared several magical creatures in his garden as a "creature welcome", but unfortunately there were some conflicts among them due to the variety of their species. Jacob's sibling and Alanza calmed them down, during which Alanza showed great talent in dealing with creatures. While Alanza was talking to Hagrid, she mentioned the Circle of Khanna and that everyone was talking about it, making Hagrid feel both regretful (for not reaching out to Jacob's sibling sooner) and worried (that they might do something dangerous).[224]

Jacob's sibling intended to continue their talk with Merula, and when they entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, they saw Beatrice and Ismelda brewing a potion with the exact ingredients that Snape had said to have been missing, along with the books about advanced potions from the Library. Alanza deduced the potion was Felix Felicis from the spells of it, and Jacob's sibling learned that it was Penny's idea to higher their luck in beating Rakepick. When they couldn't conceal the facts anymore, Jacob's sibling explained everything about Rowan and the Circle of Khanna to Alanza.[224]

Returning to the Forest Grove[]

After a brief conversation with Ben and Merula in Hog's Head, Jacob's sibling met Bill at Hogsmeade Station who wanted to pay a visit to his younger brothers at school. They prepared his mother, Molly's home-made fudge in the kitchens with Charlie and Jae and tricked Percy, Fred and George into coming to the Owlery to receive it. When the Weasley brothers were all feeling down, Jacob's sibling helped explain the good side of life at Hogwarts, and when Fred mentioned Circle of Khanna, Bill immediately guessed what it was and wanted to join. He later talked to Jacob's sibling, Ben and Merula in private and suggested working in an organised way by finding clues back at where Rowan died as a start.[225]

Before departure, Jacob's sibling spent a normal day at school. They had a lunch with Alanza and learned all about Castelobruxo, and while attending Divination class, Chiara reminded them this night would be especially dangerous to go to the Forbidden Forest due to a full moon. They also volunteered in the Hospital Wing due to two more Petrified students. In the Forbidden Forest, they encountered a werewolf and fought it, and when it was Stunned, Chiara in werewolf form hopped in and chased it away. Torvus then appeared and delivered a message from Firenze that he would tell them his findings about the prophecy if they studied the constellation Cetus.[226]

They attended Astronomy class and studied Cetus under Professor Sinistra's supervision, then went into the Centaur Camp and learned from Firenze that his interpretation was they would have to "face a difficult decision, a powerful adversary, and another loss" and that the future would take them beyond anything they had experienced in the past six years. They talked with Dumbledore privately and decided it was necessary to better understand Jacob.[198]

Becoming Head Boy or Girl[]

Dumbledore called Jacob's sibling to his office to inform them of his decision to consider them for Head Boy or Girl for their seventh year. Jacob's sibling was reluctant to accept, however, as becoming Head Boy or Girl had been Rowan Khanna's dream ever since they met in Diagon Alley. Dumbledore urged them to think about the offer, but Jacob's sibling said they had to attend an Astronomy class and never gave a definite answer. Whilst in the class, they shared their worries with Penny and Merula. Later at night in the Clock Tower Courtyard, they saw what they believed was Rowan returned to Hogwarts as a ghost. This apparition told Jacob's sibling to look to the past. Jacob's sibling explored their and Rowan's first memories in Diagon Alley together and eventually ended up talking to Duncan Ashe, who reminded them that ghosts don't act in the way Rowan appeared to. After talking to Professor Binns and Hagrid as to why ghosts choose to remain in the land of the living, Jacob's sibling visited the Courtyard again and saw an item of clothing that belonged to Rowan, which they had helped them pick in their first year. After seeing Fawkes flying overhead, they returned to Professor Dumbledore and accepted Dumbledore's offer, keeping the item of clothing as a memento of Rowan.[14]

Bonding with Jacob and Beatrice[]

Jacob's sibling invited Charlie to go to the Prefects' Bathroom to visit Duncan and learned he had used to have secret meetings with Jacob down in the Boathouse, so they went there and found a black quill and Untransfigured it to reveal a letter written by Jacob that informed them to go to the lakeshore and cast Vermillious if they wanted to meet him.[227]

They went to the lakeshore and did so, and Jacob Apparated. He explained all about his motivations of teaming up with Rakepick and regrets towards his inability to stop her from hurting his sibling. Suddenly, Jacob spotted Beatrice floating on the Black Lake.[227] They rushed her to the Hospital Wing, and she remembered going to the lake because of her nightmares about the white-robed wizard and seeing giant tentacles (of a Giant Squid) before jumping in to do some reconnaissance. To help Beatrice understand the nightmares, Jacob's sibling took her to see Snape for guidance, who used Legilimency, "struggled to tell nightmare from reality", and advised her to stop repressing her trauma. They enjoyed a game of Gobstone and heard Sir Cadogan's compliments of her valour.[228]

Exploring the Whomping Willow[]

Jacob's sibling, Chiara and Talbott reading about Grindylows in Flourish and Blotts

Ready to move on and face the future, Jacob's sibling held a meeting with the members of the Circle of Khanna and considered several threats in the Black Lake: Grindylows, the Giant Squid, and merpeople. They consulted Kettleburn and Hagrid, and read books about the Grindylows, but instead found a page about the Whomping Willow and a description that said it was a message exchange centre for a large dark organisation. Knowing Alanza was a natural with creatures, they asked her about the Willow but came down to talk about Alanza's school life instead. When they were finishing up, the Weird Sisters showed up. They had no choice but to ask Professor Sprout to review the Whomping Willow in Herbology class, who told them there was no way to get near the Willow.[229]

After class, Jacob's sibling was told Dumbledore discovered the Circle of Khanna. In his office, they saw Ben and Merula had been called up there too. They discussed possible consequences of their actions, but were surprised to find Dumbledore actually thinking it was a support group that focused on healing rather than vengeance. Later, they distracted Madam Pince and headed for the Restricted Section to research more about the Whomping Willow, and found Rowan's notes on the best woods for wands and broomsticks. It gave them motivation to head to the Whomping Willow, but first they called for Jacob and practised the Shield Charm, when Merula walked in and insisted an extra meeting of the Circle during which Jacob's sibling teach them the Charm. After an argument with the members that Merula picked for the meeting, Filch appeared and reported them to Dumbledore, who once again gave them detention.[230]

After detention, they went together to the Whomping Willow and found a black quill which Untransfigured to a message. Before they were able to read the whole message, the Willow attempted to stomp them, so they quickly fled, but didn't bring the message. They went for another try and got the message, and read that a meeting of a Dark wizard society was soon to happen at Borgin and Burkes. They reviewed Concealment Charms with Flitwick and proper ways to disguise oneself with Tonks and Tulip, and scouted out Borgin and Burkes with Jae, when they spotted Alistair and met Moody.[231]

Infiltrating R's meeting[]

They had a talk with Moody, who thought they needed an advanced strategy, such as disguising themselves to become a different person. They convinced Penny to brew some Polyjuice Potion, and they went together to gather ingredients. In the Potions Classroom, Professor Snape walked in and warned them about all the perils of the Polyjuice Potion, but didn't stop them from collecting ingredients.[232] They subsequently collected all ingredients from various places, including a strand of Rakepick's hair, and brewed the Polyjuice Potion with Penny, but since it needed a month to be finished, they thought of imitating Rakepick from the inside out to pass the time.[233] They played pretend with Bill, Merula, Fred and George and learned Rakepick's style with Alanza and Andre.[234] They recruited Tonks, Jae and Talbott and confirmed from Jacob that Rakepick herself would most probably not appear at the meeting.[235]


Rakepick striking down Jacob's sibling

When the Polyjuice Potion was ready and the time had come, Jacob's sibling put on Rakepick's outfit and transformed into her, while Tonks turned into a Dark witch and Jae wore the Invisibility Cloak. They went to Borgin and Burkes and saw the white-robed wizard waiting outside with a Dark witch. They were surprised that "Rakepick" showed up, but eventually made sense of it and talked to them about R's plans. From them, Jacob's sibling learned there was a secret agent (in other words, a mole) inside Hogwarts who was making progress with their plans, but before furthering their conversation, the real Rakepick Apparated and struck Jacob's sibling down, initiating a brief fight between Jacob's sibling's team, Moody, Jacob (who too Apparated) and Rakepick. Seeing as she was outnumbered, Rakepick Disapparated, and so did Jacob.[236]

