A Kwikspell letter

"Feel out of step in the world of modern magic?
Find yourself making excuses not to perform simple spells?
Ever been taunted for your woeful wandwork?
There is an answer!
—Kwikspell letter[src]

Kwikspell is a correspondence course in beginner's magic run by the Kwikspell Company. The course is designed to help adult witches and wizards brush up on their magical skills.[1] Lesson one of this course teaches the student the correct way to hold their wand as well at least one charm[2] - "Lesson One: Holding Your Wand (Some Useful Tips)". It also comes with a book.

Kwikspell seems to be effective among wizards like Madam Z. Nettles and Warlock D.J. Prod, who have poor magical skills.[1] However, squibs like Argus Filch and Mrs Figg find no results as they have no magical power.[3] Argus Filch had received a letter from them as discovered by Harry while doing detention. He possibly signed up believing that the course would help him perform magic.

Behind the scenes

  • The definition for this course at the Scholastic Harry Potter Glossary incorrectly states that it is a course for Squibs, who have little magical powers. This, however, is incorrect, as the course will work for those who actually have magic, but Squibs actually have no magical powers. Its definition for "Squib," however, correctly defines them as those who are born to a magical family, but without magical power.


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