"Hullo there! Are you tourists? Out to catch a glimpse of our deadly lake monster, I bet! I was out fishing when the monster came from the depths! Fifty feet long and shooting flames, it was! Took a swipe at me and knocked off my spectacles! Still I swung brave and hard with my oar and beat it right back into the lake!"
Landlord of the Siren's Rest[src]

The Landlord of the Siren's Rest owned a pair of spectacles. He had them on when he was attacked by a "deadly lake monster", but he lost them during the encounter.[1] Using Gillyweed, Ministry of Magic investigators Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner later retrieved the spectacles that were buried in the mud at the bottom of the lake and they were analysed by Sage Bragnam — he concluded that the spectacles had been ripped off their owner with some force and discovered sucker marks on the lens, which helped them reach the conclusion the Beast in question had tentacles.[1]


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