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"Right! Lapifors - the transformation of a small object into a rabbit"
Hermione Granger defining the spell[src]

The Lapifors Spell[2] (Lapifors)[1][2] was a transforming spell that could be used to transform the target into a rabbit;[1] it worked best on smaller targets such as statues,[2] salamanders[3] or cats.[1] The spell could be viewed as a jinx when used to transform creatures into rabbits.[3]


This spell was learned in third-year Transfiguration class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall. This spell was covered in third-year exams at the end of the school year.[2]


Once performed, the caster had an option to control the rabbit in question, directing its movements.[2]

Known practitioners


From Latin "lepus", meaning "hare", with the -fors suffix attached as with most transforming spells.

Alternatively, Lapi- could be derived from Latin Lapis, meaning "stone", in reference to the statues Lapifors can transform.

Behind the scenes

  • The first two syllables of the incantation of this spell, "lapi", sounds very much like "lapin", a French word meaning "rabbit".
  • The Goblet of Fire video game categorises this spell under "Jinxes", but it is unknown if this is canon or not, since no video game depict this spell as a jinx, but simply as a harmless transfiguration spell.


Notes and references

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