Leroy was the surname of a wizarding family with most likely at least some pure-blood members.[1]


Two of the family's members married members of the Lestrange family. The first of these marriages was when Balbine married Cyrille Lestrange. The couple had one son. Pucine married Cyrille's brother – Fulcran Lestrange. During this marriage, the couple had a son, also called Fulcran.[2] It is very possible that Balbine and Pucine were sisters (or at least cousins) because marriages between two pairs of siblings of different families were and still are quite frequent.

Family members

Wizard(s) Notes
Balbine Leroy[2] Wife of Cyrille Lestrange
Pucine Leroy Wife of Fulcran Lestrange[2]


Notes and references

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