The headquarters of the Magical Congress of the United States of America are located in Woolworth Building, New York, New York.


The building that houses the Magical Congress of the United States of America is about as imposing as Gringotts bank. It’s vast and grand. Covered in gold, emerald, maroon and black. Swarming with witches, wizards and Aurors on magical business. It’s the American equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, so it has similar levels of ominous grandeur.[1]

In the 1920s, MACUSA's main hall within the Woolworth Building was several hundred feet tall, filled with light and featuring black and gold accents. It contained a large Magical Exposure Threat Level Measurer above the front staircase along with a magical portrait of President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America Seraphina Picquery. High in the air is a giant dial with multiple clock-like faces and hands pointing to the present threat-level to the secrecy of the wizarding world.

When Newt Scamander first visited MACUSA in 1926, busy witches, wizards, and owls were bustling about the lobby and a house-elf was shining wands. Various exposed, black coloured elevators with golden grilles transport the wizards up and down the hundreds of levels.

At the centre of the main room was a monument with four columns featuring Phoenix statues. In the middle was a group of statues commemorating those who died in the Salem Witch Trials. Under the monument are four words Integritas, Unitas, Virtus, Magia which mean Integrity, Unity, Valour, and Magic.[2]

Around the exterior of the hall were desks and columns topped with statues of the original twelve Aurors.[3]



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