"I hexed the man who came for it. I'd like to see him fly with his knees on back to front, the great hairy hog."
Gertie Keddle[src]

The Knee-reversal hex[2] (incantation unknown) was a hex that caused the victim's knees to reverse position from the front of their legs, where they were supposed to be located, to the back.[1]

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Gertie Keddle 1100s Gertie Keddle used this hex when a man playing an early form of Quidditch came to her garden to retrieve his ball.[1]
Unknown 1754 Torquil McTavish had this spell used on him during a broom race.[3]
August, 1877 Angelus Peel had this spell used on him in the Tournament that Nobody Remembers[4]
Merula Snyde Before 1986 Merula claimed to have learnt the Knee-Reversal Hex, sometime prior to her fourth year at Hogwarts.[2]


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