Jacob (b. around 1963[3][4][5]) was a wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry circa the 1970s or early 1980s.


Jacob was born circa the 1960s or early 1970s. He had one younger sibling.

At age eleven, he went to Ollivander's in Diagon Alley, and caused Mr Olivander's favourite inkpot to explode when trying out wands.[6] He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for an unknown period of time and was sorted into an unknown house.

However, at some point during his later school career, Jacob began searching for the fabled Cursed Vaults, breaking all sorts of school rules and endangering the entire school in the process. At some point before he disappeared, he went to the Forbidden Forest and ran into a centaur named Torvus. He told Torvus of the Cursed Vaults and convinced him to help. Jacob wanted a Centaur's arrow for his search of the Cursed Vaults, but when Torvus refused, Jacob used magic to steal it from the camp.

Although the exact consequences of his search are not widely known, his former peers and later students alike would discuss it long afterwards, chief among the many rumours being that he unleashed several curses upon the school, and even was cursed himself and that he eventually went mad. Ultimately, however, he was expelled from school. His expulsion was covered in the Daily Prophet.

Shortly thereafter, he ran away from home and had been missing ever since. It was widely believed that Jacob joined Lord Voldemort following his disappearance. When his younger sibling eventually attended Hogwarts, they ended up being sorted into the same house he was, and were haunted by his negative reputation. Even so, Jacob's sibling rejected the idea of Jacob having ever had anything to do with "He Who Must Not Be Named", maintaining that Jacob loved his family, and he loved Hogwarts, expressing naught but concern for his well-being. Duncan Ashe revealed that he took the blame for R

Personality and traits

While known among students and staff at the school as a troublemaker whose apparent disregard for school rules and the safety of those who dwelled at the school proved outright dangerous, there was indicators that suggested that there were more to him than the circulating rumours would suggest. For example, while a rebellious young man, he was still a clever and talented student, being one of Professor Flitwick's most gifted students[7] prior to his expulsion and remembered fondly by the school's Head of Herbology, Professor Sprout, for being a kind and caring individual.[8] This is later reinforced when Jacob's own younger sibling reacted with righteous anger over being confronted with even the possibility of Jacob ever having had anything to do with Lord Voldemort when Merula Snyde confronted them with the rumour claiming he worked for him.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Charms: Professor Flitwick, the school's Charms Master, claimed Jacob had been one of his most gifted students, meaning he was very proficient with more or less all the charms in that the curriculum had to offer up until his expulsion. His spellwork would have to be very sophisticated and strong indeed, for him to be able to locate and deal with the Cursed Vaults.
  • Transfiguration: Jacob was proficient in transfiguration, as he was capable of transfiguring his notebook in the form of a black feather to keep other suspicious parties from seeing it's contents, a method of concealment that would later be duplicated by R when this individual began leaving messages to different residents of Hogwarts.
  • Flying: In their very first lesson with Madam Hooch, one of the classmates of Jacob's sibling mentions that they had heard he was a "fairly good flyer". His skill on a broom would have to be very impressive indeed, if this was the manner in which he entered and exited the Forbidden Forest to find one of the vaults and leave afterwards safely, a feat that was very notoriously difficult and required an impressive amount of control and even Jacob's sibling, themselves a highly talented flyer, had to improve their abilities first before able to perform such a feat.
  • Herbology: Professor Sprout noted that Jacob had been among her favourite students, implying he was quite gifted and skilled in Herbology.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: As Jacob was able to survive entering the Forbidden Forest, it is safe to assume that he had considerable knowledge and ability in handling dangerous magical creatures that was sufficient to let him effectively handle the many dangerous creatures in the forest.
  • Legilimency: Jacob was a born Legilimens, same as his younger sibling.

Behind the scenes

  • Jacob is the older brother of the player's character in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The house he belongs to and his surname in the game are dependent on the ones chosen by the player for their character.
  • In the Beta mode of the game, there were scenes where the name Jacob was originally William. It's likely that the name was changed for the final cut of the game. It’s also possible it was changed because of Bill Weasley's presence.


Notes and references

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  3. In order for the rumour of Jacob being a follower of Lord Voldemort to be remotely plausible to other members of the magical community, it would require Jacob to have been sixteen or seventeen at the time of his expulsion, as very few would believe Voldemort being interested in recruiting a child below the age of 16.
  4. Since he would have had to be expelled prior to Voldemort's downfall of October, 1981, the approximation of 1963 being his birth year gives Jacob seven years worth of magical education from 1974-1980 that he can have attended prior to his expulsion, a whole year for him to have been missing after running away from home, which is plenty of time for so many rumours to take shape and spread. It would also mean that Jacob would be old enough for the theory of him joining Voldemort to be plausible, but not so old that his younger sibling could not clearly remember earlier in his childhood when Jacob still lived with them before he was expelled.
  5. Since his apparently mysterious disappearance followed a conscious decision to run away from home, it is not unreasonable to assume that Jacob has not "been seen since" out of a desire not to be found. As such, it is extremely unlikely that any witch or wizard, regardless of talent, would know enough magic to cover one's tracks and stay hidden, let alone survive on their own, for any lengthy amount of time, with the possible exception being if one are on pair with the likes of Dumbledore.
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