"Shooting stars down in Kent - I'll bet that was Dedalus Diggle."
Minerva McGonagall to Albus Dumbledore in 1981[src]

Kent is a county in south-east England.[1] Until 1269, Kent was home to Modesty Rabnott. She left Kent to live with her sister, Prudence in Aberdeen after losing her home. Rabnott was forced to pay a fine of ten Galleons to the Wizards' Council after stealing a Golden Snidget during a game of Cuaditch and releasing it into the wild.[3]

In 1981, Kent was one of the places where wizards celebrated Lord Voldemort's downfall, causing showers of shooting stars that were noticed by Muggles. Muggle viewers reported this to meteorologist Jim McGuffin, who gave a report about it on the news that evening. Minerva McGonagall blamed Dedalus Diggle for the commotion.[2]

By 1992, Kent was the place of residence of the Wailing Widow, a ghost. Nearly Headless Nick was pleased that she travelled the long distance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to attend his Deathday Party.[4]

Dedalus Diggle lived in Kent until August 1st, 1997, when his house was burned down by Death Eaters following the Fall of the Ministry of Magic. The Death Eaters were searching for information on Harry Potter's whereabouts and targeted the houses of every Order of the Phoenix-connected Wizard. Diggle was not present during the raid, since he was charged with protecting the Dursley family.[5]


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