Jacob's sibling was too focused to realise the others had bound the white-robed wizard with ropes. Moody and they brought him back to the Boathouse and interrogated him, learning nothing but that R was planning to recruit Jacob's sibling and expecting them to be its next leader, so Moody Stunned him and planned to throw him in Azkaban. Jacob's sibling gathered the Circle of Khanna in Hog's Head and discussed who the mole might've been, and it came down to Madam Hooch, Professor Snape and Mr Filch.[236]

Visiting the merpeople[]

Jacob's sibling and Merula got Filch's attention by sticking a Blood Pop on Mrs Norris. Filch expressed affection for the school and the staff when talking to them, which diminished the possibility of him being the mole. Madam Hooch didn't sound like a person who would respect R as well and seemed to not have any idea as to what a student was trying to accomplish by dive-bombing the Black Lake. Jacob's sibling and Snape's conversation, however, was interrupted by Barnaby, who, along with many others, found another Petrified student. The situation showed them the search for the mole had to be put on hold and the focus should be breaking the statue curse.[237]

Jacob's sibling reviewed the Bubble-Head Charm with Barnaby and Ben to improve their ability to breath underwater.[237] After that, they decided to head into the Black Lake alone while Barnaby and Ben watched out for the mole. After sinking to the bottom surface, they saw a trident, encountered a hostile merwoman and fought her, and before things got worse, exited the Lake. Wanting to learn more about how to soothe merpeople, they interviewed Kettleburn and Hagrid with Liz, and also learned more in Flourish and Blotts, where Chiara found out the local merpeople were fond of music.[238]

Weird Sisters Concert HM638

Weird Sisters concert at the Great Lake

Jacob's sibling immediately thought of the Weird Sisters when it came to music.[238] When talking to them, Jacob's sibling learned Filch had plucked Kirley's guitar and it was essential for a concert, so they went to his office and found it just before Filch came in. Under the pretence of wanting to write a song about Mrs Norris, they successfully took the guitar. After returning it, they did some planning and went to the Lake to do the concert. The merwoman Jacob's sibling had fought and another merperson surfaced from the water and listened in joy.[239]

When Jacob's sibling entered the Lake again, they apologised and explained their intentions to the merwoman, and she led them to the merpeople village. The Village was huge and there appeared to be a lost city nearby. After waiting for a while, the merwoman introduced Jacob's sibling to the Merqueen. The merpeople showed them a broken lyre, comb and necklace and wanted them to bring new versions of these items.[239]

Preparing for the Sunken Vault[]
Picking Comb HM639

Jacob's sibling picking a comb for the Merqueen

After a brief discussion with their friends, Jacob's sibling convinced Alanza to give them one of her treasured necklaces and asked Jae to acquire a lyre. Their search of combs with Charlie in the Prefects' Bathroom came down to a failure, but they spotted Dennis, which indicated Tulip was behind the missing combs. They found Tulip, Fred and George, who indeed snuck all the combs for a massive prank that turned everybody's hair into hideous colours, and after an explanation, Jacob's sibling managed to gain a good-looking comb.[240]

Examining Lyre HM641

Jacob's sibling brought the lyre to the Hog's Head

After a practice duel, Merula became more hostile than ever towards Jacob's sibling. Ben speculated it was just her letting her feelings out, and suggested reading some of Rowan's notes to remind themselves of their purpose.[241] Jae brought a lyre to Hog's Head, but its strings were broken. Knowing that Kirley could play string instruments, Jae brought it to him to fix it while Jacob's sibling and Merula considered who to bring to the Sunken Vault with them. Merula thought Ben was a good idea, and Ben immediately showed his willingness. They also recruited Barnaby to be their lookout for R, and Jacob to be with them in the adventure.[242]

Entering the Sunken Vault[]
Merpeople Cheering HM642

The merpeople cheering for Jacob's sibling's team's song

Jacob's sibling, Merula, Ben and Jacob went to the merpeople village in the Black Lake and presented the lyre, the comb, and the necklace to the Merqueen. After approving of those, the Merqueen also asked them to sing a song. They picked a song that was famous among them and sang together, and when they finished, the Merqueen and the other merpeople applauded. This winned the Merqueen's consent to guide them to the Sunken Vault.[38]

Fighting Grindylows HM642

Jacob's sibling's team fighting Grindylows outside the fortress in which the Sunken Vault was located

She led them to the front of a stone fortress with no entrance where Jacob's sibling had spotted the trident on their previous visit. Knowing that the Sunken Vault must have been in there, they casted the Gouging Spell to make an opening, and a great many of angered Grindylows swarmed through. After the team defeated them, they entered the fortress and spotted the mouth of a statue of a Giant Squid what might be the way to the Vault. They casted some more spells to remove the rock in front of the Vault and entered.[38]

Reliving Memories HM642

Jacob's sibling reliving their worst memories in the Sunken Vault

It was essentially no different than any other Vault, with a glowing centre column and no visible treasures. When Jacob's sibling touched the column, the surroundings blackened, and they were stuck in a loop in which they relived the worst of their memories, including Merula's hostility, the gruelling encounter with Rakepick in the Buried Vault, and Rowan's death. The real Merula dragged them out of the loop, and they found out the others had also experienced similarly.[38]

Rakepick Duel HM642

Jacob's sibling and Rakepick duelling

Realising the true purpose of the Cursed Vaults might not have been waiting for someone to come in, but keeping insidious curses from coming out instead, the team decided to reseal the Sunken Vault. At the moment, having bypassed Barnaby's sentry, Rakepick showed up and promptly struck down the other three. Jacob's sibling had a intense duel with Rakepick and ultimately defeated her, before resealing the Vault and returning to the castle with the others to report to Dumbledore.[38]

Throwing a party[]

Jacob's sibling recalled the experience with Dumbledore, who thought Hogwarts owed them a debt and considered them a hero. Jacob told them they got to be a normal student again, something which he couldn't get now. They met Moody too and thought they still hadn't gained much clues of R and its mole inside Hogwarts. Talbott discovered a letter to Jacob's sibling in the Owlery, and they discovered it was the letter Ben had written before they had entered the Buried Vault. In it, he had written about their friendship and expressed how much he had admired them. They then invited all their friends to Hog's Head and thanked every one of them.[243]

Having been reminded by Jacob and Moody that life at Hogwarts could be exciting and wonderful, Jacob's sibling decided to throw a party to celebrate. Alanza suggested they choose Three Broomsticks for the venue, but Madam Rosmerta didn't welcome the idea as her barmaid was ill in addition to all of the patrons, so Penny wanted to help her with her business, and they eventually acquired Rosmerta's consent. Jacob's sibling found Fred and George in Zonko's Joke Shop, who sneaked to Hogsmeade with the help of the Marauder's Map, and asked for pranking advices. They even invited the Weird Sisters to perform some music, and discovered they were writing a song about their heroic acts and needed more information of them, so they helped with the lyrics.[244]

Attending Party HM644

Jacob's sibling enjoying the party with their friends

Jacob's sibling went to the party and saw Hagrid and Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape attending, who were all happy to see them returning to normal life. Alanza then revealed she would be staying at Hogwarts for the next school year. Jacob's sibling and their friends enjoyed the party with decorations, Butterbeer and music. Later, Jae told them he had gotten a message from Mundungus Fletcher.[244]

Finding out the mole[]

Jacob's sibling went to Diagon Alley with Jae and met Fletcher and Ollivander. Ollivander told them a young Dark witch with dark clothes and wide-brimmed hat with feathers had recently come in to ask about the specifications of Jacob's sibling's wand and said something about a white-robed wizard. Then Madam Villanelle recalled the Dark witch talking out loud about the wand and had almost knocked over a book display in Flourish and Blotts. She had also talked about books and subjects they and Jacob were interested in.[245]

