Johannes Jonker was an American No-Maj born wizard.[2] He, along with Shikoba Wolfe, Thiago Quintana, and Violetta Beauvais, was one of four wandmakers who served North America in the early 20th century.[2]


Jonker was born to No-Maj parents. His father was a successful cabinet maker, which presumably gave him early experience with wood-working, and allowed him to become a skilled wandmaker in his own right.[2] Jonker's wands were in great demand and could be easily identified by the mother-of-pearl inlay they typically contained.[2] Jonker experimented with several different wand cores before settling on hair of the Wampus cat as his preferred kind.[2]

By 1926, he was a known wandmaker and listed on the Magical Congress of the United States of America's Wand permit form.[3]


  • The surname "Jonker" is a variation of the Netherlands title "jonkheer", meaning "young lord", and can be a honorific or occupational surname indicating an ancestor that served a jonkheer.

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