The Dark Wizard Raczidian being consumed by maggots as a result of attempting to cast a Patronus Charm

A maggot is the larval form of some varieties of fly, including houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies.[1]

Luna Lovegood believed in pale, brain-like creatures called Aquavirius Maggots, but it is likely that these do not exist.[2]

If an unworthy Dark wizard or witch attempts to cast the Patronus Charm, rather than summoning a spirit guardian, as the spell normally should, a horde of maggots will burst out of the caster's wand and start to consume him or her. The first recorded instance of this happening was with the Dark Wizard Raczidian.[3]

Kreacher sent a package of maggots to Harry Potter for Christmas in 1996 as a means of showing his dislike for his new master.[4]


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