Magical Medicine Labels1

One of the labels in Japanese in Newton Scamander's suitcase

Japanese is a language spoken by 130 million people in Japan and Japanese emigrant communities around the world.[1]

Newton Scamander carried at least two items in his suitcase that were labelled in Japanese.[2]

Performing in Paris, France in 1927, Circus Arcanus had posters of one of its attractions, oni. The poster was understandably mostly written in French, but contained an addition of a single Japanese character, the word for oni in Japanese.[3]


An ad for a Magic Translator's services in The Quibbler

An advertisement for a Magic Translator's services that appeared in the classified section of an issue of The Quibbler listed several languages available for translation, including Chinese, "Eastern European" (presumably Russian or another language in the Slavic family), Japanese, and the Latin languages (French, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish).[4]

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