The Magical Exposure Threat Level was a magical device used in the United States of America that measured the threat level of exposure of magic to the No-Maj people. It hung in the central foyer of the Magical Congress of the United States of America.


It resembled a barometer, had four faces, and black hands. Various colours indicated the threat levels:

  • Zero Threat (Green)
  • Level One: Low Threat (Green)
  • Level Two: Moderate Threat (Green)
  • Level Three: High Alert (Blue)
  • Level Four: Danger (Yellow)
  • Level Five: Severe: Unexplained Activity (Orange)
  • Level Six: Emergency (Red)

There were also counters indicating how many witch hunts have ocurred, how many times witches and wizards had been exposed, and how many times the Memory Charm had been used on non-magical persons.

If the wizarding community in America was close to exposure, the device sounded an alarm informing the Aurors of the impending threat.

Miniature versions that could be placed on a desk were also produced. Auror Percival Graves owned one of these. [1]

Behind the scenes

Magical Exposure Threat Level-PM
  • The measurer appeared in the first film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and is digitally made.
  • The design for the device was based on a sketch by MinaLima Design based on discussions with production designer Stuart Craig.
  • The colour scheme was derived from Terror Alert levels used in the United States.
  • It would seem the measurer was made before 1926 but neither earlier nor later than 1913, as The New York Ghost's 6 December 1926 issue has an article regarding threat levels from 1913 to 1926.


Notes and references

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