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Students raise their wands after Albus Dumbledore's death in 1997

This is a list of deaths in the Harry Potter series organised by source. Each death is listed under the material in which it is first mentioned.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last line Notes
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (Nearly-Headless Nick) Muggle executioner Botched beheading 31 October 1492 Asking his confessor if he should wear a hat to his execution Executed on behalf of King Henry VII for a magical mishap with a lady-in-waiting, Lady Grieve; died after 45 chops with the head still attached. Later became Gryffindor House ghost at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Cuthbert Binns N/A Natural causes Unknown Unknown Died in his sleep in a chair in front of the Hogwarts staff room fireplace. His ghost awoke and continued to teach History of Magic at Hogwarts, said not to have noticed his death.
Marlene McKinnon and her family Multiple Death Eaters (including Travers) Possibly murdered by unknown means on Lord Voldemort's orders July 1981 Unknown / Varies Killed for being part of the Order of the Phoenix.
Edgar Bones (and his wife and children) Death Eaters 1981
Gideon Prewett 5 Death Eaters (including Antonin Dolohov) Killed for being part of the Order of the Phoenix. Brutal killing, but Gideon and Fabian apparently died like heroes.
Fabian Prewett
James Potter Lord Voldemort Killing Curse 31 October 1981 "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! I'll hold him off!" Killed trying to defend their son Harry when Voldemort attacked their cottage (the Fidelius Charm over which having been betrayed by its Secret-Keeper) in his first attempt to avert the prophecy of his downfall. As a result, Lily's sacrifice made the curse for Harry rebound, marking Voldemort's first defeat and her son's unexpected fame.
Lily Potter "Please... have mercy...have mercy... Not Harry! Not Harry! Please — I'll do anything!"
2 Unicorns Quirinus Quirrell (influenced by Lord Voldemort's soul) Mauling 26 May 1992 Unknown Killed so Voldemort could drink their blood in order to strengthen himself, at the price of incurring an unspecified and extremely severe curse reputed to be "worse than death".
Quirinus Quirrell Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Lily's sacrificial protection over Harry, and Quirrell's abandonment by Voldemort's soul. 04 June


Screaming Killed while attempting to steal the Philosopher's Stone from Harry Potter so Voldemort could use it to regain a body; was at the time sharing his own body with Voldemort, who thus played a part in his host's death when departing him.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Merope Riddle Natural causes Childbirth 31 December 1926 "I hope he looks like his papa." Died at Wool's Orphanage right after giving birth to Tom Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort.
Myrtle Warren Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk Direct eye contact with the Basilisk. 13 June 1943 *Crying* Killed during Tom Riddle's first attempt to finish Salazar Slytherin's purge of Muggle-borns in the second-floor girl's lavatory that concealed the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets so that Riddle could turn his own diary into a Horcrux. Later became the ghost haunting the same bathroom.
Armando Dippet N/A Old age. 1 September 1992 Died sometime after his 355th birthday.
Rubeus Hagrid's chickens Ginevra Weasley (influenced by Tom Riddle's Diary) Strangling 31 October 1992 Killed as a precaution since their crow are fatal to a Basilisk.
The Serpent of Slytherin Harry Potter Stabbed with Godric Gryffindor's Sword 29 May 1993 Unknown In the Chamber of Secrets — Harry, with the assistance of Fawkes, managed to drive Gryffindor's sword through the top of the great snake's mouth, killing it.
Tom Riddle's diary [Voldemort's soul fragment] Harry Potter Stabbed with Basilisk's fang 29 May 1993 n/a Destroyed by Harry Potter as it was a part of Voldemort

