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""Locomotor Trunk." Harry's trunk rose a few inches into the air. Holding her wand like a conductor's baton, Tonks made it hover across the room and out of the door ahead of them, Hedwig's cage in her left hand."
Nymphadora Tonks using this charm to move Harry Potter's trunk[src]

Locomotion Charms[1] are a group of charms that are used to affect the movement of the target of the spell; whether it was to restrict it,[3][4] move heavy objects around without having to physically carry them,[1][5] or to magically instigate inanimate objects in order to put household items to work by themselves,[6] which were described as 'basic'.[7] or bewitching something to carry out important tasks, such as passing on messages or protecting people or places.[8]

Casting and effects

The most basic Locomotion Charm,[9] (Locomotor)[1][2], enabled a witch or wizard to levitate a target a few inches off of the ground and then move said object in any given direction.[9] The spell was cast by holding their wand out whilst pointing it on the desired target and, once the spell was in effect, had to wield one's wand like a conductors baton to direct the movements of the objects in question. Proficient casters could also move more than one object at a time,[5] and use it for such trivial tasks as setting the table for a meal in one fell swoop, although, as it involved making food, tableware and cutlery setting themselves on the table simultaneously, this required additional wandwork.[6] Similarly to the Summoning Charm, a specific object can be moved by saying the object aloud after saying the incantation.[9]

In addition to this spell, there were also Locomotion Charms that fell under workaday magic that would make make inanimate objects carry out everyday tasks autonomously, such as washing up,[10] knitting,[11] and sweeping the floor,[6] which proficient casters could accomplish with a casual wave of their wand.[10] Rubeus Hagrid was able to use rowboats move on their own accord,[12] and were adept enough to bewitch several boats to do so with a single spell.[13]

In addition to some Darker varieties of Locomotion Charms, such as the Leg-Locker and the Jelly-Legs curses,[3][4] Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall could both use a type of advanced Locomotion Charm for defensive and offensive purposes.[8][14]

Known uses

"Parvati and Lavender, who were practicing basic locomotion charms, were making their pencil cases race each other around the edge of the table."
— Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown practising this charm together[src]
Caster(s) Dates Notes
Porpentina Goldstein 6 December, 1926 Tina used a Locomotion Charm to set the table for a dinner she had with her sister, Newton Scamander and Jacob Kowalski.[15]
Filius Flitwick 1988–1989 school year Taught Jacob's sibling and Diego Caplan this charm.[16]
Jacob's sibling Jacob's sibling used Locomotor Book to practise this charm.[16]
Jacob's sibling or Diego Caplan Used this charm to make Diego's flan dance at the Great Hogwarts Cook-Off.[16]
Nymphadora Tonks 5 August, 1995 Tonks used Locomotor trunk in 4 Privet Drive to move Harry Potter's trunk downstairs before flying off to 12 Grimmauld Place.[1]
Fred Weasley 1 September, 1995 Used it on his trunk in 12 Grimmauld Place, causing Ginny Weasley to fall down the stairs.[17]
George Weasley
Filius Flitwick 8 March, 1996 Flitwick used Locomotor trunks to move Trelawney's belongings back up the main staircase, back to her lodgings.[5]
Lavender Brown June 1996 Practised this charm beside each other while studing for their Charms O.W.L.s.[9]
Parvati Patil

Known practitioners

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The incantation is derived from Latin "loco" meaning "place" or "set down",[18] and "moto" meaning "moving about" or "keep moving".[19]


This spell's movement in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

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