A jousting tournament was held in Poppleton, England in 1484. Hosted by the corrupt Earl of Paunchley, the intended tournament soon turned into a punishment for local boy Edmund Gaddlegate, which was only averted by the timely actions of Hannah Cockleford.


In 1484, the Earl of Paunchley decided to host this jousting tournament in his home village of Poppleton. He invited many knights and nobles from the surrounding areas to attend and compete. In addition, all the residents of Poppleton were ordered to attend and cheer for him, with punishment threatened if they refused.

A local boy, Edmund Gaddlegate, had been given the job of hanging banners and other decorations to liven up the village for the tournament. However, during this task, he fell and broke his arm an hour before the match. His mother sent word that there was no way he could attend the match in this state, but the Earl refused to accept this and had four of his henchmen forcibly drag Edmund and his mother to the match.


Edmund Gaddlegate and his mother are dragged to the Tournament

As punishment for these actions, the Earl decreed that Edmund would be forced to participate in the tournament as well and had his henchmen tie him to a horse. Upon revelation that the Earl expected them to fight an unarmed, injured boy, however, the other knights who had shown up left in disgust, essentially ending the tournament. Humiliated, the Earl announced that he still intended to joust against Edmund, regardless of the fact that the others had left.

At this point, Hannah Cockleford, a local witch that had been watching the proceedings, decided to intervene. As the Earl charged towards Edmund, she cast a powerful Shield Charm between the two. The charm was so powerful that it knocked the Earl and his horse back with such force that the impact gave the Earl a permanent case of amnesia, causing him to live out the rest of his life believing he was a donkey named Hairy Cyril.


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