"Think big! Think bigger than you have ever thought before! Let us see, this night, magic on such a scale that future generations will envy us for having witnessed such greatness!"
—The judges of the contest[src]

These individuals were wizards chosen to judge the international duelling contest held on Dartmoor, in 1379. They all were distinguished warlocks and sorcerers from several different nations.[1]


After the wizards arrived, the duelling competition duly commenced. The duelling was noted, by witnesses, to have been of a standard that few had ever seen before. As the contest progressed, only four contestants remained: the English witch, Elizabeth Smudgling, and three wizards.[1]

Before the four semi-finalists began their duels, the judges intervened with rousing speeches, telling them to think big and to display great magical prowess in the three duels that would follow.[1]

The judges look on as Elizabeth Smudgling disarms the third semi-finalist

When the third semi-finalist defeated the second semi-finalist by conjuring a powerful cyclone, the judges were blown away, as were most of the spectators, and several trees. It took several hours for everyone to regroup. Frightened of what the third wizard might do for his encore against Elizabeth Smudgling, the last remaining contestant, the judges attempted to talk her out of duelling him, telling her that it might be easier if they simply gave him the cup before anyone else got hurt, but she refused.[1]

Smudgling Disarmed the wizard in the duel that ensued, making her the winner of the contest, for which the judges awarded her the title of "Supreme Dueller".[1]

Behind the scenes

  • When the second semi-finalist conjures a violent storm during his duel against the third semi-finalist, the judges open umbrellas and continue looking on at the duel. The scene is set in 1379; in the Middle Ages, Europeans depended on cloaks, not umbrellas, for protection against storms. Indeed, umbrellas were virtually unknown in western Europe until the mid-17th century. It is possible, however, that Goshawk took a creative liberty with the re-telling of the competititon for humerous effect.


Notes and references

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