Merula Meeting HM645

Merula and the Dark witch (in a different look) having a secret meeting

Knowing who she might have been, Jacob's sibling went to Hog's Head and saw the Dark witch they had seen multiple times in Knockturn Alley. They eavesdropped on her and found out she was about to meet someone, possibly the Hogwarts mole, so later on, they brought their Invisibility Cloak and went to Knockturn Alley, where they were shocked to see Merula come and say she was ready to join R. The Dark witch transformed into a different look and Disapparated with her.[245]

Seventh year[]

The wandless duel[]

At the start of the 1990–1991 school year, Jacob's sibling reunited with their friends in the Great Hall. Before the Start-of-Term Feast, Professor Dumbledore announced that seventh-year students would have the opportunity to explore various wizarding professions off the school grounds.[246]

Jacob's sibling gathered the Circle of Khanna, but the others were more interested in feeling unburdened and leading a normal life. They then met Jacob in the Hog's Head Inn, but before they could speak, Alastor Moody sat down beside them. They then told the two about what they had seen at the end of the last school year, and expressed some negative feelings about it. Moody suggested talking to someone they didn't know at Hogwarts since their acquaintances weren't very supportive.[246]

Jacob's sibling went to History of Magic class, and Tulip introduced Corey Hayden to them, who were talking to a crowd about today's lesson on Emeric the Evil. After Corey's lecture, Jacob's sibling discussed Emeric the Evil further with them. Just then, Merula showed up.[246] Later, she spoke to them about her summer of spell-training and used the Knockback Jinx on them wandlessly. She then invited them to a wandless duel. Wanting to study about wandless magic, Jacob's sibling went to the Library but was forbidden to enter the Restricted Section where all the books about wandless magic resided. Corey came by, and after telling them the history of wandless magic, they used the Bombardment Spell in the Library, giving Madam Pince reason to send them to the kitchens for detention, where house-elves, users of wandless magic, work.[41]

Duel Lost HM72

Jacob's sibling losing a wandless duel to Merula Snyde

They tried to let Pitts teach them, but it didn't went good. They then summoned Jacob and learned more, but their Banishing Charm was still very feeble. The time of duelling Merula had come, and Jacob's sibling suffered a big loss. She decided to teach them wandless magic to bring them to the same skill level as her, and said just like each person's wand was different, wandless magic worked for every person differently too. Jacob's sibling then cast a mildly powerful Knockback Jinx when they were focusing on things that made them feel at home.[41]

Investigating with Corey[]

After Merula left, Corey revealed they knew something was off with Merula. They later explained that they came to the conclusion by observing Jacob's sibling's behaviour in their interactions with them and Merula. Corey decided they wanted to team up with Jacob's sibling in solving the mystery, so Jacob's sibling told them about Merula's resolve in joining R.[41]

Jacob's sibling attended Professor Arif Sikander's Muggle Studies class with Corey while spying on Merula. During the whole lesson, Merula was taking notes, but at the end turned it into a black quill that looked like R's, and secretly passed it to Ismelda. They followed Ismelda to the Owlery, and after she left, they searched for the quill with Talbott, Untransfigured it and read that there would be a meeting in the Artefact Room after supper.[247]

They put on their Invisibility Cloak and waited with Corey outside the room, while Corey told detective stories and analysed that the guilty wasn't necessarily the first suspect. They then saw Merula heading to the Artefact Room with a figure in a black cloak, but before they could get close enough, Filch stopped them and made them turn around. When Filch was finally gone, they headed to the Artefact Room and caught Merula and Badeea in it. They explained that Badeea was only Merula's Charms tutor and had been secretly helping her due to it being "humiliating". The next day, Jacob's sibling and Corey reviewed the information they had so far.[247]

Ministry assignments[]

Dumbledore gathered several students, including Jacob's sibling and assigned them a mission of visiting to the Ministry of Magic, specifically the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. After expanding their knowledge base of the Ministry by talking to Charlie, they acquired some Floo Powder from the professors. Meanwhile, Corey invited Beatrice to talk to Jacob's sibling about Merula, during which she said Merula had been going to the Whomping Willow and always came back in a bad mood. Before going to the Ministry, Moody caught Jacob's sibling in time and warned them of possible agents of R inside the Ministry and that he had his own contacts there.[248]

No Credentials HM75

Jacob's sibling stopped by Eric Munch when Arthur and Bill Weasley passed by

Arriving at the Ministry, Jacob's sibling was checked by Eric Munch with a Probity Probe and dismissed when he heard they had no credentials. They explained themselves but it didn't help, and just as they were about to be forced to leave, they met Arthur and Bill Weasley, who vouched for them, gaining Jacob's sibling the consent to enter. Arthur then guided them to the All-Purpose Room where they met Amos Diggory, who was alone in the room, appeared to be amnesiac over recent events and rather grumpy. After giving some reminder to him, Jacob's sibling learned he was no longer in charge of the student programme and was asked to go to Office 34B.[39]

Umbridge HM75

Jacob's sibling encountering Dolores Umbridge in Office 34B

They went to the office and found it was covered in pink and cat-related stuff with nobody in it. Dolores Umbridge then appeared and heckled them about their presence in her office. After Umbridge learned Jacob's sibling's name, she immediately turned friendly and thought they would like to meet Wilkie Twycross in the All-Purpose Room. Now the room was filled with people and Jacob's sibling met Twycross, who gave them a visitor badge as their credentials, taught the Rules of Conduct for Students Visiting the Ministry of Magic to them, and explained that Moody had requested that they go to the Auror Office along with another student, instead of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office which was the choice under normal circumstances.[39]

Jacob's sibling went to the Auror Office and discovered the other student was Tonks. They practised duelling to burn off Tonks's extra energy, before Moody came in and told them to start their tasks.[39] They then went to an office to receive their first task, which was learning about Hogwarts as much as they could. After completing it by returning to Hogwarts and investigating, they went back to the Ministry to report to Moody that everything in Hogwarts was perfectly normal.[249]

The second task was about a rogue alchemist who claimed to have invented a panacea, causing boils on its victims. Jacob's sibling interviewed a witness who bought the dodgy panacea, tracked the alchemist with Tonks, researched, experimented with alchemy and discussed with Dumbledore about it. Later, Moody told them he had caught the alchemist thanks to their help, and the panacea had in fact been made from corn starch and lard.[250]

Enchanted windows mystery[]

Jacob's sibling, Ben and Reginald observing the hurricane windows

After helping Eric Munch registering wands, Jacob's sibling and Tonks went to see Arthur Weasley who taught them things about Portkeys to them in the Portkey Office. Due to malfunctioning enchanted windows which display a hurricane, Arthur could not continue his speech and tasked them to fix them. On the way to the Magical Maintenance Department, they met Ben, Barnaby, Charlie and Liz in front of the lifts, and Barnaby brought up his uncle Cecil who had helped the Magical Maintenance Department before. Jacob's sibling went with Barnaby to talk to him, but he demanded them to duel each other first to see if they had the potential to join the Werewolf Capture Unit.

