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The Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic was a high-ranking position in the Ministry of Magic, whose duties were to assist the Minister for Magic. Percy Weasley was the only person known to have held the title, assisting Cornelius Fudge for a year, and later Rufus Scrimgeour and Pius Thicknesse.[1]


Percy Weasley, the only known Junior Assistant

In the summer of 1995, Cornelius Fudge offered Percy Weasley the job in an attempt to spy on the Dumbledore-loyal Weasley family. According to Ronald Weasley, the position was very good for someone who had graduated from Hogwarts only one year earlier.[2]

In July 1996, Fudge resigned in shame.[3] Percy stayed in the job and supported Rufus Scrimgeour until he was killed in August 1997. He kept the role even when the Ministry fell under Death Eater rule, and he assisted their puppet Minister for Magic, Pius Thicknesse.[1]

Percy eventually resigned on 2 May 1998, when he realised the Death Eaters had overtaken the Ministry. He told Thicknesse he was resigning when he was duelling him at the Battle of Hogwarts.[1]

It is unknown who held the position after Percy.

Known assistants


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