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
12 Muggles Peter Pettigrew Blasting Curse 1 November 1981 Unknown / varies Sirius Black was framed for the crime; happened shortly after Voldemort's attack on the Potters.
Bilius Unknown Unknown Unknown, possibly around the time when Ron was seven years old Unknown Saw a Grim, and died 24 hours later of unspecified causes.
Binky (a pet rabbit) A fox Mauling 15 October 1993[1] None The rabbit was "just a baby" when the death occurred. Belonged to Lavender Brown and caused her to accept Sybill Trelawney's apparent predictions.
Hagrid's Flobberworms Hagrid's third year class Overfeeding Sometime during the 1993-1994 school year According to Hagrid, they were fed too much lettuce.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Rubeus Hagrid's father [unknown] [When Rubeus Hagrid was a child] Unknown / Varies Unknown / Varies
Tom Riddle Snr Tom Riddle Killing Curse August 1943 Killed so that Tom Riddle could turn Marvolo Gaunt's Ring into a Horcrux. Framed Morfin Gaunt for the crime.
Thomas Riddle
Mary Riddle
Mrs Crouch N/A Unknown Illness 1982 Took Polyjuice Potion and posed as her son, Barty Crouch Jnr and took his place in Azkaban Prison. Buried at the burial ground by the prison, under her son's physical appearance.
Evan Rosier Alastor Moody Unknown 1980 Both killed while resisting capture before Lord Voldemort's downfall. Evan, however, managed to blast off a significant part of Moody's nose in the process.
Wilkes Unspecified Aurors
Bertha Jorkins Lord Voldemort Killing Curse Summer 1994 Passing on the information about the Triwizard Tournament to Voldemort Disposed of by Voldemort after passing on the information about the Triwizard Tournament to him, Barty Crouch Jnr and Peter Pettigrew.
Frank Bryce 24 August 1994 "Is that right? Lord, is it? Well, I don't think much of your manners, My Lord. Turn 'round and face me like a man, why don't you?"


In the Riddle House, murdered for overhearing Voldemort's plans for the Triwizard Tournament and Harry Potter.
Spider Barty Crouch Jnr (posing as Alastor Moody) 4 September 1994 Squealing This spider was used to demonstrate the Killing Curse to Moody's class
Barty Crouch Snr 24 May 1995 "I... escaped... must warn... must tell... see Dumbledore... my fault... all my fault... Bertha... dead... all my fault... my son... my fault... tell Dumbledore... Harry Potter... the Dark Lord... stronger... Harry Potter..." Killed for abandoning him as a Death Eater years ago. Body later transfigured into a bone and buried in Hagrid's garden.
Cedric Diggory Peter Pettigrew (as per Lord Voldemort's orders) 24 June, 1995 "Who are you, and what do you want?" Accidentally Portkeyed to Little Hangleton with Harry Potter and was disposed of by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort's orders.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Dean Thomas' father Death Eaters Murder by unknown means 1980 Unknown / Varies Killed for not joining the Death Eaters.
Benjy Fenwick Death Eaters A curse that blasted him into pieces. 1981 Killed for being part of the Order of the Phoenix. Brutal killing and only bits of him were ever found.
Dorcas Meadowes Lord Voldemort Unknown Killed for being part of the Order of the Phoenix.
Pandora Lovegood Herself (by accident) One of her spells backfired on her. 1990 She died in front of her daughter, Luna, who was 9 years old at the time.
Karkus Another giant, Golgomath Decapitation 1995 A fight broke out between the giants, Golgomath killed Karkus and assumed his position as Gurg (leader) of their tribe.
Broderick Bode Walden Macnair Strangled with Devil's Snare January 1996 Killed before he could inform people as to what happened to him and about the Death Eaters's plans to get the Prophecy.
Sirius Black Bellatrix Lestrange Knocked through the Veil when hit by Bellatrix's curse 18 June 1996 "Come on, you can do better than that!" During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Bellatrix's curse pushed Sirius into the Veil, killing him.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Marvolo Gaunt N/A Lack of ability to take care of himself After he returned from Azkaban Unknown He most likely disowned Merope. Summer 1943.
Morfin Gaunt Azkaban Summer 1943 This was the second time he went to Azkaban. He was framed by Tom Riddle for murdering the Riddle family.
Muggle tramp Tom Riddle (later known as Lord Voldemort) Unknown, possibly Killing Curse Between 1947 and 1948 Unknown / Varies Killed so Tom Riddle could turn Salazar Slytherin's Locket into a Horcrux.
Hepzibah Smith Poison Killed so Tom Riddle could steal the locket and Helga Hufflepuff's Cup, and turn the cup into a Horcrux. Framed Hepzibah's old house elf Hokey for it.
Albanian peasant Unknown, possibly Killing Curse Sometime after 1948 Killed so Tom Riddle could turn Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem into a Horcrux.
Amelia Bones Lord Voldemort Murder by unknown means Summer 1996 Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, killed by Voldemort because she was one of his more powerful enemies.
Emmeline Vance