After the duel, they learnt that only the windows in the Portkey Office were acting strange, which had not been the case before in which all of the windows were broken. When passing by the All-Purpose Room, they saw the hurricane windows had spread to it as well, and everyone was not able to work. Reginald Cattermole, an employee from the Magical Maintenance Department, joined their conversation about it and said this window was the "master window" which controlled all the enchanted windows in the Ministry. After considering it for a while, Jacob's sibling and Ben thought the windows might have been cursed by a complicated spellwork.[251]

Jacob's sibling now called it the "enchanted windows mystery" and reported to Moody with Tonks, suspecting it might have been a work of R, though without solid evidence. Moody encouraged them to use their curse-breaking and detective skills to find out the truth, so they talked to Munch and read his documents, during which they noticed Reg had come in twice this morning without Munch having seen him leaving in-between. Reg himself denied this immediately and three others confirmed his continuous presence. However, Jacob's sibling found his wand under a desk, one which Mafalda Hopkirk usually sat instead of him. Connecting the dots, Jacob's sibling deduced a fake Reg may have stolen the real Reg's wand to curse the enchanted windows and blame Reg.[252]

Jacob's sibling and Ben releasing Tonks

Jacob's sibling and Ben releasing Tonks from a locked chest

They discussed this with Ben and landed their guesses on the intruder either taking Polyjuice Potion or being a Metamorphmagus. Just then, Tonks left in a rush to supposedly see Wilkie Twycross, and Jacob's sibling and Ben discovered a bouncing locked chest. They unlocked the chest and saw another Tonks in it, then realised the Tonks they had been working with was an imposter, so they tried but failed to chase them down. The last memory that Tonks had was her stopping in the Auror Office for her quill and notepad when heading to the Magical Maintenance Department, and a man like a weasel (probably the fake Reg before becoming Tonks) coming in after her. They thought since they had been discovered while assuming both identities, they were now disguising as someone else. An Arthur Weasley approached them, and after he was confirmed to be really him, he told them a suspicious Amos Diggory had left the Portkey Office shortly before he had arrived and seen the windows, displaying the same rudeness and amnesia that Jacob's sibling themselves had seen when talking to him.[252]

Amos came into the All-Purpose Room, in which he usually rested around that time, shortly after them and acted like the real Amos. When he heard there may have been an imposter, he questioned Jacob's sibling instead about his son Cedric to confirm their identity. Afterwards, when Jacob's sibling asked whether he had been in the Portkey Office, he said he had been helping the Pest Advisory Board with one of their albino bloodhounds instead, and that this was the first time he talked to them this day. This could mean nothing besides the imposter having been disguised as Amos.[252]

In order to further investigate the enchanted windows curse, Jacob's sibling returned to Hogwarts and consulted Professor Flitwick. They also brought Reg's wand for him to examine. Meanwhile, they reunited with Corey and were informed that Merula had been visiting the Whomping Willow increasingly. When Jacob's sibling told Corey about the Metamorphmagus, Corey suspected the Dark witch from Knockturn Alley due to her previous transformation. Then, Merula showed up and called Jacob's sibling a "Janitor" for the maintenance work she thought they had been doing. Jacob's sibling wondered whether someone at the Ministry told her that, but Merula refused to divulge what she had been up to.[253]

Jacob's sibling received Flitwick's owl and visited him again, who told them the curse had been the Atmospheric Charm. They then reviewed meteolojinx recanto which should act as a counter-spell. Going back to the Ministry, they successfully restored the windows using the spell. Alastor Moody also asked to see them and said the ensuing chaos had allowed someone to slip in unseen and steal a Portkey in the form of a sock.[253]

Mysterious creature attack[]
Jacob's sibling and friends in the Beast Division HM79

Jacob's sibling and friends uniting in the Beast Division

Jacob's sibling and Tonks gave Moody a formal debrief and received a visit from Wilkie Twycross, who announced that Jacob's sibling would be going to the Beast Division in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at Amos Diggory's invitation. There, they met Barnaby, Charlie and Liz who were assigned to the same division, and listened to Amos's lecture about it. He asked Jacob's sibling and Liz to investigate an odd creature sighting in Hogsmeade.[254]

Jacob's sibling questioning Umbridge HM79

Jacob's sibling questioning Dolores Umbridge about the creature attack

They went to the Hogsmeade Station platform and saw Dolores Umbridge who looked like injured with a claw mark and said to have been attacked by an unknown creature on her way to Madam Puddifoot's but not remember anything except the falling. When Jacob's sibling speculated she might have been attacked by a big cat, she turned angry and refused help from a "child". Then, Madam Puddifoot came in and informed them that a Hogwarts student had been found near Zonko's with large scratches earlier that day and too couldn't have seemed to recall how exactly she had gotten there.[254]

Jacob's sibling and Liz visiting Ismelda HM79

Jacob's sibling and Liz visiting Ismelda in the Hospital Wing

They rushed to the Hospital Wing and found out the student to be Ismelda, who bore a similar mark. She recounted heading to the Three Broomsticks and seeing some big yellow eyes, but before Jacob's sibling could ask for more, Merula, who was keeping Ismelda company, said she needed to rest and made them leave. After researching in the Library, Jacob's sibling thought it might've been a Wampus cat which was native to North America and had yellow eyes which had powers of hypnosis and legilimency. After Liz left to read some more, Corey caught Jacob's sibling up with her recent investigations.[254]

Jacob's sibling clashing with Tim

Jacob's sibling clashing with Tim

Returning to the Ministry, Jacob's sibling gave their report to Amos, who believed the situation was worth looking further into. He instructed them and Charlie, who returned from Niffler-related tasks, to study the Ministry accident reports, in which they saw a lot of mentions of Professor Kettleburn, so they consulted him and got his suggestion of using a Niffler as bait after practising catching Kneazles as a warm-up. After they formed their plan with Liz, Charlie placed a Golden Snitch in Hagrid's Garden and it naturally attracted a Niffler. Jacob's sibling attempted to hit it with the Stunning Spell, but it jumped out of the way, causing them some troubles to capture it. After it was successfully Stunned, they brought it to Hogsmeade Station and it lured out the Wampus cat. Jacob's sibling had a brief fight with him, and after he knocked their wand out of their hand, they Stunned him wandlessly. When they came close to secure him, they noticed what looked like the sock Portkey near him. Liz also named him Tim.[255]

Jacob's sibling and Liz delivering Tim to Kettleburn

Jacob's sibling and Liz delivering Tim to Kettleburn

Afterwards, Jacob's sibling talked to Moody about this assignment and the sock, which Moody confirmed was the missing Portkey and thought might have been another distraction. He proposed that Jacob's sibling focus on Merula and his assignments while he work on R. Jacob's sibling then headed to the Department of Magical Creature Regulation and celebrated with their friends and Amos and delivered Tim to Professor Kettleburn who had decided to care for him. They then talked with Merula, during which they voiced their suspicion of her, in particular, her constant change of tone and manners. Merula responded by saying she was still trying to figure out what kind of person she wanted to be. Before the conversation could reach a natural ending, Ben picked up Jacob's sibling and went see Twycross, who informed them of their new positions.[256]

Memory loss catastrophe[]
Xeep Meet-and-Greet

Xeep Meet-and-Greet

Moody greeted Jacob's sibling and Ben at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes while the Head of Department was unavailable, and intended them to interview Garrick Ollivander about a backfired wand as the first task. Ollivander originally acknowledged the existence of a misfiring wand, but later claimed to not remember such wand at all, and wanted to leave and meet Zenith Xeep, a renowned opera diva in the wizarding world, so Jacob's sibling offered to come with him. They met Zenith and Rita Skeeter in the Leaky Cauldron and heard about Zenith's new beauty-and-lifestyle business, Xeep, and its product, Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution, which Ollivander had been using for a week and spoke highly of. Jacob's sibling was gifted a bottle of it, and then returned to Ollivanders with Ben.[257]

Jacob's sibling and Ben with the fake wand

Jacob's sibling and Ben with the fake wand

Ollivander remembered having the wand again, and they found a suspicious wand, which he determined to be a fake, leading them to believe the real one had been stolen. He recalled having amnesiac symptoms for a week and found Madam Villanelle to have visited his shop during this time according to his ledger. When they visited her, she was oblivious of her visit as well, but was immediately reminded of the backfired wand when Jacob's sibling mentioned it. Both Ollivander and Villanelle had been using Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution when their memory problems occurred, which they doubted was a coincidence.[257]

Back at the Ministry, Moody informed Jacob's sibling and Ben Obliviators had been sent to restore Ollivander and Villanelle's memories (but they were not successful), and that the Ministry had been confiscating Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution, which might've been the reason Zenith was hiding. Moody tasked them to restore the two's memories themselves, and since Jacob's sibling still had a vial of the Solution with them, they found Penny, and then Professor Snape, and had them examine it. Snape identified the Forgetfulness Potion to be a base of this complex Solution and was willing to brew a counter-serum for them. Meanwhile, Jacob's sibling practised wandless magic with Ben and went through an interview with Rita, who demanded them find out what the Ministry was planning by breaking into Umbridge's office before she could tell them where Zenith was.[258]

Dungbomb setting off in Office 34B

Dungbomb setting off in Office 34B

Jacob's sibling and Ben talked about setting up distractions for Umbridge, and Ben came up with the idea of pretending to do office checks as an assignment of the Magical Maintenance Department. Jacob's sibling asked Tulip to meet in Zonko's and she helped them choose a Dungbomb. When they went to Office 34B and met Umbridge, she wanted to have tea with them right away, and when they prepared to place the Dungbomb, she noticed, but they explained it away. When she pressed them about the treasures in the final Cursed Vault, the Dungbomb set off and Umbridge blamed Ludo Bagman, leaving the room. Jacob's sibling searched the office and found a paper about a Wizengamot trial.

