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The Harry Potter fandom has spawned a great many websites on the Internet, some official and some fan-created. Also there are some journalistic media platforms about The Boy Who Lived. It is impossible to list all, but below is a partial list of some of the more well-known.

Official sites[]

Media and journalistic platforms[]

  • MuggleNet: News, forums, editorials, fanfiction, a podcast, and more. (See also MuggleNet)
  • PotterDome: founded in 2003, relaunched in 2020. Based in The Netherlands, but focus on the Benelux. Independent journalistic platform with news, backgrounds and meetup about Harry Potter and other elements of Fantasy. First platform ever with a WhatsApp Community. Social accounts at Facebook, Threads and Instagram. See also the Wikipage about PotterDome.
  • Potter Talk: Harry Potter books and film discussions, photos, information and cast news about post-series events and updates.
  • TheDailyProphet.net: A Harry Potter news website full of newspaper article style short fanfiction stories.
  • The Leaky Cauldron: News, forums, exclusive interviews with the cast, a podcast, and more! Sponsors an event known as LeakyCon. See also the Wikipage about The Leaky Cauldron (website).


  • The Harry Potter Alliance: The HP Alliance turns fans into heroes. We use the power of story and popular culture to make activism accessible and sustainable.



  • Magic Trivia Quiz Wizard Spell : iOS App - Do you think you are a real expert on the magic world of Harry Potter? Come and find out! Quiz & Book for Harry Potter is a fun application to learn all the spells and curiosities found in books and movies. For the first time you will have a real spell book to study and become a real magician, you will learn more than 250 spells.
  • Accio Nox : a fourteen year old Harry Potter RPG site, created Christmas day 2006. Accio Nox takes place in the year 2028 and has many active characters. This site follow the Canon novels up until the epilogue. Cursed Child has no relevance to the site. The site retain the original creator of the site as full time admin, and boasts active Quidditch seasons and classes.
  • Beginning of the End: Post-Potter | No Word Count | Immersive. We've been around since 2006, where we started in 1991, Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Now it's almost 3 decades later. Writers can make a student or adult, participate in classes, clubs, play Quidditch, shop at Gringotts, or even go on a quest. Go on an adventure or just write your story, your way.
  • Beyond the Platform: It's 1982 and, after a quiet Ministry takeover, life for lesser bloods is bleaker than ever. pureblood receive blatant preferential treatment and Hogwarts has disbanded all houses except Slytherin. But times are changing… What side do you fall on? Beyond the Platform is an alternate universe with original characters, and is a 16+ forum-based roleplay site.
  • Cedere Nescio: An 18+ roleplay forum set in 9 years after the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The site accepts only user's original characters and enjoy exploring new and old lore. Comfort and inclusivity are very important to the users. Whether you wish to write a student, a graduate, or someone entirely different (centaur, house-elf, merfolk, and so much more are welcome).
  • Charming: A Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle, and even non-human are welcome.
  • Children of Merlin: Harry Potter 1980s RPG A play-by-post forum rpg set in the 1980s, a few years after the war a new secret society claims to have an ancient weapon with which they threaten to take away magical abilities from anyone they deem unworthy. Both canon and original characters are welcome.
  • Courtyard Broomball A sports game based around Muggle Quidditch; a parody of the Backyard Sports series with over 80 real-life characters to choose from.
  • Cryptic Conjuring With the muggle-borns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?
  • Elpida: In an effort to strive towards unity and peace, all eleven of the world's known wizarding world schools — including Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny — all closed their doors to new students in September 2012. From there on out, beginning in January 2013, children around the wizarding world began attending a centralised school, Elpida (Greek for 'hope'), located in the "lost" City of Atlantis, a series of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the Bermuda Triangle. Though Elpida acknowledges books 1-7 canon, we are a strictly OC site in a completely original, unique setting. Not interested in playing a student? That's perfectly fine — we have wizarding adults in various roles all around the globe, too! Sandbox style (no overarching site plot; we've built the world, now just live in it!) Tech-positive, 18+ Jcink Premium, LGBTQIA+ friendly.
  • Enchanted Hogwarts: A very well established (seventeen-year-old, as of 2018) alternate Universe RPG which promotes writing development, with real mysteries to solve and many interactive features, including classes, stores, pensives and Quidditch, as well as tutorials. Create a character, or choose a canon character and play them with far more freedom than many other sites due to the alternate timeline. Self-coded and ad-free, this site also boasts highly accurate Canon character portrayal and a highly detailed expanded Wizarding World.
