This unnamed Station Guard was employed at King's Cross Station, London, during at least the 1990s through the 2010s.



Harry Potter: "Excuse me sir. Can you tell me where I might find Platform 9¾?"
Station guard: "9¾? Think you're being funny do you?"
— Harry, searching for Platform 9¾[src]

Harry Potter first met the station guard in 1991, while trying to find his way to Platform 9¾. When Harry mentioned the name of the platform, the guard thought Harry was mocking him, because, not being a wizard, he did not know it existed.[1]

Station guard 1

The station guard in 1991


Station guard: "What d'you two think you're doing?"
Harry Potter: "Sorry. Lost... lost control of the trolley"
— The guard's reaction to Harry and Ron's collision with a wall[src]

In 1992, Harry and Ron Weasley tried entering Platform 9¾, but were prevented from doing so as the entrance had been magically blocked by the House-elf Dobby. The station guard saw the two boys running into the wall and asked them what they were doing. Harry got away, telling him that the two lost control of their trolleys.[2]


In 2017


In 2017, this individual was still employed at King's Cross.

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