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"You are from the Ministry of Magic? "
— Magorian, to Dolores Umbridge[src]

Magorian was a centaur that lived in the Forbidden Forest, and appeared to be the leader of the centaurs of the group living in the forest.[1][3]


On Saturday in the last weekend in May of 1996, Magorian reminded Rubeus Hagrid that he was no longer welcome in the Forbidden Forest for his helping to protect Firenze.[1]

Magorian being strangled by Umbridge's ropes

On 18 June 1996, when Harry Potter and Hermione Granger led Dolores Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest, he was among the centaurs who were greatly insulted by Umbridge's remarks about their race being "filthy half-breeds". During this incident, a violent skirmish occurred, during which Umbridge assaulted Magorian with the Incarcerous Spell, which caused thick ropes to bind and strangle the centaur. The centaurs then attacked and carried Umbridge away.[3]

He led the charge of the centaurs from the Forbidden Forest during the Battle of Hogwarts, breaking through the Death Eater ranks into the Great Hall.[4]

Physical appearance

Magorian had long, dark hair and a high-cheekboned face; he constantly had a proud look on his face.[2]

Personality and traits

He was more of a traditional centaur and hated "traitors" such as Firenze for going to teach at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He intensely disliked humans, however, centaurs don't usually kill the young and the innocent among humans, innocent being those who do not show dislike for centaurs and call them half-breeds. During the period where the centaurs had turned against Hagrid he allowed Hagrid to pass unscathed solely due to him being accompanied by young people. He was shown to be in favour of killing any adult human if they wandered into the centaurs' midst and insulted the centaurs, however.[1] However, his views of humanity might have changed after witnessing Harry's selfless actions and welcoming Firenze back into the herd.[4]


  • The name "Magorian" means "son of Magor", an Armenian form of Mark.

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