Jacob's sibling confronting Zenith Xeep

Jacob's sibling duelling Zenith Xeep

They talked to Rita and she told them to find Zenith in Knockturn Alley, where they then saw Zenith meeting with a Dark witch, originally disguised as Wilkie Twycross. Ben couldn't wait and jumped out when Zenith was about to hand over the wand she had stolen, and the Dark witch used the Stunning Spell on him. Jacob's sibling came out too, the Dark witch Disapparated, and they duelled Zenith. After they won, Zenith drank a bottle of Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution, making herself forget what had happened, thus preventing Jacob's sibling from knowing. However, she also forgot her name.[259]

Victims drinking the counter-serum HM715

Victims drinking the counter-serum

Back at the Ministry, Moody questioned Jacob's sibling about disobeying his order of not pursuing this case before consulting with him, and then asked them about their confrontation with Zenith. They discussed the Dark witch, who Moody believed was a high-ranking member of R. Jacob's sibling then checked in with Professor Snape and Penny and helped them finish brewing the counter-serum. They went to Ollivanders and offered the victims the counter-serum, which seemed to have taken effect.[260]

Jacob's sibling speaking with Cornelius Fudge HM715

Jacob's sibling speaking with Cornelius Fudge

Jacob's sibling met with Corey in Three Broomsticks and talked about the phoenix feather wand and Merula. Corey told them about the note (transfigured as a quill) she had intercepted from Merula, which said that she wouldn't put her friends in danger again. Alastor Moody then showed up and brought Jacob's sibling to see Cornelius Fudge, who spoke to them about the upcoming Wizengamot trial of the white-robed wizard, which they, Jacob and Merula would be required to testify. Jacob's sibling was worried how everyone would react if the wizard would say R wanted to recruit them.[260]

Doxy infestation[]
Victor talking about his experience in the Great Hall 2

Jacob's sibling talking to Corey beside Victor Ketsueki

As the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Professor Dumbledore spoke to Jacob's sibling about the trial and reminded them of the gravity of the situation. They talked to Merula thereafter, who stormed off upon hearing some friendship speech involving Ismelda from them. They also spoke to Corey about her and noticed Victor Ketsueki, a Ravenclaw student in their year, talking to a bunch of students.[261]

Jacob's sibling Untransfiguring black quill

Jacob's sibling Untransfiguring R's quill

Jacob's sibling and Corey went to the Whomping Willow and found another note which warned the receiver not to cross "us". It suggested that Merula may not have been completely on R's side. Just as they Untransfigured it back to a black quill, Merula arrived and confronted them, but they fobbed her off and soon left. The two then discussed the note and Merula in the Artefact Room, and thought it would be a good idea to ask Merula to become a double agent. Suddenly, a Doxy flew out and bit Corey.[261]

Jacob's sibling, Barnaby, Chiara and a Bundimun

The students with a Bundimun in Hagrid's Garden

When Jacob's sibling visited Corey in the Hospital Wing, they heard from Madam Pomfrey that many students suffered Doxy bites, indicating a Doxy infestation. They visited Professor Kettleburn and learnt more about Doxies with Chiara while feeding Fire Crabs, and then went to the Herbology Classroom to collect ingredients for Doxycide with Professor Sprout and Barnaby, who believed he was the cause of the infestation. Due to a lack of Bundimun Ooze, they looked for some Bundimuns in Hagrid's Garden and captured one using the Stunning Spell. With all of the ingredients, Jacob's sibling completed brewing some Doxycide with Ben in the Potions Classroom. Chiara then alerted them to Doxies showing up in Peeves' Room.[262]

Victor, Jacob's sibling and Chiara in the Doxy infested kitchens HM718

Jacob's sibling, Chiara and Victor surrounded by Doxy eggs in the kitchens

The room was a total mess, but they still hoped to find the Doxies, maybe even the Doxy Queen. After some searching, Chiara heard something which turned out to be a bunch of Doxies, which Jacob's sibling cast the Knockback Jinx to banish. The swarm continued to grow, but before it would get out of hand, Victor Ketsueki arrived and blasted the Doxies with the Bombardment Spell. They didn't expect him to be here, but Victor didn't intend to answer their questions and noted a sandwich in the room instead. It looked like one of Jae's detention sandwiches, which would mean the Doxies had spent time in the kitchens. The three went there and found Pitts stuck among piles of Doxy eggs, and soon the Doxy Queen appeared with other Doxies. They managed to save Pitts while holding them back, and Jacob's sibling cast the Knockback Jinx on the Doxy Queen, but she flew away before they had the chance to use the Doxycide on her.[263]

Jacob's sibling preparing to douse the Doxy Queen HM718

Jacob's sibling preparing to douse the Doxy Queen in Doxycide

They tracked her down to the Prefects' Bathroom, and Jacob's sibling attempted to douse the Doxy Queen in the Doxycide, but missed and the Doxycide landed on the floor without touching her. They then had the idea of using the Knockback Jinx to push the Doxy Queen into the potion, which worked and the Doxy Queen was stunned. Victor was curious about whether Jacob's sibling was doing these good deeds out of some ulterior motives, but they replied that ultimately, they did this for their friends.[263]

Jacob's sibling and Corey Hayden in the Hospital Wing HM718

Jacob's sibling and the recovered Corey in the Hospital Wing

Jacob's sibling then returned to the Hospital Wing to visit Corey, who by now had recovered and already learnt about their defeat of the Doxy Queen, acknowledging they had heard from Cedric, who in turn heard from Victor. After some chatting, the two helped Madam Pomfrey administer the antidote to the remaining Doxy victims. They wanted to thank Victor for his bravery, and found him in the Great Hall recounting his supposedly far worse experience in the "seedy underbelly of Paris" and also mentioning Jacob's sibling's contributions in their recent adventure. Victor greeted them with their names, which surprised Corey. Jacob's sibling offered him their gratitude, and thought they could talk with him to know him better. When being asked about his presence in Peeves' Room, Victor said he had been friends with Peeves a long time, before he became a vampire. He pointed out he had to be more selective since many people wanted to be friends with him, and decided to give Jacob's sibling and Corey's friendship offer a chance. Later on, Jacob's sibling was called into Dumbledore's office and was informed by the Headmaster that they and Chiara were presented with the opportunity of internship at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.[263]

St Mungo's assignments[]
Miriam Strout greeting students in St Mungo's HM719

Madam Strout greeting the students

In the reception area at St Mungo's, Jacob's sibling united with their friends and talked about their feelings and anticipation of the school project. Talbott was calmer than the others, and explained that it reminded him of his mother who had been a Healer there. Shortly thereafter, Madam Miriam Strout approached the group and welcomed them to the hospital, introducing herself as their supervisor. She gave them a brief history of St Mungo's, and Jacob's sibling excitedly asked for their first assignment, which was organising the Potions Cabinet in the Alchemy Room to become familiar with the potions.[40]