  • Finite Incantatem A play-by-post RPG that features the four main wizarding schools (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny), as well as the entirety of the wizarding world all across the globe. An AU, original character roleplay set in 2021, modern-day events have fueled a divide between Muggles and wizards. A new group is rising, calling themselves the Death Eaters, and their mission is simple: to overthrow Muggle government since they seem to be incapable of running themselves.
  • Floo.Network Floo.Network is a Harry Potter play-by-post roleplaying game set in 1970/ 1971. Join us to start the new school year. Floo.Network accepts students, professors, death eaters, adults, centaurs, ghosts, and many other things. Players from the age of 16+ are welcome. Floo.Network has a unique application system, and we look great on desktop as well as mobile.
  • Harry Potter Haven: Harry Potter forum-based RPG.
  • Harry Potter Spell Quiz a quiz created by Harry Potter enthusiasts which covers most of the spells and charms in the magical Harry Potter Universe.
  • HEXRPG Live and interact in the world of Harry Potter. This site has role-playing, a fully working wizarding economy, classes, and much, much more! This site has been active for 21 years and is more than just a Harry Potter site - it's one big, welcoming community.
  • Hogwarts Forever Hogwarts Forever is a virtual remake of the magical world of Harry Potter, where you create your very own magical journey, as you enter Hogwarts and get sorted, then take classes, and eventually go out into the world and get the job you've always dreamed of with the Ministry of Magic, St Mungo's, or even as a Hogwarts professor. The possibilities are endless, to see more before joining feel free to visit the forums and explore before taking your seat under the sorting hat.
  • Hogwarts by Night - (Founded in 2003) We have an Active Community on Discord Chat) [No Word Count / 14+ / No Ads] If you like stories about clever and reasonably attractive and young dark wizards and witches, backroom deals, Eldritch Horror, and things that go bump in the night listen close. Hogwarts by Night now follows the Dark Timeline where Voldemort won. Explore the world twenty years later (current date), have a seat and [Page|start reading].
  • Hogwarts Is Here: Established by Keith D. Cardin and Kimmy Cranes, Hogwarts is Here mimics the feel of a real Hogwarts School day. A group of Professors grade students quizzes and essays, create grades, and post lesson perfect for the average potterhead. You can create groups, there are several events, and you can also just hang out, and meet new people!
  • Hogwarts Live: An interactive RPG.
  • Hogwarts New Zealand: A Harry Potter Role Playing site set in New Zealand.
  • Hogwarts School: Welcome to Hogwarts School: A 1960s Harry Potter RPG! out of character: Hogwarts-School.net is one of the oldest Harry Potter RPGs available today. We offer a magical school for student characters, with interactive classes, duelling, and Quidditch, as well as career opportunities for adult characters at the Ministry of Magic, St Mungo's, and a variety of Wizarding shops. We are more than just a Hogwarts School RPG, we're a whole interactive RPG world! in-character After the rise and fall of the Hexenreich a decade before, the Social Reconstruction Committee, brought in to rebuild Wizarding communities across Great Britain, has finally been dissolved. Where do we go from here? Only time will tell...
  • HOL Virtual Hogwarts: A virtual Hogwarts with many different forums associated with it. Players can may sorted into a house, become a Professor, join up to 5 classes each term, play Quidditch (based onHarry Pottertrivia) and more.
  • Hogwarts Online (Forum & RP): Created in 2023, Hogwarts Online is an interactive Hogwarts experience where members can take Hogwarts Classes in a classroom setting through Google Classrooms, earn House Points and Galleons through participating and/or winning contests and events, shop Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade (on Hogsmeade weekends), join official roleplays and/or create/join user made roleplays, and so much more.
  • Hogwarts Online: Created in 2005, Hogwarts Online is one of the longest-lasting Harry Potter role play websites on the Internet. Create a character, start as a first year, and take classes at either Hogwarts or Durmstrang. Connect and collaborate with writers from all over the world while putting your characters through incredible, magical situations. What are you waiting for? Take the sorting quiz today!
  • Hogwarts Online School As an AU Harry Potter RPG, HOS has been an active forum and community for 12 years. Members can find their houses in our sorting ceremony, shop at Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade Village, take classes taught by the site's members, and even play a nice game of Quidditch. HOS currently has 1000+ accounts in addition to a friendly staff and a remarkable member base!
