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Linderina Crane (born c. 1976)[1] was a witch and an investigator for the Improper Use of Magic Office of the British Ministry of Magic.[3]


Early life

She was born at some point between 1 September 1976 and 31 August 1977.[1] Presumably before the age of eleven, she demonstrated magical ability and acquired a wand.

During her formative years, she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1988 to 1995. Not an overly friendly person whilst a student, she was noted to have often laughed at Neville Longbottom's occasional misfortune.[3]

Career at the Ministry

At some point after she graduated from Hogwarts, Crane joined the Ministry of Magic in London, where she eventually landed a job in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, becoming an investigator at the Improper Use of Magic Office.[3]

In the years that followed, she was assigned the task of monitoring the activities of the Nocturnal Order of Tricks and Magical Exhibitions, an anarchist organisation on a mission to expose the wizarding world to the Muggles. Sometime after this, she crossed paths with a masked wizard whom she suspected of being a member of the organisation, and who in spite of Crane's best efforts successfully evaded capture.[3]

Bitterly ashamed about her failure, this fiasco would later haunt her to the point that Boggarts would assume his form to remind her of it. Even so, by 2010, she had become the lead investigator in all matters that pertained to them.[3]

Investigation at Hogwarts

Crane was seen talking to Headmistress McGonagall in Hogsmeade during the first Hogsmeade weekend trip of the 2010–2011 school year. Soon there would be an incident in the village involving a magical display that looked like fireworks and a fight between a masked wizard and three Hogwarts students, and Crane was tasked with the investigation of it.[3]

She arrived at Hogwarts and checked the wands of the three students, Daniel Page, Ivy Warrington and another student, to make sure they didn't start the display, and reported the result to the Daily Prophet. She then interrupted Professor Longbottom's Herbology class to check his wand, as he also showed up in Hogsmeade after the incident took place.[3]

Later, she was seen examining students on the Quidditch pitch, even went so far as to checking the Quaffle they were playing with. She hoped the students could have noticed something abnormal and corroborate a story from a flying friend of them, but didn't receive any useful information from them. She was then found unconscious outside the greenhouses and claimed to have been attacked by NOTME, when in fact she might have just been snooping around Professor Longbottom's office.[3]

Elliot Evers later tricked her into thinking Professor Longbottom was hiding something in a room, when in fact he had put a Boggart in there. When Crane arrived and released the Boggart, it assumed the form of the masked wizard from NOTME, but Crane mistook it for a real wizard and attempted to restrain it with the Incarcerous Spell. This didn't help, and the Boggart shot effective spells at her instead. She was rescued by the aforementioned three students who had been secretly watching her.[3]

When the students were watching Quidditch tryouts, Crane once again approached them along with Rita Skeeter, and left them when she thought she saw Professor Longbottom. This would again come to no end, and Skeeter wrote about her failure to capture NOTME in the Daily Prophet. Before her investigation at Hogwarts would come to an end, Crane intended to meet the students for a final time on the Quidditch pitch, but this time she was informed that the real criminal behind the attack was Victor Gridley and he had blackmailed Daniel into doing bad things, which she immediately dismissed as their wild imagination. She suggested they leave the matter to professionals and bid farewell to the students.[3]


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