Hagrid being given a pumpkin pasty in St Mungo's HM719

Hagrid being given a Pumpkin Pasty by the students

They worked with a newly admitted patient to hone their bedside manners, and Jacob's sibling's patient turned out to be none other than Rubeus Hagrid, who had been bitten by an Acromantula. They listened to his story about being bitten while talking to the Acromantulas, and decided to find him a Pumpkin Pasty when he mentioned his enjoyment of it. They returned to the reception area and found Jae (whose patient remained asleep) and Chiara (who was also looking for a treat for her patient). They approached the Healer who ran the tea cart to ask for a Pumpkin Pasty, but were told the last one had just been given out to a person who sounded like Bilton Bilmes, so they wanted to find him in hopes of convincing him to relinquish the pasty. In the Hospital Ward, Jacob's sibling and Jae found Bilmes who had been bitten by a defective Nose-Biting Teacup, and after having a conversation with him, he agreed to let Hagrid have the pasty. They returned to Hagrid's room and noticed Penny there who was checking on Hagrid. They gave the pasty to Hagrid, who ate it but didn't feel better, since it reminded him too much of Fang who was all alone at the moment. They then had an idea of bringing Fang to him.[40]

Brewing Wiggenweld Potion HM720

Jacob's sibling helping Madam Strout brew Wiggenweld Potion

They found Madam Strout in the Alchemy Room and asked to speak with her. She seemed distracted, but came to realise Jacob's sibling's presence a moment later, and said she needed to finish brewing some potions first, so they helped her with it. After the potions were completed, Jacob's sibling brought up the thought of bringing Fang to the hospital, but Madam Strout didn't approve of it since animals weren't allowed in. Later, Jae approached them and suggested sneaking Fang in without anyone knowing. Jacob's sibling thought it was viable and went to talk to Talbott to find the best way to do so. The two, along with Penny, eventually came up with the idea of pretending Fang was a wizard who had failed in his attempt of Human Transfiguration, and sorted out the details including dressing Fang up in wizard clothes and the location where they would've found the wizard.[264]

Fang visiting Hagrid in St Mungo's HM720

The dressed-up Fang brought to Hagrid's side

Returning to Hogwarts, they found Fang in Hagrid's Hut with Corey and said they needed to wait for one more person, so while they were waiting, Corey and they discussed Merula. When the other person, Andre, came, he helped them dress Fang up. They brought him to the hospital, where they rejoined Jae, but were blocked by the Welcome Witch and had to answer her questions to proceed. They then led him to Hagrid's room, and Hagrid was very glad to see him. They played with him while Hagrid told them about his stay at the hospital. They and Hagrid also helped Jae see that he too had the potential of making people feel better, as evidenced by this whole experience. Jacob's sibling later checked in with Madam Strout about their progress at St Mungo's, and Strout commended them for having truly made their patient feel at home. Suddenly, Chiara rushed in and told them their brother Jacob had suffered severe injuries and just been admitted to here.[264]

Investigating "Ryu"[]

Jacob's sibling and Chiara went to the Hospital Ward and examined Jacob's wounds with Madam Strout. They seemed to be dragon burns, and since Jacob kept muttering about Chinese Fireballs and dragon claws, Jacob's sibling thought he had been attacked by a dragon, but Madam Strout encouraged them to look further into the incident since the wounds were not usual. While Chiara was looking into dragon burns, Jacob's sibling visited Alastor Moody at the Ministry hoping to find information on Jacob's latest mission, but Moody said Jacob had intentionally kept him in the dark. He wondered whether Jacob's injuries were due to an attempt to prevent him from testifying at the Wizengamot trial, and the two talked a bit about whether Merula could be flipped to their side. To focus on their current business, however, Moody suggested talking to Mundungus Fletcher who should've been in frequent contact with Jacob.[265]

Jacob's sibling brought Corey as their accompany to the Knockturn Alley to find Mundungus. They spotted him outside Borgin and Burkes selling something suspicious, and when he was done, they approached him, and Jacob's sibling beat him in a duel in order to convince him to talk about Jacob. He told them Jacob was close to finding an artefact that R had also been after for ages, but didn't think he had gone up against a dragon, since he refused to accept the Fire Protection Potion that Mundungus was selling. When he was about to go back to selling his potions, Corey asked about them, and Mundungus said he had some Baruffio's Brain Elixir made with genuine dragon claws, which reminded Jacob's sibling that the dragon claws that their brother had mentioned could've been intended for brewing potions. They went back to St Mungo's to find Penny to talk about dragon claws, and found out that powdered dragon claws had a brain-boosting effect, but whether Chinese Fireball claws were special among other dragon claws was unknown. Talbott showed up at this moment and asked Jacob's sibling to check in on their brother, who was getting worse without getting any help from the Burn-Healing Paste. They tried talking to Jacob and heard him say the word "Ryu", which they and Madam Strout were both unfamiliar with. They decided to find out the meaning of the word to help Jacob.[265]

Chiara, on the other hand, consulted Charlie when researching dragon burns, and when the two met up with Jacob's sibling, he told them confidently that the wounds were not dragon burns, for there were not enough scorch marks. Charlie's best guess was that the wounds were caused by a spell that he hadn't ever encountered. Jacob's sibling let them know about Jacob's muttering of "Ryu", and Charlie was fairly sure he had seen it in his dragon books. He noticed that "Ryu" started with "R", and was very surprised when he heard from Jacob's sibling that R was still active. He gave Jacob's sibling the idea of talking to someone in R, which they did by finding and having a conversation with Merula back at Hogwarts. She suggested looking around in the Restricted Section of the Library.[266]

Pince hiccoughing after eating Hiccough Sweets HM722

Madam Pince hiccoughing after eating Hiccough Sweets

To get there without being blocked by Madam Pince, Jacob's sibling went to Jae for ideas of distraction, and also happened to find Bilton Bilmes who Jae was tending at St Mungo's. They came up with the idea of giving Madam Pince Hiccough Sweets, but needed someone that she would trust to give it to her, so they thought of Mr Filch and recalled his enjoyment with Madam Pince at the Valentine's Day Ball. Jacob's sibling also found Liz in the Library and asked her to help with their plan of getting the Hiccough Sweets confiscated by Filch and convincing him to give them to Pince. When Filch came and noticed the sweets, Liz said they were for Madam Pince to thank her for her work in the Library, and when Filch was convinced that they meant no harm, he grabbed the sweets and gave them to Pince, who ate one and left while hiccoughing.[266]

The students then entered the Restricted Section without being stopped, and they tried searching for "Ryu" in the books, but didn't find anything. Liz then suggested looking for "rare fire burns" for a change and brought out a book with a symbol of fire on the cover. The book turned out to be about the history of Mahoutokoro, and Jacob's sibling found the name of Dai Ryusaki in it, who was a professor at the school and created a powerful weapon, but was stopped before it could be used. The nature of the weapon, however, was not specified, and the information was said to have died with the creator. Jacob's sibling thought of talking to Corey about this to find out more.[266]

They found Corey in the Courtyard back at Hogwarts and explained everything since their last meeting. Corey said excitedly that the legend of Dai Ryusaki and the Dark Scroll was one of their favourite tales - Ryusaki created a mind-enhancing potion so powerful that it was deemed dangerous and led to the arrest of Ryusaki, but before it happened, rumour had it that he had hidden a Dark Scroll with the ingredients of the potion, but no one knew for sure if the scroll existed and what its contents might have been. Jacob's sibling deduced that their brother might have found the scroll and been hurt by a protection spell on it, and decided to find Professor Dumbledore to learn more about the spell. Dumbledore told them it could've been Protego Diabolica, a very powerful dark charm that created a circle of black fire that harmed the enemies of the caster, and the favourite spell of the current Headmaster of Mahoutokoro. Jacob's sibling asked if Dumbledore believed the tale of Ryusaki, and he thought it might have sprung from a seed a truth and advised them to return to St Mungo's with the knowledge they had learnt so far.[267]

Back at St Mungo's, Jacob's sibling informed Madam Strout of the Protego Diabolica spell, and she was able to adjust her treatment accordingly. They talked with Chiara about their worries about the situation, and also went to the Three Broomsticks Inn, where Chiara had gathered the Circle of Khanna to update them on recent whereabouts of Jacob and R and offer Jacob's sibling emotional support. After enjoying some relaxation with their friends, Chiara got words from St Mungo's that Jacob had gained consciousness and wanted to speak to them right away, so they returned to St Mungo's and listened to him telling the stories of his adventure. Jacob's sibling learnt that their brother had indeed found the Dark Scroll, but it had been ripped in half, and the other half was not to be found. He had only been able to decipher one of the ingredients, which was Chinese Fireball claws. Now that he was conscious again, Jacob was eager to find the other half of the scroll, but his sibling refused to let that happen and reminded him of the imminent Wizengamot trial, before which he needed to get proper rest.[267]