  • Hogwarts School Amino: Founded in 2018, Hogwarts School Amino is a mobile Hogwarts roleplay experience hosted on Amino Apps with already over 15,000 fans worldwide. Members can create their own character, share stories and creative content, roam the castle, join classes and student clubs, participate in community-wide challenges and events to compete for the Cup, and much more.
  • Ilvermorny School Online IO is set in present day America, featuring a tone of political turmoil and tension between the No-Maj government and the current Pro-Segregation MACUSA. Students and staff at Ilvermorny are protected by the current Chancellor board, who preach the need to live among the No-Maj peacefully and integrated, just as they did when the school was founded. IO is supported on JCINK Premium and allows mature content, while still providing a safe, user friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone!
  • Live the Magic A friendly RPG forum taking place a few decades after the Second Wizarding War. One can create their own character and attend to Hogwarts classes or become a professor, play Quidditch, try to win the Duelling Trophy and even join the Potions club. One can also shop at Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, get jobs, and explore many more features.
  • Last Resort An established AU Harry Potter RPG (12 years) set in a time when Death Eaters have taken over. Forces are now at work to bring down the DE regime and the muggles are circling in with the recent outbreak of werewolves in London. A place where writing and community go hand-in-hand.
  • Model Hogwarts: A Hogwarts roleplay primarily hosted on the Discord server, with a supplementary wikia. An in-character year lasts 13 weeks in real time, including 10 weeks of classes, a one-week winter break, and a two-week summer break. Roleplayers can create a student and build their character, with elaborate backstories and quirks. The relatively-new RPG currently has over 300+ members, most of whom are active.
  • myHogwarts Founded in 2007, myHogwarts is an interactive Harry Potter website where members are sorted and attend Hogwarts, taking classes and competing for the House Cup. Features of myHogwarts include Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, the Ministry of Magic, Quidditch, duelling, and the Quibbler. myHogwarts also contains sections for book and movie discussion, trivia, fan fictions, and role playing, as well as a general chat among members. Live the magic at myHogwarts!
  • Potter's World: A play-by-post RPG with monthly registration and over 600 characters that has been active since 2007. Includes Quidditch, duelling, an active main plot, and much to do for characters both in Hogwarts and beyond.
  • Potterzone: (Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. Android APP available also at the Google Play Store.) Potterzone is a Harry Potter Social Network and RPG, where you can share photos, posts, create polls and meet wizards living near you (Geolocation) and other wizards from around the globe. You will be selected into one of the four Hogwarts Houses at the beginning, and you will have to play mini-games and challenges to earn house points and personal points. You can also create your own character/avatar, go to Diagon Alley to buy new features (using points earned with the mini-games) and take photos with exclusive potterhead filters and stickers (app only).
  • Quidditch Manager An online simulation and management game, which gives you the opportunity to create a professional Quidditch team, influence and observe the progression of your aspiring stars, refine your team by strategy and training and have this experience together with other online players. The game is designed to work well for either a casual fan or a more enthusiastic participant, and is completely free to play. It has been active for over 5 years and currently has over 200 clubs as well as an active forum. : (( has been deactivated ))
  • Running Up That Hill An AU RPG that takes place during the time of the next generation. It currently features three of the main 11 wizarding schools (Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Koldovstoretz - Opening soon!) allowing for plenty of opportunities for all the students in your mind! The Death Eaters have taken over the Ministry placing in a puppet minister while the real one has been tortured with his life at stake if he disobeys. We also have a large variety of creatures to choose from both canon and not with a focus on expanding the wizarding world. RUTH also strives to promote diversity being home to characters of many origins and identities. Who knows what stories you and many others will tell!
  • Specularis : A modern-day Hogwarts RP with contests, money and shopping, summer events, and magical lore created by the members.
