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"Jiggery pokery! Hocus pocus...squiggly wiggly..."
Harry Potter frightening Dudley Dursley in 1992[src]

Jiggery Pokery was one of three nonsense spells that Harry Potter uttered the incantations of to scare off his Muggle cousin, Dudley Dursley, in 1992. He claimed that they could set a hedge on fire.[1]


Jiggery-pokery is a British term meaning "underhand or deceitful behaviour".

Behind the scenes

  • While Harry seemed to be merely making up nonsense spells, the appearance of the spell in the title Jiggery Pokery and Hocus Pocus, described as containing "mischief-making spells", suggests that it could in fact be a real spell (though it presumably does not set hedges on fire).[2]


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