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[[fr:Madam Borboleta Candies Ltd.]]
[[fr:Madam Borboleta Candies Ltd.]]
[[pl:Madam Borboleta Candies Ltd.]]

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Madam Borboleta

Logo of Madam Borboleta Candies

Madam Borboleta Candies Ltd. was a wizarding confectionary company.[1] It was established in 1913, presumably by Madam Borboleta, and had offices in Paris and London.[1] One of the products this company manufactured was Sugared Butterfly Wings.

Behind the scenes

  • The dates "1913-2003" are printed on the Sugared Butterfly Wings tin.[1] This is an anachronism, as the film in which the tin appears, Prisoner of Azkaban, is set in 1993-1994.
  • Borboleta is a Portuguese noun meaning "butterfly". This is most likely a reference to the company's only known product, Sugared Butterfly Wings.


Notes and references

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