Zenith Xeep and the White Swan[]
Miriam Strout speaking to Jacob's sibling HM724

Madam Strout talking to Jacob's sibling in the Janus Thickey Ward

Jacob's sibling united with their friends in the Alchemy Room and talked about the Wizengamot trial and their experiences at St Mungo's, during which they noticed Talbott was unusually quiet. Madam Strout then walked in and announced their next assignment, which was tending to patients in the Janus Thickey Ward where long-term patients resided. Jacob's sibling was surprised to see the decoration in the ward, and even more so when they realised the patient they would be caring for was none other than Zenith Xeep. They explained to Madam Strout their history with Xeep, and the two talked about how being a Healer should often overcome ethical challenges such as caring for Dark witches and wizards. They also talked it out with Penny, mentioning their feeling of their past coming back to haunt them. Talbott came and said he had been feeling the same, as he thought his mum was haunting St Mungo's. He brought them to the Alchemy Room where no one else could listen in, and told them about his sighting of a ghostly swan and his belief of it being the ghost of his mum, who had been a White Swan Animagus. He also doubted if he had imagined it, and said he was a bit tired between the off-school grounds assignments and the feelings about his mum, but felt better after talking to them.[268]

Jacob being visited by Corey Hayden and their sibling in St Mungo's HM724

Jacob being visited by his sibling and Corey Hayden at St Mungo's

Jacob's sibling brought Corey to meet their brother and discussed R and the Dark Scroll together. They agreed that R had become aware of the true existence of the scroll at some point, and they had to keep their half of the scroll as far away as possible from the dark organisation. Jacob trusted his sibling to hold onto the scroll, but they couldn't take it due to their frequent encounters with agents of R, so they turned to Corey for hiding the scroll.[268]

Zenith Xeep in the Janus Thickey Ward HM724

Zenith Xeep greeting Jacob's sibling

Jacob's sibling then went to the Janus Thickey Ward and tried to talk to Madam Xeep, who turned out to not have any memories of them beside that they had been there earlier with Madam Strout, and wanted to be friends with them. They carried on with her treatment, and when she felt better, she request them to ask her something from her past, but before she could answer, she had a headache, and when it passed, she lost her memory of being treated just moments ago.[268]

White Swan Patronus HM724

The White Swan Patronus flying past the Janus Thickey Ward

Jacob's sibling wasn't expecting this reaction and decided to report to Madam Strout, but then saw the ghostly White Swan flying past the ward, which they recognised as a Patronus.[268] They immediately went to Talbott in the Alchemy Room and told him the discovery. He was confused about the purpose of the Patronus, and suspected it taking his mother's Animagus form might not have been a coincidence, especially since they were close to the anniversary of his mother's death. The two students talked about it more, and took it upon themselves to find out what the Patronus was trying to protect.[269]

Laughing curse HM725

Jacob, Penny and Madam Strout laughing uncontrollably

They went back to the ward, and though they didn't find any clues, they thought that the Patronus may have been protecting Xeep from R, since she might spill their secrets when her memories were restored. They found Jacob and asked about how far R would go to protect themselves, and the answer they got was frightening. Chiara then came and delivered a letter from Merula to Jacob's sibling, which asked them to meet her at Hogwarts and talk. However, upon meeting her, they found out she wanted to practise wandless magic. After she won a duel, she told them something big was about to happen at St Mungo's, and it was no laughing matter. Jacob's sibling also told her about the Patronus, which she appeared to be unfamiliar with. When they went back to Jacob's side, he suspected Merula may have been trying to keep them away from the hospital while R was working there. Madam Strout came and announced the discharge of Jacob, shortly before Jacob, Penny and Madam Strout all started laughing uncontrollably.[269]

Breaking the laughing curse[]

Unsure what to do, Jacob's sibling met with Alastor Moody at the Ministry and informed him of the situation. Moody suggested if R had infiltrated St Mungo's, they may have been after Zenith Xeep, so Jacob's sibling thought about restoring Xeep's memories to obtain information about her time working for the organisation. They also talked about R's motivation to stop Jacob, due to the capability of his testimony at the Wizengamot trial. Moody suspected the laughter could've been caused by the Alihotsy Draught and instructed Jacob's sibling to find out what their brother had drunk last.[270]

Back at St Mungo's, they asked for Chiara's help in searching the Hospital Ward, and with their combined efforts, they found an empty bottle of Pumpkin juice which Jacob did always enjoy. Jacob's sibling returned to Hogwarts and asked Professor Snape to check if the Pumpkin Juice had been laced with Alihotsy Draught. Meanwhile, Beatrice overheard their conversation about the laughing curse and was worried about her sister, so Jacob's sibling talked about it with her. They also went to the Courtyard to speak to Corey about their operation to flip Merula, and hesitated when Corey suggested it was time to confront her directly about her allegiance. Before they made the final decision, they were summoned by Professor Snape, who it turned out failed to detect Alihotsy Draught in the bottle. They grew anxious towards the result, but quickly calmed down when they were reminded of the consequence of snapping at the professor. Though being stern as always, Professor Snape also displayed his genuine care for them and advised them to be honest when testifying at the impending trial.[270]

White Swan Patronus pointing to cursed CD HM726

The swan Patronus pointing to a CD case

Back at St Mungo's, Jacob's sibling relayed the result to their friends, and they had another brainstorming session to determine the cause of the laughing curse. They concluded that a cursed object would make the most sense, and when they were wondering how to actually pin down the object, the swan Patronus flew in and pointed to a CD case on the table next to Jacob's bed. Jacob's sibling thought it was very likely that the CD case was the cursed object, since it was a get-well gift Penny had gotten from Madam Strout and dropped off for Jacob. Talbott reminded them not to touch the case directly to avoid the curse spreading, so Jacob's sibling decided to wrap it up and bring it to Professor Flitwick at Hogwarts to properly break the curse.[270]

In the Charms Classroom, Jacob's sibling and Corey saw Professor Flitwick finishing his discussion with Merula about her assignment. Jacob's sibling thanked Merula for her advice, but she claimed she wasn't sure what they were talking about. Nevertheless, Merula expressed delight for their return to Hogwarts. After Merula left, Jacob's sibling and Corey showed the CD case to Flitwick and explained what they knew about the laughing curse. Flitwick believed he could break the curse, but needed to check his notes first. Meanwhile, Corey became worried that Merula might be on her way to tell R about their discovery of the CD case, and that her being nice earlier had just been to throw them off. This made Jacob's sibling determined to confront Merula about everything.[271]

They found Merula beside the Whomping Willow transfiguring a note into a black quill and told her to stop. They then stated their belief of her being a member of R, to which Merula responded by casting a wandless Blasting Curse towards them. Jacob's sibling deflected it in time with a wandless Shield Charm and had a wandless duel with her. When it was over, Merula said her attack was because she thought Jacob's sibling was the Metamorphmagus from R, and wanted to talk to them elsewhere since she was afraid the Metamorphmagus might show up.[271]

The two came down to the Potions Classroom where they had first met in their first year, and Merula confirmed and explained her decision of joining R, which was because she simply wanted to get more powerful so that she couldn't get hurt again. It was after she realised that becoming powerful at the cost of her friends was not worth it that she started to slip Jacob's sibling any information she could. They talked about Merula's message about leaving R that Jacob's sibling had discovered, and Merula said her latest message was about being done with R for good. Jacob's sibling then proposed that she stay in R as a double agent and help them to take down the organisation from the inside. Merula agreed to it and asked for forgiveness for what she had done in the past.[271]

