"A potion to induce uncontrollable merriment. A finely-balanced potion requiring delicacy of touch. If made incorrectly, the results can vary from hysterical mania to deep and inconsolable melancholy."
Zygmunt Budge[src]

The Laughing Potion is a potion that induces laughter in the drinker. It is an effective defence against the banshee. Known ingredients include the quills of the Knarl. The Laughing Potion was among the many potions included in Zygmunt Budge's Book of Potions.[1]


  1. Add clear spring water into your cauldron.
  2. Chop your alihotsy leaves and add them to the water.
  3. Stir slowly. If you stir too fast you damage the leaves' mirthful properties.
  4. Snigger at the potion.
  5. Grind up your Billywig wings and add them to the cauldron. Stir slowly.
  6. Add three Knarl quills (no more, no less).
  7. Heat the mixture, then stir vigorously.
  8. Giggle at the potion.
  9. Heat the mixture once again.
  10. Shave your Puffskein and scatter hair over the surface of your potion.
  11. Stir quickly and apply a high heat.
  12. Laugh loudly and uncontrollably.
  13. Add a sprinkle of horseradish powder.
  14. Stir the potion and heat for the last time.
  15. Finally, wave your wand over the cauldron to finish the potion.[1]

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