  • Static Hogwarts: Present Day, Post-Potter, No Wordcount, 18+, All-Original! Static Hogwarts (established 2004) is an intermediate to advanced semi-sandbox RP site. The Gringotts system is designed to help our members earn knuts so they can have abilities, special rankings, and other unique things for their characters as a reward for their actions in our community. Knuts can be earned in a multitude of ways - even just by posting! Static Hogwarts also offers a unique RISK system, where you can choose to put your character in situations where you cannot predict what might come upon your character. These are optional, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to either flee or escape risks. You should expect to experience some drama, maybe some injury, and DEFINITELY a lot of fun!
  • Statute of Secrecy The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is being bent… twisted… tested… what will happen if it breaks? Statute of Secrecy is a brand-new AU Hogwarts RPG set in the late '90s. We have a strong central plot and welcome members of all ages. Help us tell our story!
  • The Harry Potter Roleplaying Game Tabletop roleplaying rules for playing adventures in the wizarding world. Players can take on the role of Hogwarts students during any year of study, or play adult wizards in professions like Auror, Curse Breaker, or Professor. The rules are comprehensive and include stats for magical creatures and notable characters.
  • The Hogwarts Experience: Established in 2006, at HE we combine everything you may have come to expect all in one site. Take classes, exams, learn to duel, earn HousePoints, play Quidditch, chat with friends...the list is never ending! A place for both fun and friendship, both RPG and non-RPG, there's something for everyone.
  • The Hogwarts Online The Hogwarts Online is a one of a kind, large and unique roleplay where you create, explore, and above all else have fun with your own original character in the wonderful world of Harry Potter. We have everything for you to enjoy. From a unique experience at Ollivander's grabbing a wand, to classes, Hogsmeade Weekends, the Hogwarts High Championship, fun site-wide plots, and so much more. So joins us today and let your magical journey begin!
  • The Magic of Hogwarts The Magic of Hogwarts, created April 2020, is an online Hogwarts experience in which it is possible to take courses and participate in role-play groups. It was established to be more course-centered, but also offers roleplaying activities, Quidditch, and eventually career paths. There is also a location to publish books in the library, and interactive contests are a regular occurrence.
  • The Next Incantation : Established 2003, Self Hosted, 18+. TNI is a post Harry Potter site committed to delivering the very best RP experience possible with talented members and quality writing. Catering to adult writers, we offer a large group of characters and an immersive, detailed world for you to explore, no matter what age your character is. Staff are online every day to assist you.
  • The Third Floor CorridorMembers of this RPG can get sorted into a house, join classes, and compete for the house cup. Also offered in this RPG are contests, clubs, Quidditch and a lively conversational forum.
  • The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Say ‘Alohomora’ and come join us now to gain unlimited access to all of our magical features. Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions! Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?
  • Ties That Bind Established in 2011, TTB is a mature alternate universe role playing environment offering a variety of unique plots, including Hogwarts, and a school created by the admins called Wolfclaw. With constant wars and secret societies making life interesting you're sure to feel right at home. It's Voldemort's world now, but not for long.
  • Virtual Hogwarts: Established in 2003 and set post-book time, VH's goal is to remain as canon as possible. It boasts a working duelling and quidditch system that keeps members coming back with multiple characters long after their young witches and wizards have left Hogwarts. The real benefit of the site is its members - there's a home at Virtual Hogwarts for both beginning and experienced writers.
  • WICKED Adult Based | Post Potter | Modern Magic: The year is 2027 and the Wizarding World has changed. Technology has intertwined into the seams of magic and with no big baddie threatening to take over, people are left with a rare time of peace..but even the most stable peace is fragile. It's a new age of fame and glory. Ready to start your life outside the castle?
  • Wizarding Realm: Founded in 2004, WR is an alternate universe Harry Potter role play set in the present day which focuses on student life at Hogwarts. All level welcome!
  • wtfhogwarts : A HP RPG where just about anything goes and where things don't seem to make sense. Here you can expect detentions, fights, and improper use of magic.
  • WorldofPotter: Dutch RPG game.
  • Virtual Hogwarts: English webpage that combines RPG with creative writing and expansion of one's imagination. The page has been established in the October 2021, but was born out of a Slovenian virtual school Virtualna Bradavičarka, that has been running since 2001. The owner has stayed the same since 2001. The page welcomes everyone that wish to join in the community. You are able to either run your own subject or participate as a student, earning points for your house. You are able to choose and avatar and dress it up as you please. The page is still adding new features.