Corey then came and called Jacob's sibling back to see Professor Flitwick who had learned how to break the laughing curse. While they waited for him in the Charms Classroom, Corey asked eagerly about their confrontation with Merula, but Jacob's sibling hoped to talk about it later after the pressing matter at hand could be resolved. When Professor Flitwick came, he announced that the only way to lift the curse would be to destroy the CD case. The students helped him prepare for it, and Flitwick cast the Expulso Curse on the CD case, but it remained unharmed, while the professor also started laughing hysterically, apparently infected by the laughing curse. Corey realised the CD case must have had some secret protections on it that stopped it from being magically destroyed, and Jacob's sibling came up with the idea of visiting Professor Sikander to destroy it by Muggle means.[271]

Professor Sikander turning on microwave HM728

Professor Sikander turning on the microwave

They went to the Muggle Studies Classroom with Flitwick to meet with Sikander, who immediately noticed Flitwick's uncontrolled laughter. The students then explained the situation and asked for help. Sikander thought he could destroy the CD by scratching it with fingernails until it was unplayable, but upon learning it could not be touched, he suggested they look around the classroom to find another Muggle artefact to destroy it with. After some searching, they found a few artefacts, among which they chose the microwave, which had been magically modified to work on Hogwarts grounds. Jacob's sibling put the CD inside and Sikander turned the microwave on, and after a while, the CD was destroyed. The curse was broken and Flitwick stopped laughing, for which Jacob's sibling thanked Sikander. After the professors left for Madam Pomfrey, Jacob's sibling wondered whether the others were free of the curse, but first they needed to meet Merula to discuss their plans for gathering information about R.[272]

Merula meeting Corey Hayden and Jacob's sibling in the Artefact Room HM728

Jacob's sibling and Corey meeting Merula in the Artefact Room

The students went to the Artefact Room to see Merula, and after some talking, Corey was still suspicious of her, but Jacob's sibling was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, and convinced Corey to carry on with their operation. The three discussed obtaining information from R, and Merula thought they needed a means of communication that the organisation didn't know about. Jacob's sibling suggested making Corey their go-between, which was met with agreement.[272]

Miriam Strout gifting Healer Insignia HM728

Madam Strout gifting Talbott the St Mungo's Certified Healer Insignia

They then returned to St Mungo's to check on Jacob, who had stopped laughing and should be able to make the Wizengamot trial. Talbott was also there, and when the students mentioned the swan Patronus which had been protecting them at the hospital, Madam Strout revealed it was she who had cast it, as she had been very close with Talbott's mother, who used to roam the halls in her White Swan Animagus form before she was gone. Madam Strout also said Talbott reminded her very much of his mother in terms of his good qualities, and the group cherished their memories with friends and family together. Talbott was given his mother's St Mungo's Certified Healer Insignia, and Jacob's sibling asked if he had changed his career choice of becoming an Auror, to which he said yes, since the experience at the hospital made him realise he wanted to become a Healer like his mother. Madam Strout also commended Jacob's sibling for their efforts shown in the internship programme, acknowledging that they had a Healer's heart.[272]

Finding the culprit[]
Beatrice, Victor, Corey and Jacob's sibling in courtyard HM728

Jacob's sibling and Corey encountering Beatrice and Victor in the Courtyard

While the laughing curse had been lifted, the person responsible for putting it in place was still at large, so Jacob's sibling went to the Ministry to talk to Moody about it. They gave Moody their full report, and he was very satisfied with their work. Jacob's sibling wondered if it was the Metamorphmagus who sent their brother the cursed CD case, and Moody proceeded to checking with his contacts while Jacob's sibling went back to Hogwarts to meet with Corey at night to ask them to pass the question to Merula. They also mentioned that they wanted to use Legilimency on Zenith Xeep to investigate further. Corey was surprised to learn Jacob's sibling was a Legilimens, and they talked about it for a while. They also encountered Beatrice and Victor, who were supposedly "taking in the moonlight" and "contemplating the darkness", and had a brief conversation about the laughing curse.[272]

Jacob's sibling performing legilimency on Zenith Xeep HM729

Jacob's sibling preparing to perform Legilimency on Zenith Xeep

Back at St Mungo's, Jacob's sibling entered the Janus Thickey Ward where Madam Xeep was hospitalised, and encountered Chiara who was not positive about Xeep's ability to remember. Still, they proceeded to ask Xeep questions. When Jacob's sibling mentioned R, Xeep became upset but didn't say why. They then used Legilimency on her, and found out a Dark wizard and the word "Burke". They went to the Ministry and asked Moody about it, who thought of Caractacus Burke, an original founder of Borgin and Burkes. Moody decided to go to Knockturn Alley and investigate, and when Jacob's sibling offered to come with him, they were advised to focus on their St Mungo's assignments.[273]

Miriam Strout contemplating HM729

Jacob's sibling talking to Madam Strout

They went back and found Corey and Merula who brought information that an R member named Burke had infiltrated the hospital. They asked Madam Strout about him while helping her brew Wiggenweld Potion with Chiara, and she was shocked to know Burke's identity. She decided to talk to him, but suddenly remembered her meeting with the board which she must attend first and left. Chiara asked if it was Moody who told Jacob's sibling about Burke, and they didn't reveal the full details.[273]

Burke with wand at the ready HM729

Burke drawing his wand

Jacob's sibling took it upon themself to confront Burke. They went to the Hospital Ward and found their brother gone for tests, and asked Talbott and Penny about Burke. Penny pointed them to him, who they recognised as the Healer who had left them and Talbott alone with Xeep when they visited her earlier. They then came up to Burke and asked him about the cursed CD case, and Burke seemed to have remained calm for a while before drawing his wand and preparing to duel.[273]

Dark Witch appears in St Mungo's HM729

The Dark witch from Knockturn Alley coming to rescue Burke

Jacob's sibling asked Penny and Talbott to protect the patients in the ward while the duel happened, and after Burke was defeated by them, he expressed his lament that Jacob's sibling couldn't understand what R was trying to do. The Dark witch from Knockturn Alley then Apparated and cast a spell towards Jacob's sibling who was knocked back. They demanded information from her, but she refused and Disapparated with Burke.[273]

Preparing for the Wizengamot trial[]
Miriam Strout approaching Jacob, their sibling and Moody HM730

Moody and the siblings preparing to leave

Back at the Black Lake at Hogwarts, with Corey as their lookout, Jacob's sibling thanked Merula for helping them find Burke and asked her about the Dark witch. They learned that she was referred to as the Director and was a high-ranking member of R, and according to Merula, she didn't make mistakes. They reported this to Moody, who told them Jacob was being moved to a safe house to be kept safe until the Wizengamot trial. A while later, Jacob's sibling met their brother and Moody at St Mungo's and was told to Side-Along Apparate to the safe house. The siblings practised it for a few times in the ward, and before they were ready to go, Madam Strout announced that Jacob's sibling's assignment had come to an end.[274]

Molly Weasley greeting Jacob and their sibling to the Burrow HM730

Molly Weasley greeting the group at The Burrow

They Apparated to the safe house, which turned out to be The Burrow. Molly Weasley extended her welcome the group and Jacob's sibling remarked that the house looked as nice as it did when they visited last time for Christmas. While grateful, Jacob did not enjoy being sidelined from the action, and the siblings talked about it. They then were summoned to Dumbledore's office back at Hogwarts, where the Headmaster expressed his concern of Jacob's sibling being continually involved in altercations with R throughout what was supposed to be a simple school project, but also praised them for their abilities and performance, and suggested they reunite and expand the Circle of Khanna.[274]

Corey Hayden in Circle of Khanna meeting HM731

The meeting of the Circle of Khanna

Jacob's sibling called a meeting of the Circle in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom and updated their fellow members on the events of the year. Corey officially joined the Circle, and when they were talking to Jacob's sibling about the Hospital Ward duel and their half of the Dark Scroll, Merula interrupted and said there was an unexpected issue. They brought their conversation to the Artefact Room and waited for Merula so that they could talk privately, but Merula surprised them by talking off her Invisibility Cloak and revealing she was already there. She said the reason for wearing the cloak was that she was feeling a bit paranoid, worried th