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"He stopped a passing guard, but didn’t dare mention platform nine and three-quarters. The guard had never heard of Hogwarts and when Harry couldn’t even tell him what part of the country it was in, he started to get annoyed, as though Harry was being stupid on purpose. Getting desperate, Harry asked for the train that left at eleven o’clock, but the guard said there wasn’t one. In the end the guard strode away, muttering about time wasters."
Harry Potter struggling to communicate with this Muggle station guard in 1991[src]

This Muggle Station Guard was employed at King's Cross Station, London,[1] during at least the 1990s,[1] through the 2010s.[2]



The station guard in 1991

Harry Potter first met the station guard on 1 September 1991, while trying to find his way to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Not knowing how to access the platform, he did not dare to mention the Platform to the guard, but he told him he was trying to reach Hogwarts; this was unsuccessful, as the Muggle guard had of course never heard of the school, and when Harry simply asked him what train was leaving at eleven o'clock, he told him there wasn't one, and then stopped talking to Harry, muttering under his breath that he was a "time waster". Thankfully for Harry, he quickly met the wizarding Weasley family who showed him how to access the platform.[1]


This station guard talking to a commuter

Station guard: "What in blazes d'you think you're doing?"
Harry Potter: "Lost control of the trolley."
— The guard's reaction to Harry and Ron's collision with a wall[src]

On 1 September 1992, Harry and Ron Weasley tried entering Platform 9¾,[3] but were prevented from doing so,[3] as the entrance had been magically blocked by the house-elf Dobby.[4] The station guard saw the two boys running into the wall and angrily asked them what they were doing. Harry got up, telling him that the two lost control of their trolleys.[3]


In 2017, this individual was still employed at King's Cross.[2]

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