Levina Monkstanley (fl. 1772) was a witch who worked as an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic.

An accomplished witch, Levina Monkstanley was the one who first developed the Wand-Lighting Charm, Lumos. She astonished her colleagues one day by lighting the tip of her wand to look for a dropped quill in a dusty corner.[1]


Levina is of uncertain origin. It may come from the Russian for lion (lev), or it may be a form of "Lavinia".

The world "Monk" is of Greek origin, and is an Anglo-Scottish surname and derives from pre 7th Century word "munuc". The name would come to mean separate or alone.

The name "Stanley" is of English origin and means "a meadow that is stony".


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