"Dear Mr Potter, We have received intelligence that a Hover Charm was used at your place of residence this evening at twelve minutes past nine. As you know, under age wizards are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spell work on your part may lead to expulsion from said school (Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, 1875, Paragraph C). We would also ask you to remember that any magical activity that risks notice by members of the non-magical community (Muggles) is a serious offence under section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks' Statute of Secrecy. Enjoy your Holidays! Yours sincerely, Mafalda Hopkirk"
—Hopkirk's warning to Harry Potter[src]

Madam Mafalda Hopkirk (b. February 19 - March 20[1], in or before 1975[8]) was a witch and an assistant in the Improper Use of Magic Office at the Ministry of Magic. She issued notices to many of those who violated the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy or the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery. This included Harry Potter on two occasions.

Mafalda was still working in the Ministry on 2 September, 1997. She was incapacitated and impersonated by Hermione Granger, by way of Polyjuice Potion during the trio's Infiltration of the Ministry of Magic.


Assistant at the Ministry

"Ah, Mafalda. Travers must have sent you."
Dolores Umbridge to Hermione Granger disguised as Mafalda[src]

Mafalda Hopkirk's Ministry of Magic identity card

By 1992, she was working in the Improper Use of Magic Office of the British Ministry of Magic. When Dobby the house-elf used a Hover Charm, it was Mafalda Hopkirk who sent a notice to Harry Potter regarding "his" illegal use of magic at 4 Privet Drive in the presence of Muggles.[4]

She was still working in the Improper Use of Magic Office, when on 2 August, 1995, the Ministry received intelligence via The Trace that Harry Potter had once again used magic.[9] Under the orders of Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, she sent a notice to Harry expelling him from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his use of the Patronus Charm in front of his cousin Dudley, a Muggle. Later that same evening, when cooler heads had prevailed, she sent Harry a notice withdrawing his expulsion and ordering him to attend a hearing ten days later.[9]

Hermione (far left) disguised as Mafalda with Harry and Ron (also disguised as Ministry workers)

On 1 August, 1997 the Ministry of Magic, having been infiltrated by the Death Eaters, was taken over in a virtually silent coup d'etat. Hopkirk continued to work for the new regime, still as an assistant in the Improper Use of Magic Office. However, it was acceptable for her to be set aside for record-keeping.[10] A month later, when Hopkirk Apparated to work, she was ambushed by Hermione Granger and subsequently stunned and locked away.[6] Some of her hair was pulled to use in Polyjuice Potion. Hermione took the potion and assumed the appearance of Hopkirk in order to gain entry to the Ministry. The impostor Hopkirk was used as a stenographer for the Muggle-Born Registration Commission and helped free the innocent Muggle-borns.[10]

Physical appearance

Mafalda was described as being a "wispy" witch with flyaway grey hair. She was also small in stature and wore spectacles.[6]

Personality and traits

Given the courtesy shown in her warning notices, and that Hopkirk's Polyjuice Potion was described as having a "pleasant heliotrope colour", it is presumed that she was kind and good-natured witch.

However, she was assumed to be sent by Travers, a Death Eater with pro-pure-blood supremacy ideals, to keep record for the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. Given her personality as shown on her Polyjuice Potion's colour, it is unlikely that she was a pure-blood supremacist herself. Given that Hermione Granger disguised as her became deeply frightened of Dolores Umbridge's and Yaxley's trial on Muggle-borns, and both of them didn't suspect anything given her reaction, it can be presumed that she was forced against her own free will in aiding the Ministry of Magic under Voldemort.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Apparition: Like most accomplished adult wizards and witches, Mafalda was capable of apparating at will. She used apparition to travel to work at the British Ministry of Magic.[6]
  • Charms: Mafalda was capable of conjuring a non-corporeal Patronus,[7] a highly advanced piece of magic and a mark of superior magical skill.


"Mafalda" is the Portuguese form of Matilda. It means "strength in battle" or "mighty sword", from the Germanic macht (might; strength) and hild (battle; sword). This was the name of the wife of William the Conqueror. In Argentina, "Mafalda" is better known as the name of a comic strip character created by famed cartoonist Quino.

Behind the scenes

Mafalda in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7


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