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Lottie Turner was a witch who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008, where she was Sorted into an unknown House.[1][2]


Early life[]

Lottie was born in 1997 to Ambrose Turner. During her youth, the father and daughter would often travel together to paint.[1] One of these travels was to the Swedish dragon reservation, but they didn't have the chance to paint at all because the annual broom race was taking place.[7] Lottie also regularly was asked by her father to double check their teapot before pouring in hot water to ensure an Occamy wasn't hiding inside.[8]

In winters, they would build snowmen and decorate them with scarves and hats, and after they went home, Ambrose would prepare hot cocoa with mint, and they would bake cookies.[9]

Hogwarts years (2008–)[]

First year[]

Lottie started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008. She sat on her own on the Hogwarts Express. Her paint in her bag spilled out all over her table. When a fellow student asked if they could sit with her, they told her they couldn't because there was paint everywhere. Lottie sorted into the same House they were, as well as Daniel Page and Ivy Warrington.[10] She greeted the student in their dormitory in the morning, telling them to hurry up and get ready before they were late to their first lesson, Charms. In the Grand Staircase, Lottie told them the moving staircases were so dizzying and that not every portrait had the patience to guide them to their classroom if they got lost.[11]

After their lesson, Lottie talked with the student, Kevin Farrell and Robyn Thistlethwaite in a corridor. She told them she loved Hogwarts because it was like a museum with interesting paintings and statues everywhere. Robyn disagreed because it was filled with old, boring stuff. When Lottie told her about the Troll Tapestry, she admitted that did sound weird and interesting.[11] One evening, Lottie sent an owl to Robyn, Kevin and Daniel to gather in the library after curfew to help find Ivy. However, Lottie didn't show up.[12]

Personality and traits[]

Lottie was very creative and loved art, and liked to capture the moment by drawing it.[10]

Magical abilities and skills[]



  • Turner is an English surname derived from the occupational name applied to 'one who works with a lathe'.
  • 'Lottie' is most commonly a diminutive form of 'Charlotte', itself a feminine diminutive of the male name 'Charles', of French origin meaning "free man" or "petite".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Lottie is voiced by American actress Olivia Hack in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.[13]
  • Lottie does not have a set House at Hogwarts. She will be sorted into whatever House the player chooses to be in.
  • Lottie Turner is discribed as a griffe (a person with three-fourth black or African and one-fourth white; i.e. an individual with one black parent and one mulatto parent) in early development concept art.


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