Death Eaters

Mid-1996 Killed for being a member of the Order of the Phoenix.
Florean Fortescue 1996 Owner of Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour in Diagon Alley. Killed for not having information that the Dark Lord demanded on the Elder Wand.
Igor Karkaroff Before 31 July 1996 Former Death Eater killed for desertion to Voldemort and for treason against the Death Eaters.
Mrs Abbott Autumn 1996 Her daughter Hannah Abbott was taken out of Herbology one day to be told her mother had been found dead.
Montgomery Fenrir Greyback Mauling April 1997 Five year-old-boy attacked by werewolf because his mother would not help the Death Eaters. Later died of his injuries in St Mungo's Hospital.
Aragog N/A Old age, sickness 20 April 1997 Acromantula.
Gibbon Fellow Death Eater, Thorfinn Rowle (by accident) Killing Curse 30 June 1997 During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. Stray Killing Curse cast by Thorfinn Rowle that missed Remus Lupin struck Gibbon instead.
Albus Dumbledore Severus Snape (secretly under Albus' orders) "Severus... please..." During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, under orders from Dumbledore himself so that Lord Voldemort would gain Snape's trust and then Snape would spy on him because of his love for Lily Evans.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Helena Ravenclaw (The Grey Lady) Bloody Baron Stabbing Early 11th century Unknown / Varies Killed after she told the Baron that she would not go back with him.
Bloody Baron Himself Stabbed himself after he felt remorse for the murder of the Grey Lady.
Antioch Peverell's enemy Antioch Peverell Unknown, possibly Killing Curse Between 12 July 1214 and 18 May 1291 His death indirectly caused someone at the bar to kill Antioch Peverell.
Antioch Peverell Antioch Peverell's killer Slit throat Original owners of the Deathly Hallows.
Cadmus Peverell's fiancée N/A Unknown c. The 13th century She was the reason Cadmus asked for the Resurrection Stone.
Cadmus Peverell Himself Hanged Between 12 July 1214 and 18 May 1291 Original owners of the Deathly Hallows.
Ignotus Peverell N/A Natural causes 18 May 1291
Percival Dumbledore Azkaban Unknown c. 1890 Died after being imprisoned for attacking three Muggle boys.
Kendra Dumbledore

Ariana Dumbledore (by accident)

