"Those are enchanted windows. Magical Maintenance decide what weather we'll get every day. We had two months of hurricanes last time they were angling for a pay rise."
Arthur Weasley to Harry on the way to his trial for underage magic[src]

Magical Maintenance was a division of the Ministry of Magic. Members of this Department were the custodians of the Ministry. They were responsible for maintaining the upkeep of the Ministry, including deciding what weather to display through the Ministry's enchanted windows and repairing magic gone wrong within the premises of the Ministry, such as rain inside an office.[1]

Magical Maintenance was presumably in charge of maintaining the lifts and ensuring that the Atrium fireplaces were supplied with Floo Powder, in addition to less magical forms of maintenance such as tidying up.[1] The personnel working in the Magical Maintenance Department wore navy blue robes.[2]

Known members

Behind the scenes

  • While Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows specifies that Magical Maintenance personnel wears navy blue robes, the film adaptation shows them wearing a thin overcoat of greyish-purple colour.
  • Employees of this department seems to be the lowest ranking in the social ladder, as Dolores Umbridge was ashamed of her father Orford for being a member of this sector, mostly mopping floors within the Ministry. The pay also seems rather low, as Orford accepted a small monthly allowance from Dolores in exchange for an early retirement over staying with the paying job.


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