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Khanna was the surname of a British Indian wizarding family. It's unknown if they were pure-blood or had both Muggle and magical heritage. The family owned a farm that grew wood for wands and broomsticks.[1] By 1988, the family owned a house-elf.[2]

Known family members


Khanna is an Indian surname based on the name of a Khatri clan from the Punjab region who are said to be descended from a khan.[4]

Behind the scenes

In separate instances Rowan mentions an uncle, and an Uncle Ollie by name. It's unclear if these are two different men or if Rowan was referring to Uncle Ollie both times. As the surname(s) were never mentioned, it's unknown if these individuals are part of the Khanna family by birth or by marriage.

Ashok Khanna appears in the video game adaption of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Due to the games being released independently, the name is a coincidence. However, if we assume the name isn't also a coincidence in universe, Ashok is in an appropriate age range to possibly be the brother that Rowan mentions.


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