Koldovstoretz (Russian: колдовсторец) is the Russian wizarding school. It is one of the eleven schools registered with the International Confederation of Wizards. Students from Koldovstoretz plays a version of Quidditch where they fly on entire, uprooted trees instead of broomsticks.[1]


A student from Koldovstoretz competed in the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship.[2]

Known students


  • The name of this school is likely derived from the Russian words "koldovstvo" (колдовство), misspelt as "koldovsto" and meaning "witchcraft", and "tvoretz" (творец), meaning "creator". Together the words form a partially overlapping portmanteau with the meaning "(the) creator of magic". By another version, the second word is "dvoretz" (дворец), meaning "palace", that makes the whole name the "palace of witchcraft".


Notes and references

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