Lisette de Lapin was a French witch who was convicted of practising witchcraft by Muggles in the city of Paris in 1422, and was subsequently sentenced to death. She disappeared from her prison cell the evening before her scheduled execution.

Animagus theory

One theory is that she was an Animagus whose animal form was small enough to allow her to slip out the barred window. This idea has never been confirmed, but, sometime after Lisette's escape, a large white rabbit was spotted sailing across the English Channel in a cauldron. A rabbit fitting that description would later serve as an advisor to King Henry VI.

Inspiration for "Babbitty"

Magical historians have suggested that Lisette de Lapin may have been the inspiration behind Beedle the Bard's character Babbitty, who turns into a rabbit to escape the foolish King and Charlatan.


"Lisette" is a French nickname for "Elisabeth"[1]. "Lapin" is the French word for "rabbit", which combined with the the particle "de" ("of") to form the surname "de Lapin", can be interpreted as meaning either "of the rabbit" or "of a place called "Lapin"."


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