Websites in English[]

  • Fantastic Beasts Movies: A website dedicated to the Fantastic Beasts series.
  • Accio Wizards Unite | Accio Wizards Unite Forum A community created for fans, by fans. We cover the latest news about the Harry Potter AR game, Wizards Unite. From gameplay to download links and wizarding news outlet, here you will find everything you need to know to be the best SoS Task Force member the wizarding world has ever seen. And our forum is filled with wonderful people just as passionate about Harry Potter and this new game that's bringing magic into our everyday lives.
  • Beyond Hogwarts: an academic resource, unravelling and discussing the mysteries of the Harry Potter saga, and beyond the books, into the future of Harry's Wizarding world. Includes also Wizard News.
  • The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Say ‘Alohomora’ and come join us now to gain unlimited access to all of our magical features. Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions! Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?
  • Harry Potter Tours: Overview of all Harry Potter tours, exhibitions and holidays worldwide. Forum to discuss tours and ask questions.
  • Quizow: Quizow features Harry Potter quizzes, blog.
  • Harry Potter Gifts : Gifts, books, and movie discussions for Harry Potter fans.
  • The New Harry Potter Role Play Game: This is a Text Based Harry Potter Game. All are welcome.
  • The Show That Shall Not Be Named An award-winning improv group, based in Los Angeles, that creates original theatre pieces inspired by the world of Harry Potter.
  • HP More: A Brazilian blog-site, with translations into over 12 languages including English, full of yet, pages, photos, news, and more ...
  • HPAna.com: English News aggegrator about Harry Potter (online, but inactive)
  • Harry Potter Worlds: Pictures, blog. quotes, character of the week, games and more!
  • HPFT: Fan forum; runs a year-long House Cup and has frequent competitions and reviewing events. Has its own archive and is affiliated with FanfictionAudioBooks.
  • HPearth: An International Harry Potter website, specially catering to fans in India.
  • Snitchseeker: News, rumours, fanfiction, and fan art
  • Magical-Menagerie: All the latest news, photos, videos, information and more!!
  • The HP Fan: News, cast news feeds, links, editorials, galleries, and more, with an interesting & unique virtual Hogwarts experience for members as well.
  • Harry Potter for Seekers: Seeking for the spiritual symbolism and meaning in the Harry Potter series.
  • Harry Potter Fan Zone: A J.K. Rowling 'Fan Site Award' winner with news, information, pictures, videos, editorials, exclusive interviews, set reports and much more.
  • Potterforums A fan forums site for the books and films in the Harry Potter series.
  • Harry Potter forever: A small and comparatively new fan-made website for Harry Potter news, polls and discussions.
  • King's Cross Station: A Harry Potter forum has been created to serve as a fun, friendly, and easy-going place for Harry Potter fans to talk about the books and express themselves through fan-fiction/art. Other features include discussion of all Harry Potter areas, competitions, games, events, and prompts for fanfiction/art.
  • Pottermore Field Guide: A Pottermore fan site with discussion forum made for Harry Potter fans
  • Pottermore Insider: A Pottermore fan site with news, forums, videos, and much more Harry Potter!
  • The Order of the Phoenix News Network: The home of Harry Potter news, rumours, and a podcast!
  • The Three Broomsticks Forums: A Harry Potter discussion forum
  • Pottermore Fan Forum: A Pottermore fan forum featuring a friendly community, classes, trivia tests, Quidditch and more!
  • Harry-Potter.net.pl: The largest Polish website dedicated to the Harry Potter Fans from Poland.
  • Sycophant Hex: All Sycophant Hex archives require members to register to post fic and to read fic that have higher than a G rating. Members are required to be 18 or older to register.
  • Potteric : A web-site focused on Harry Potter products and their descriptions which present them in a unique and witty way.
  • https://discord.gg/RFSXkNq : A Discord server for earning House points in to help your House win the weekly House Cup. User-created channels. Internet-forum-style word games. Private roleplaying rooms (channels) for you and your fellow roleplayers for that specific roleplay and a planning channel, too. A birthday role and announcement, a roles store, custom roles, a Poster of the Day role and contest winner roles.
  • Potter Quizzes : A website that is dedicated to quizzes and trivia games about Harry Potter.





