"I hexed the man who came for it. I'd like to see him fly with his knees on back to front, the great hairy hog."
Gertie Keddle[src]

The Knee-reversal hex[1] (incantation unknown) is a hex that causes the victim's knees to reverse position from the front of their legs, where they were supposed to be located, to the back.

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Gertie Keddle 1100s Gertie Keddle used this hex when a man playing an early form of Quidditch came to her garden to retrieve his ball.[1]
Unknown 1754 Torquil McTavish had this spell used on him during a broom race.[2]
August, 1877 Angelus Peel had this spell used on him in the Tournament that Nobody Remembers[3]
Merula Snyde 1986-1987 School Year Merula mentioned learning the Knee-Reversal Hex in the Great Hall during her fourth year. 


Notes and references

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