"A heavy box, hidden in the corner of the mausoleum, comes crashing to her through the dust. A series of clicks as cogs whirr . . . Puzzle-like, it falls apart."
—Description of the box[src]
Lestrange family tree box

Lestrange Family Tree was an ornate box that contained the Lestrange family's family tree that recorded the descendants of the brothers Corvus (I) and Cyrille (I) Lestrange. The women, married as well as daughter, were recorded as flowers, while the men were record with name and portraits on the branches on the tree.[1]


It was once owned by Corvus (IV), but it's unknown if he build it or if it was a heirloom that could grow out the next generation during time. At one point, perhaps after the death of Corvus (IV), the family tree ended up in the French Ministry of Magic Records Room, where it remained until Gellert Grindelwald moved it to the Lestrange Mausoleum in Cimetière du Père-Lachaise.


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