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Jacob: "Ha-ha-ha! HA-HA!"
Jacob's sibling: "What's going on? Why won't he stop laughing?"
— The laughing curse in action[src]

The laughing curse[1] (incantation unknown) was a curse that could induce uncontrollable laughter in the victim, causing to them experience laughing fits that they could not naturally break from.[2] This curse could be cast upon objects and spread via touch.[1][3]


Chiara Lobosca: "With Madam Strout bedridden, the hospital has gone into chaos and the patients are getting restless."
Jacob's sibling: "Then we need to get the bottom of this laughing curse as quickly as we can."
Chiara Lobosca: "I agree... Remind me again, what is it we're searching for?"
Jacob's sibling: "We want to find out what Jacob last drank, since the laughter started with him."
Chiara Lobosca and Jacob's sibling investigating the source of the curse at St Mungo's[src]

This curse was transmitted to individuals at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in the 1990–1991 school year via a cursed CD case that was sent to Jacob as a get-well gift,[1] by the Healer Burke who was secretly working for R within the hospital as an inside agent.[4] Prior the unleashing of the curse, Merula Snyde warned Jacob's sibling that something bad was going to happen at the hospital and that it would be "no laughing matter",[2] leading them to suspect that she was working for R.[1] The curse first affected Jacob, Penny Haywood (a student on work experience) and Healer Madam Miriam Strout at Jacob's bedside, much to their sibling's confusion.[2]

This caused Strout to become bedridden, making the hospital become disorderly as a result, since she was unable to work and tend to her patients. The victims' health did not appear to decline but the healers were unable to feed them. Jacob's sibling and Chiara Lobosca first thought the curse could have been spread via Pumpkin Juice contaminated with Alihotsy Draught, after searching the hospital ward, but after Professor Snape analysed a bottle of it given to Jacob, he found no traces of the potion. Eventually, with the help of a mysterious White Swan Patronus in the hospital, they realised it was the cursed CD case, with Talbott Winger pointing out that the curse was spread by touch, with them not to touch the box.[1]

Jacob's sibling, accompanied with Corey Hayden, then took the cursed CD case to Professor Flitwick to break the complex curse,[1] but after trying to destroy the case with the Expulso Curse, he too became a victim of the laughing curse, making Jacob's sibling realise the case was magically protected, and that Muggle means had to be used destroy it to break the curse.[3] They then went to the Muggle Studies Professor, Arif Sikander for help.[3]

Professor Sikander and the students decided a Muggle appliance had to be used to destroy the CD, with them deciding to use a magically-powered microwave to do the trick, in the Muggle Studies Classroom. The microwave destroyed the CD and broke the curse, freeing all of its victims. Those whose throats were sore from the curse were treated with lozenges.[5]

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