  • WikiPotter Pore: A wiki with lots of pages at your disposal, you can also create and edit pages.
  • Accio Quote!: Archive of J. K. Rowling quotes/interviews, available via Web Archive
  • Harry Potter Lexicon: Widely considered to be one of the most complete sources of Harry Potter information available
  • WP favicon Harry Potter Portal on Wikipedia
  • TVTropes - Harry Potter: TV Tropes explores the storytelling conventions or "tropes" within the Harry Potter series, including the books, all eight films and video game releases, and popular fanfiction based on the franchise.



  • The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Say ‘Alohomora’ and come join us now to gain unlimited access to all of our magical features. Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions! Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?
  • DarkLordPotter: Caters to darker and more mature themes in Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • Fanfiction.net's Harry Potter section: Contains nearly 600,000 stories, including crossovers.
  • FanfictionAudioBooks: Multi-fandom fanfiction audiobooks with a Harry Potter focus. Affiliated with HPFT.
  • Fiction Alley: Fanfiction, discussion, and fanart.
  • Gluttony: Multi-fandom fanfiction archive with a Harry Potter focus.
  • HPFF : A fully-moderated fanfiction archive. Very family-friendly; does not allow explicit material and restricts sensitive issues like sexual assault and self-injury.
  • HPFT: A moderated fanfiction archive with a focus on inclusivity and author feedback; has a forum and is affiliated with FanfictionAudioBooks as well.
  • MNFF: Mugglenet's fanfiction archive.
  • Sink Into Your Eyes: A moderated fanfiction archive devoted to Harry/Ginny.


  • The Quidditch Pitch: Formerly a stand-alone fanfiction site, but is now being imported to AO3 by the OTW Open Doors Committee.
  • The Sugar Quill: Selective fan-fiction archive; has been in read-only mode since 2009.


  • The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Say ‘Alohomora’ and come join us now to gain unlimited access to all of our magical features. Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions! Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?
  • (My) Immortal: The Web Series : A web series based on the infamous "My Immortal" fan fiction.
  • AccioBrain: An archive of Harry Potter fan-art by Makani
  • ArtDungeon.net: An archive of Harry Potter fan-art by Marta (available via Web Archive)
  • TheDarkArts: A graphic community and sister site of HPFF; contains active request forums for both story graphics and forum sets.
  • Tealin's Harry Potter Headquarters: Fanart, essays, and more
  • Godric's Hollow: Contains an extensive collection of fan art.
  • deviantART has over 196,800 pieces of Harry Potter fanart, plus fanart of the actors.
  • Procedurally Potter: Procedurally generated sentences made using Markov chains with the books as the input.

International websites[]



  • Potterish: The biggest fansite in the country. It includes news, galleries, interviews and more.
  • Animagos: A fansite updated with news and a monthly podcast about the Wizarding World and J.K. Rowling's work.
  • O Profeta Diário: The site includes news and more.
  • TestPotter: Site for taking Harry Potter quizzes.
  • Mundo Bruxo: fansite featuring news and curiosities of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.
  • Ordem da Fenix Brasileira: Contains news and updates on Harry Potter, actors, photos, etc.
  • Floreios e Borrões: Brazilian Harry Potter fanfic site.


