Leta Lestrange's wand had an unknown length, wood and core material. Leta used her wand in her third year when she cast the dark charm Oscausi against a Gryffindor girl when she was insulting her behind her back. She continued to use her wand throughout her school life and her career working for the British Ministry of Magic.[1]

The wand may have been destroyed when Leta was attacked with cursed fire by Gellert Grindelwald, which disintegrated her.

Behind the scenes

  • Like most witches and wizards in Great Britain, she may have obtained it prior to attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If so, it could be a Gervaise Ollivander wand.
  • However, as stated by Pierre Bohanna, “She made some aesthetic choices as she matured. The wand that you had [as] a kid isn’t necessarily the wand you want [when you’re] older.”[2]
  • The wand bears some resemblance to the Malfoy Family Wand, particularly the sleek black part. This may indicate that it is an elm wand, which would be somewhat fitting as elm wands are highly desirable to pure-blood supremacists such as the Lestranges, though Leta herself never displayed such beliefs.


Notes and references

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