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"This is our long-term resident ward. For permanent spell damage, you know. Of course, with intensive remedial potions and charms and a bit of luck, we can produce some improvement.... Gilderoy does seem to be getting back some sense of himself, and we’ve seen a real improvement in Mr Bode, he seems to be regaining the power of speech very well, though he isn’t speaking any language we recognise yet.... Well, I must finish giving out the Christmas presents, I’ll leave you all to chat...."
Miriam Strout introducing the ward to the trio and Ginny Weasley[src]

The Janus Thickey Ward (otherwise known as Ward 49) was a ward located in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries on the fourth floor that treated permanent spell damage.[1] The ward was named after Janus Thickey,[1] a wizard who attempted to fake his own death by framing a Lethifold attack.[3]


The door to the ward was usually kept locked to prevent the patients from wandering about.[1] The door to the ward could be opened using the Unlocking Charm.[4]

One of the Healers, Miriam Strout, was a fussy, good-natured witch who tended to treat Gilderoy Lockhart like a child.[5]

Healers allowed patients in this ward to surround themselves with their personal possessions to make them feel more at home, and in many cases to help remember who they were.[2]


The Janus Thickey Ward in 1990/1991

During the 1990–1991 school year, during their seventh year work experience at the hospital, Jacob's sibling and their classmates visited this ward on Miriam Strout's instruction, where she told them about some of their long term patients there and that they would be caring for Zenith Xeep, a famous opera diva who had lost her memory. Jacob's sibling informed Strout that they had apprehended Xeep prior and witnessed her drink an entire bottle of Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution, which made her lose her memory, and that she was a Dark Witch who worked for R. Strout was pleased to be informed of this and informed them that Healers had to care for everyone, even if they were Dark Witches, and she tasked Jacob's sibling with helping Xeep recover her memory, so they could found out what she was doing.[2]

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley inadvertently visited this floor on Christmas day, 25 December, 1995. While there they encountered Gilderoy Lockhart on the stairs and accompanied him to this ward, where he was staying. There — in the long-term residents' ward — Miriam Strout oversaw patients whose brains had been permanently affected by magic. Other residents of this ward included Broderick Bode and a witch named Agnes, as well as Frank and Alice Longbottom. During their visit, they ran into Neville and his grandmother and learned for the first time what had happened to them.[1]

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