Killed when her daughter lost control of her magic. 1899 Forced Albus to remain at home to care for his family.
Ariana Dumbledore Unknown; either Albus Dumbledore, Gellert Grindelwald, or Aberforth Dumbledore Unknown spell, presumably a Killing Curse Caught in the crossfire and died when a three-way duel broke out. Estranged Albus and Aberforth, forced Grindelwald to flee the country.
Regulus Black Inferi Drowned 1979 Ordering Kreacher to destroy Salazar Slytherin's locket Killed while trying to destroy the locket Horcrux. Ordered Kreacher to destroy it before death.
Octavius Pepper Death Eaters Murder by unknown means Spring 1997 Unknown His disappearance later reported in the Daily Prophet about the Wizard's death.
Charity Burbage Lord Voldemort Killing Curse Summer of 1997 "Severus... please... please..." Killed for her pro-Muggle leanings and for her pro-Muggle article on the Daily Prophet during a gathering of Death Eaters at Malfoy Manor. The body was later eaten by Nagini.
Hedwig Death Eater 27 July 1997 Screech Hit by a Killing Curse during the Battle of the Seven Potters. Possible that this Killing Curse may have been intended for Rubeus Hagrid
Alastor Moody Lord Voldemort Trying to stop Mundungus Fletcher escaping from the battlefield Died after Mundungus Fletcher abandoned him during the Battle of the Seven Potters.
Rufus Scrimgeour 1 August 1997 Unknown Killed after telling Voldemort he does not know where Harry Potter is.
Unnamed German-speaking family: a woman and two children 1 September 1997 "Das weiß ich nicht! He move! I know not, I know not!" At Gregorovitch's former residence.
Mykew Gregorovitch 2 September 1997 "I do not know, I never knew, a young man — no — please — PLEASE!" During Voldemort's search for the Elder Wand.
Bathilda Bagshot Nagini Mauling Sometime before 24 December 1997 Unknown Godric's Hollow. The body used as a disguise by Nagini to lie in wait for Harry Potter.
Gellert Grindelwald Lord Voldemort Killing Curse March 1998 "Kill me, then, Voldemort! You will not win, you cannot win! The wand will never, ever be yours-" For not giving Lord Voldemort information on the Elder Wand.
Ted Tonks Snatchers Unknown / Various 1998 Unknown / Various The search for Muggle-borns and Blood traitors. All killed resisting capture from the Snatchers.
Dirk Cresswell
Peter Pettigrew Killed by his own magical prosthetic hand (thus Lord Voldemort, indirectly) Strangulation March 1998 "Stand back. Stand away from the door. I am coming in." During the Skirmish at Malfoy Manor. Killed because he hesitated to strangle Harry Potter because he saved his life in Spring 1994.
Dobby Bellatrix Lestrange Deep wound by Bellatrix's hurled knife "Harry... Potter..." Killed by a knife thrown by Bellatrix Lestrange while saving Harry Potter and his friends from the Death Eaters at Malfoy Manor by apparating to Shell Cottage.
Bogrod Ukrainian Ironbelly at Gringotts Burnt to death 1 May 1998 "What the Devil are all you doing down here!? Thieves! COME QUICK!" He was under Harry Potter's and Ronald Weasley's control due to the Imperius Curse, but anti-theft enchantments in the bank caused the curse to wear off, and the goblin realised what was going on and alerted the guards before being killed by the dragon.
Unnamed Goblin Lord Voldemort Killing Curse "A ... a s-small golden c-cup, m-my Lord ..." He was killed in a fit of rage after informing Voldemort that Harry, Hermione, and Ron stole "a small golden cup" which was one of his Horcruxes.
Several Death Eaters, Gringotts Guards and Goblins Unknown; Varies All killed during Voldemort's fit of rage after being told that Helga Hufflepuff's Cup (which was one of his Horcruxes) was stolen.
Several Snatchers Hogwarts staff members who cast the defensive shielding spells around the castle Defensive shielding spells including Protego horribilis 2 May 1998 During the Battle of Hogwarts. Several Snatchers tried to run through the barrier but were instantly vaporised.
Scabior and more Snatchers Neville Longbottom Collapse of the Wooden Bridge (screams) Battle of Hogwarts
Vincent Crabbe Himself (by accident) Fiendfyre "Like it hot, scum?"
Fred Weasley Unknown Explosion "You actually are joking, Perce... I don't think I've heard you joke since you were–"
Remus Lupin Antonin Dolohov Unknown / possibly Killing Curses Unknown
Nymphadora Tonks Bellatrix Lestrange
Lavender Brown Fenrir Greyback Werewolf Attack, Later succumbed to wounds.
Unidentified female Hogwarts teacher Unknown Death Eaters Unknown / possibly Killing Curses
Colin Creevey
Severus Snape Nagini (as per Lord Voldemort's order) Exsanguination "Look... at... me..."
Nagini Neville Longbottom Decapitated with Godric Gryffindor's sword Hissing
Bellatrix Lestrange Molly Weasley Unknown curse struck directly over her heart "What will happen to your children once I've killed you? When Mummy's gone the same way as Freddie?"
Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort Harry Potter/Himself/The Elder Wand which recognised Harry as its true master The destruction of his Horcruxes, Harry's mastery of the Elder Wand, and his own rebounding Killing Curse. "Avada Kedavra!"
Several Death Eaters Unknown / Various Unknown / Various Unknown / Various
Unidentified fallen fifty of the Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Petunia Dursley N/A Unknown Between 1997 and 2020 Unknown Following her death, Dudley found Harry Potter's blanket among her possessions and sent it to him.
Astoria Malfoy N/A Blood malediction August 2019 Unknown
Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Killing Curse 2 May 1998 Unknown Only happened in an alternate reality accidentally created by Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy when time-travelling in an attempt to avoid Cedric Diggory's death; in this reality, after being humiliated at the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric joined the Death Eaters and eventually killed Neville Longbottom during the Battle of Hogwarts, meaning Nagini, Voldemort's last Horcrux, was never destroyed. As a result, Voldemort wins the Second Wizarding War and takes over the wizarding world.
Neville Longbottom Cedric Diggory
Craig Bowker Junior Delphini 30 October, 2020 "What's happening?" Was looking for Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy on Harry Potter's behest; found them being tortured by Delphini on the Quidditch pitch; was immediately killed. Delphini was later sent to Azkaban for this crime.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Sudanese Obscurial Newt Scamander (accidentally/semi-indirectly) & her own Obscurus inside her Obscurus removal from inside her September 1926 Unknown Newt Scamander came across her while in Africa studying magical beasts; he managed to separate the Obscurus from her, but she died as a result. Newt was able to preserve the Obscurus despite the death of its host and afterward kept it in stasis in his magical suitcase.
Henry Shaw Junior Credence Barebone's Obscurus Obscurus outburst 6 December 1926 "… and it's true we have made some progress, but there is no reward for idleness. So just as the odious saloons have been banished… so now the pool halls, and these private parlours…" Shaw had intimidated Credence and called him a freak at Shaw Tower just that very afternoon. Major breach of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, as he was killed in a crowded New York City Hall, during a fundraising dinner. Emergency International Confederation of Wizards meeting gathered at MACUSA that evening.
Mary Lou Barebone 7 December 1926 "What is this?" Mary Lou had discovered Credence with a wand he found under his sister's bed; she was about to punish him when the outburst took place. The Second Salem Church was destroyed in the process.
Chastity Barebone "Don't dump your pamphlets." Died as a result of fatal injuries sustained when the Second Salem Church was destroyed by Credence's Obscurus attacking their mother.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last line Notes
Bartholomew Unknown Unknown 15th-19th century Unknown Did not return as a ghost after his death.
Scarlett A werewolf Werewolf attack July or August 1985 This death resulted in Penny Haywood's fear of werewolves.
Talbott Winger's father Death Eaters Unknown 1970s-1980s Died in an attack by Death Eaters while their son survived thanks to his Animagus abilities.
Talbott Winger's mother
Duncan Ashe Unknown Unknown 1970s-early 1980s Was involved in Jacob's search for the Cursed Vaults. Returned as a ghost after death.
Rowan Khanna Patricia Rakepick Killing Curse 1990 Sacrificed their life to save Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screenplay

