"The Ministry for Magic is conducting more raids, and I have a few more - ah - items like this at home, that might embarrass me."
—Lucius Malfoy describing the supposedly dangerous contents within this book
"Wow, the Lumos spell! Maybe I could use this to find my way out."
Harry Potter upon finding the book

The Lumos spellbook is a book containing information on, and instructions of how to perform, the Wand-Lighting Charm.[1] It was hidden in the bowels of Hogwarts Castle and protected by several simple obstacles, which Professor Quirinus Quirrell used to provide a challenge to his students learning Lumos in his classes in September or October in 1991.

Behind the scenes

  • On 5 August, 1992, Lucius Malfoy implied that this book contained ethically questionable Dark magic, and therefore wanted to sell this to Mr Borgin to avoid Ministry persecution or accusations, but the Wand-Lighting Charm is a common and very safe spell to use, and is not a dark charm in any measure. It is also possible that Lucius Malfoy felt embarrassed possessing a book covering benevolent magic, or that he simply had no longer any use for it and wished to sell it.


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