This magical creatures reserve was located near Hogwarts Castle. Rubeus Hagrid and Jacob's sibling regularly took care of a wide variety of creatures in this reserve.

Known inhabitants

Habitat Magical creatures
Grasslands Pixie, Niffler, Knarl, Porlock, and Abraxan
Forest Fairy, Bowtruckle, Gnome, Hippogriff, and Common Welsh Green
Dark Forest Unicorn, Chimaera, Thestral, Acromantula, and Hungarian Horntail
Lake Plimpy, Grindylow, Murtlap, and Norwegian Ridgeback
Rocky Mountains Mountain troll, Manticore, Griffin, Doxy, and Yeti
Scorched Vale Fire Crab, Salamander, Swedish Short-Snout, Chinese Fireball

Behind the scenes

  • Given how "the grounds of Hogwarts function partly as a nature reserve for magical creatures which have difficulty existing in Muggle-inhabited areas", this reserve might be located somewhere on the school grounds.
  • In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Jacob's sibling can only take care of magical creatures depending on their Magizoologist Level.
  • The Niffler is the only creature available by default.
  • The "Scorched Vale" location was originally called "Volcanic Pasture" but this was changed in an update in July 2020 when the location became available.


Notes and references

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