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Krakens was a shop in Diagon Alley in London, England that presumably manufactured and sold pigments, paints, powders, dyes, tinctures and inks.[1]

The building exterior had several octopus-like motifs, such as the dome and the light above the rows of bottles. Tentacles could be seen stretching out of one of the building's window. Coloured substance could be seen leaking out of the building.[1] The establishment was sandwiched between Creepy Scrawlers Stationers and Quality Quidditch Supplies.[2]


The name of the shop is taken from the Kraken, a magical water creature.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In the real-world, the Kraken is commonly depicted as a cephalopod-like creature.[4] Fishermen may refer to cephalopods as "inkfish" due to their common ability to squirt ink,[5] which was presumably the origin for the concept of a shop involved in ink-related products.
  • Illustrator Jim Kay noted that each of the illustrated books will have its own personality, including using different materials. For Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this included throwing powdered dyes on wet paper to create explosions of colour.[6]


Notes and references

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