Czechia and Slovakia[]


  • Ministarstvomagije.hr : (Ministry of Magic Croatia) - Croatian fansite and official site for Harry Potter fan club "Ministry of Magic Croatia"




  • Poudlard12: French interactive Hogwarts, with online courses, exams, duels, magical creatures, and rpg (among other things).
  • Encyclopedie Harry Potter: official French translation of the Harry Potter Lexicon.
  • Le FCHP (Fan-Club de Harry Potter): "Harry Potter Fan Club" French forum and community
  • UniversHarryPotter.com: French website with daily news from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universes and regular in partnership competitions and giveways, gallery, encyclopedia...
  • La Gazette du Sorcier: French fansite with daily news from the Harry Potter universe, giveaways, podcast (RITM, ended), forum, participation in conventions...
  • Mischief Managed: French RPG Harry Potter
  • Obscurus Presse: association publishing Harry Potter fanzines fanarts books. Highly active convention-wise.
  • Poudlard Mag: French Harry Potter website with news, updates, articles, gallery, podcast and much more.
  • Poudlard.org
  • Réseau Potterien Francophone: A network gathering the best French potter-fansites
  • Communautés Magiques: French network gathering every single fanpage, blog, website, twitter... that asks to be part of it. (abandoned)
  • Le Chicaneur (Available via Web Archive)
  • The Daily Prophet : French fansite - Find the news of the Pottermania. Discover the Wizard TV, the Forum, fanfictions... and other surprises ! (abandoned)
  • Fan Harry Potter: French Harry Potter site featuring daily updates, photos gallery, videos gallery, community for fans. (Available via Web Archive)
  • Harry Potter Forever: French Harry Potter site with news, photo gallery, fan-art, etc. (Available via Web Archive)
  • Potternetwork: A French Social Network (abandoned)
  • Potter frenchy party A French website featuring DIYs, shopping lists and inspirational articles about the organisation and the decoration of Harry potter theme parties.


  • Harry Potter Xperts: German Harry Potter site with news, photo gallery, fan-art and many more.
  • Zauberhogwarts: It's one of the best and most beautiful Harry Potter fan websites with a big community. It has a wonderful and lovely design.


  • Mugglegreeks: Harry Potter Fansite. News about HP books, films, actors and Pottermore (in Greek and English)
  • HarryWorld : The best and biggest Harry Potter forum in Greece, with 5.000 members and 2.000.000 topics.


  • HPortal: While being known by the Israeli communication and owning many successful projects and unforgettable achievements, HPortal has placed itself as the best and most popular Harry Potter website in Israel.
  • HPNet: Israeli Harry Potter Site.



  • GiratempoWeb: Italian Harry Potter community since November 11th 2004. Site, interactive Forum, Home of Magic.
  • Portkey Italy: Italian Harry Potter site with news, photo galleries, fan-art and many more.
  • HogwartSite.net The Italian Harry Potter fansite.
  • Lumos.it Italian Harry Potter fansite and forum.
  • Pottertest.com Italian Harry Potter tests


  • Mahoukai.com (魔法界ドットコム): A Japanese Harry Potter fansite. featuring WWOHP at USJ, WBTourLondon, movies, goods, replicas, events, cosplays, news, products info, and more.
  • Pottermania.jp (★ポッターマニア): A Japanese Harry Potter fansite. It features Harry Potter daily news, dictionary, updated movie news, collectibles, events, photos, forums, and more.
  • Potter Portal (ポッターポータル): A Japanese Harry Potter fansite, featuring news, products info, fans' illustrations, comments, and many more.

Middle East[]

  • Jadoogaran: A Persian Harry Potter website. It contains lots of features like: RPG forum, news, gallery, discussion forums, downloads, articles, and many more.
  • Dementor: A Persian Harry Potter Fan Site. Includes News, Discussion forums, fan-fiction forum, Magical Calendar, Books and Interviews, Subtitles, Persian Pottermore, Gallerier Software and etc.





  • Harry-Potter.net.pl : Decidedly the biggest and most often viewed Polish Harry Potter fandom's website with over 40,000 users. Includes forum, shoutbox, news, articles, fan fiction and a virtual RPG Hogwarts.
  • Departament Tajemnic: One of the biggest Polish Harry Potter World-related sites. Features the latest Harry Potter news, books and movies info, cast biographies and interviews, articles, gallery, forum and more. (abandoned)



  • Ordinary Wizarding Lives: Forum RPG with the integrated learning system, covering Harry Potter fields of magical study. Has the canon additions with a focus on a plot development for the adult wizards and external Magical World. Growing skill system and DnD-like battle mechanic.


