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The leprechaun, sometimes known as the clauricorn, was a mischievous magical beast, although it was not malicious. They had a reputation as pranksters, but never inflicted lasting damage on a human with their pranks. Native only to Ireland, they were fully sentient and capable of speech, but never requested the British Ministry of Magic to reclassify them as beings.[1]

Physical appearance

The leprechaun had green-coloured skin and usually reached a height of around six inches, and they normally wore clothing made out of leaves.

Although they looked very humanoid, it was unlikely that they were related to humans or any other human-related beings, such as goblins.[1]

Habitat and traits

Leprechauns lived in forests and wooded areas, and they enjoyed attracting Muggle attention to themselves and playing pranks on them. This tendency had led to them being heavily integrated into Muggle children's stories and legends. Leprechauns had the ability to create a gold-like substance that disappeared, much to their amusement, after a few hours. Much of this leprechaun gold was created in the form of Galleon coins.[1]

Their diet consisted mostly of plants, especially leaves, and they sometimes used leaves as clothing as well, which was fitting of their forest habitat.


A magical display effect of a leprechaun for the Irish National Quidditch team

Ludo Bagman paid Fred and George Weasley in leprechaun gold-galleons when he lost a bet concerning the Ireland and Bulgaria Quidditch teams during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Ron paid Harry in it as well to cover the cost of the Omnioculars that Harry got for him to view the match. Ron was very upset when he found out the gold disappeared, and that he hadn't really paid back Harry at all, but Harry didn't mind.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • The leprechaun is a fairy-like magical creature from Irish mythology. They are generally depicted as tiny old men with red hair and beards, clad in green, who make shoes, hide coins in pots of gold hidden at the ends of rainbows, and cause mischief. "Clauricorn" is presumably derived from clurichaun, an evil variety of leprechaun associated with drunkards.
  • Warwick Davis, the actor who portrayed Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook the goblin, has also starred as an evil leprechaun in the Leprechaun comedy horror film series.


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