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Johannes Jonker was an American No-Maj born wizard.[2] He, along with Shikoba Wolfe, Thiago Quintana, and Violetta Beauvais, was one of four wandmakers who served North America in the early 20th century[2]


Jonker was born to No-Maj parents. His father was a successful cabinet maker, which presumably gave him early experience with wood-working, and allowed him to become a skilled wandmaker in his own right.[2] Jonker's wands were in great demand and could be easily identified by the mother-of-pearl inlay they typically contained.[2] Jonker experimented with several different wand cores before settling on hair of the Wampus cat as his preferred kind.[2]

By 1926, he was a known wandmaker and listed on the Magical Congress of the United States of America's Wand permit application form.[3]

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Wandlore/Wandmaking: Jonker was an accomplished and skilled wandmaker in his time, with his wands being highly popular in North America, showing his talent in this field. He was also knowledgeable of Wand cores and experimented with several kinds of core in his wands.[2]


  • The surname "Jonker" is a variation of the Netherlands title "jonkheer", meaning "young lord", and can be a honorific or occupational surname indicating an ancestor that served a jonkheer.

Behind the scenes[]

  • As a No-Maj born, it is unknown how, or if, he was recruited to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of Rappaport's Law restriction on the interaction of wizards with his No-Maj family. However, it's more than likely that wizards were to make exceptions for those born to no-maj parents and allowed to interact with them on the basis of introducing their magical children to the wizarding world.


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