  • Virtualna Bradavičarka: A Slovenian wizarding school that has been running since mid 2001. It is still a very active community that welcomes a lot of new members each year. Due to it success, the owner decided to make another similar site but for English fans called Virtual Hogwarts.

Spain and Latin America[]

  • De Wizards Unite: A Spanish website focused on Niantic's new Harry Potter AR Game: Wizards Unite. Stay up to date with the official game information and speculation and have a look behind the curtain for download information some amazing gameplay breakdown and walkthroughs.
  • RinconDeDraco: Blog specialising in the wizard Draco Malfoy: Tests, news, articles of interest and much more.
  • BlogHogwarts: The most recognised Harry Potter fansite in Spanish. News, Exclusives, Interviews, Fanfics, and more.
  • Magiayhechiceria: Harry Potter reference page in Spain; Information, tips, shopping reviews, sale products and top-quality items every week.
  • CasaHogwarts: Website specialising in Hogwarts Houses, their history and everything related to them.
  • Harry Potter en Español: HP fansite in Spanish. Contains some exclusive reports regarding the Harry Potter series.
  • Harry Latino: The most visited Spanish Harry Potter fansite, that possesses a net of related sites like HLRadio (a podcast), Potterfics (fanfics), etc.
  • Personajes Potter: Website specialised in all Harry Potter characters.
  • Harry Potter LA: A Latin American Harry Potter fansite.
  • Casa Hufflepuff: Web page specialised in the Hufflepuff house of Harry Potter.
  • Merodeador Forums: A Spanish fansite containing information on the books, the actors, movies, and more.
  • Expelliarmus!: Another Spanish Harry Potter website. Featuring Games, Entertainment, News and more. (Live address redirects to Emma Watson official website. Available via Web Archive


  • Fefo: A Swedish forum for just Harry Potter, but also things IRL.
  • SHPF: SHPF stands for Svenska Harry Potter Fans, which means The Swedish Harry Potter Fans. SHPF was started as an ordinary blog and grew into the primary HP news site for Swedish fans. (Available via Web Archive)
  • Mugglarportalen : Also known to its users as Mugglis, it´s an interactive forum site where you will be sorted into the Houses of Hogwarts, compete in the hunt for the House Cup, duell other members, roleplay, uploade fanfictions, collct beans and frog-cards. There is also an asortment of games like "Snape" and "Hang Harry", sounds cruel, but really it's not.



  • MuggleThai: News, Video, Galleries, Forums and more. (Thailand)
  • Muggle-V: Fansite Harry Potter of Thailand. Harry Potter Encyclopedia, Wizarding World & House-elves School.


  • C.L.H.P.U.: (Circulo de Lectores Harry Potter Uruguay) - The website of the "Circle of Harry Potter Readers" is the first OFFICIAL "fanclub" in Uruguay.


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Other Fandom Wikis[]

  • Model Hogwarts: A wikia for the Model Hogwarts roleplay server, primarily hosted on Discord.


  • The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Say ‘Alohomora’ and come join us now to gain unlimited access to all of our magical features. Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions! Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?


A fanlisting is an online listing of fans of a subject that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. TheFanlistings.org is the original (but not only) web directory for fanlistings, dedicated to uniting fans across the globe.

Discord servers[]

  • The Harry Potter Wiki Discord Server (HPWDS): The official Discord server of this wiki, run by a small number of this wiki's editors.
  • Hogwarts School Discord: Officially partnered with Discord, Hogwarts School is a one-of-a-kind Harry Potter themed social server where witches, wizards, and Muggles from all around the world can connect and bond over their shared love of Harry Potter. Activities include a monthly House Cup, frequent trivia and other games, classes based on the Hogwarts curriculum, Harry Potter themed Mafia, and more.
  • Pottercord: a Discord server in which members can discuss the Harry Potter franchise. It is the largest Discord server dedicated to the Harry Potter universe.
  • Hogwarts Quidditch League: A Discord server created to play Quidditch and share our love over Harry Potter. If you are not interested in playing, you can always hang around for events, fun conversations and of course to make friends all around the world!

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