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Unidentified Non-magique Father Gellert Grindelwald's acolytes Killing Curse September 1927 Unknown Murdered on Gellert Grindelwald's orders so their house could be used as the temporary headquarters of his acolytes.
Unidentified Non-magique Mother
Unidentified Non-magique toddler
Irma Dugard Gunnar Grimmson Killed on Gellert Grindelwald's orders.
Laurena Kama N/A Childbirth 1896-1897 Was put under the Imperius Curse by Corvus Lestrange (IV) and forced to have a child with him. Died giving birth to their daughter, Leta Lestrange.
Mustafa Kama Unknown Unknown 1896-1901 Shortly before he died, he made his son Yusuf swear an Unbreakable Vow to kill the person Corvus Lestrange (IV) loved the most.
Corvus Lestrange (V) N/A Sinking ship 1901 Leta Lestrange switched Corvus with another baby, who was with his aunt.
Credence Barebone's aunt
Red Haired Young Witch An Auror Killing Curse September 1927 Intimidated by the presence of an Auror, she attacked him. The Auror attacked back and killed her. This caused Grindelwald to shout in fury.
Krall Gellert Grindelwald (indirectly) Protego Diabolica Killed by the fire as he was not truly loyal to Grindelwald.
Leta Lestrange Gellert Grindelwald “GO! GO!” Distracted Grindelwald long enough to give her allies time to escape.

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